Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Work desk Wednesday with a view

It's school holidays and so my room is empty.

But there is something new on my door and the floor.
Little miss Auds made a sign for my door and

you can see a box on the floor in my room.

That is my new Pixma printer, which is my Christmas present

but I can't have it until Christmas.  So unfair!

I have to work under extreme duress,

watching Audrey in the pool while trying

to paint, oh the hardship.

It is hard really, I have to keep looking

up all the time to check

on Auds in the pool and I

lose my train of thought, which

in turn makes the picture pretty ordinary.

not a lot really.   I did a doodle in my journal

but it didn't really go as planned.

I planned to have all these creatures

coming out of the crayons

but had to throw some

toy sharks into the pool for Audrey to

dive after and when I got back

it just didn't happen.

I also did a painting for the IA on friday

but that turned into a cartoon

more than a painting, sorry can't

show that yet.

So at last here is my desk today,

wouldn't paint anywhere else right now.

My sincere apologies to those of you in the northern hemisphere.

At least you can have a white Christmas.

Have a great week and if I don't manage to

do a blog next week (I might be in the pool too),

I would like to wish everyone and their


a very merry Christmas.


  1. Looks like shes having fun whilst your painting thats the life!
    Happy Woyww
    hugs judex10

  2. Oh the hardships of Christmas in your very own swimming pool. Love the concept, and of course, I like the idea of the crayons, too. Happy WOYWW from # 5 and see you on Friday.

  3. I love that I get to watch Phoebe in the pool from the comfort of my studio now my window overlooks the pool... so nice that she is older and doesn't need me right there and throwing the endless fetching toys... don't miss that at all.. impressed you got anything done really and love the photo of Auds... she looks so happy doesn't she!!!

  4. WOW looks like you are both having fun outside! I wish my tables had been closer to the pool but at the time the kids needed me around they weren't Love the pool much fun! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Vickie #35

  5. Love the sign for your door! Whilst white Christmasses are pretty - if you can't get where you need to be, it's not such fun... here's hoping! Happy WOYWW, from Helen @3.

  6. Good morning; thought I'd pop in to say Hi quickly. Hope you have a fabulous and creative week. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us today. Jealous of the pool; makes me miss being in South Africa for a poolside Christmas!
    Neil #13

  7. I like your doodle - sometimes things take a different turn from what you planned but are the better for it! Like your pool at the Happy Swimmer! Me, jealous? No siree, not me....!!!
    hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  8. The pool looks so inviting, as i'm so cold here, have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  9. Fabulous fun outside, just when it's getting very cold here!!Have a crafty week! Thanks for my snoop! HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn))) #40

  10. That pool looks great - am SO envious! Freezing here

    Happy woyww

    debs #89

  11. I LOVED being in the pool on Christmas day when we were in SA, snow is VASTLY overated...

    Dx (90)

    love the signage

  12. Oh the hardships you suffer...LOL. Thanks for sharing your desk and your family! Happy WOYWW #85 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  13. Oh dear, life can be tough sometimes ... Christmas by the pool sounds good to me. Love the door sign Auds has made for you. Don't think I need to say have a great week ... looks like your having fun already :) Elizabeth x #66

  14. NO FAIR!'s not fair that the early worm gets eaten by the early bird either, so I'll just have to deal. Love your new door sign AND the journal looks fantastic - really picking up all the beautiful colors you're around.
    Happy Woyww! #1 wheeeeee!

  15. Gosh that pool would be seriously distracting me too, only I'd be in it! Having said that though, it doesn't beat a white Christmas!

    Brenda 68

  16. Hi Sis,
    Its -16c here with snow flurries........ if I try to dive in the pool I'd probable brake my neck ......... Very hard water this time of year.

    I like Ollie.


  17. We've had a few great days of sunshine to be out doors enjoying it. Audrey looks like she's having fun, that picture and her smile is priceless. What a pain you have to wait to use your printer. Your sketch is so fun and I'm impressed you managed to get something out while being on life guard duty.

  18. Ohhh, love the sign to your craft room! What a little sweetie you have!!! And, uh, man, I'm sitting looking at the snow and ice outside with trees bare of leaves and then I spot that swimming pool. What I wouldn't do for just a little bit of warmth right now. Well, I am sitting in Starbucks with a hot cup of peppermint mocha! Yum.

    Happy WOYWW #81


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