Friday, 16 December 2011

Festive on IA

This weeks IA challenge was a hard one for me.
The challenge was festive, 
but a northern hemisphere festive,
you know the type,

 short, dark, cold days,

icicles hanging from the eaves,

sitting around the open fire

and so how to make that festive

but add an Aussie touch.

So I took the short dark days and

the Aussie equivalent is a moonlit night.

The icicles hanging from the eaves

are festive lights hanging from the beach huts.

Sitting around an open fire, what else but

sitting around a bbq on the beach.

I put this all together in a little painting.

We tend to be a lot more relaxed in Queensland
and this is our perfect
festive Christmas,
sitting by an open fire.

I must apologise for the quality of this painting, if you check out
this post of mine you will understand why.

I would like to send everyone in
the northern hemisphere a little
something that will bring you some festive cheer
on your dark days.

Some good old Aussie sunshine.

Have a great Christmas and relax and enjoy.

Again, apologies for the quality of these pics.


  1. Love the tree on the beach image and the box of Sunshine, you put a smile on my face Von, thank you. Seasons Greeting to you. xx

  2. Yvonne, I'm LOVING that sunshine that you are sending our way...could you send us as many boxes as possible LOL...and I LOVE your spite of short cold days, you've made that scene so festive and inviting...I can just imagine Peter and I thawing our toes out by the fire :D (along with a couple of nice cozy Santa hats to keep our ears warm) There's just one thing missing KNOW Peter will be looking for his pressie under the tree LOL! Luv N hugs to you, Fran

  3. Thank you sooo much for the sunshine, right now it is very gray and snowing here.

    What fun and how festive to be celebrating Christmas with a bonfire on the beach! Love it!

  4. Oh Vonny, I just LOVE your paintings! A lovely box of pure Aussie sunshine to cheer us up, and a fabulous take on the N. Hemisphere winter, Aussie style!!!!! ROFL!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I've got some more bag skirts to make, and then I'll do a post on them. Sheba, my new kitty, came today. I'll be posting about her too, but meantime she's got to keep quiet and stay in her box until I have time after Christmas to take her out and start playing!!!


  5. So fun, festive, fabulous, thanks!!!!!

  6. Sheesh! I have to admit...I am more than a little jealous! I would love a Christmas-y cookout!
    Your paintings are glorious♥

  7. Very festive! I'd love to be sitting on a beach somewhere about now.


  8. I think you nailed it. These are very festive.
    You have a nice blog as well.


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