Friday, 27 February 2015

Slopping, slapping and dribbling madness.

It's been quite a week
with lots of things to play with.
I've been both in mad scientist mode
and delicate painting mode.
I think the mad scientist is more fun.
Speaking of delicate, I threw a little tanty
in class and was hyperventilating.
Yes that teacher of mine just loves 
to scare the living daylights out of me.
Picture me, almost finished a painting and carefully
 spattering little bits of ink all happy and gentle, 
then up from the depths comes a hand which grabs my brush.
My eyes get wider and then it happens,
spatter, spatter spatter with careless abandon
Panic sets in, screams (just little tanty ones)
and then the hyperventilating starts.
All while there is an evil glean in my teachers eye
as she beats up on my dainty painting.
Down on the floor it's tossed (well, placed carefully really)  
oh, that looks great.

The green splots really look good.
My teacher, (yes, I bet you're still giggling at me)
has decided that I'm not a loose woman yet and
I need to be prodded sometimes.  Either that
or she is really just a sadist.....
I've been dribbling ink on my jelly fish canvas

I think my camera has cataracts,
as the canvas is the most beautiful turquoise,
violet, blue and green and the photo just looks blah.
The camera seems to pick out the white,
which is really quite subdued on the canvas, weird that.
Now to my fun.
  You may remember this or maybe I didn't show
a pic of this monstrosity
Hmmm, seems I disliked it so much that I didn't take a photo
of it either.  Take my word for it, it was yukky, all brown
and poocacky so I put it away.
Well I got it out and did a mad scientist bit on it and
now I'm starting to like it.
Don't you find you can just go nuts on a canvas you don't like.
  You can see the brownness (yuk) here but I've started
to add gloop squiggles to the background
and here is more gloop, oooh I'm havin so much fun
with this stuff and there is still a load more to do.
I know why scientists, especially the mad ones,
 wear lab coats. 
 I've got the stuff all up the wall (cleaned for the pic) 
and all over my white top.  Yes, I know, why would you wear 
white when you are gooping, it's a blonde thing and
anyway now I have more of a leopard print top
 where  my big belly kept touching it.
I could start a new fashion trend, gooped up tops!!

To keep the momentum going I like to do three or four
 canvasses at once and so I drew up my next project,
 another Mr P.

I'm going to get out some more goop and slop it around
mwa ha ha.
Happy painting all,
linking up to
If you want to see the fabulous work that my
art teacher does, check out her website
she's fabulous both as an artist and a teacher.
Even if she is evil :)



  1. All your work is amazing Vonny....the bird canvas completed is drop dead gorgeous! I can't wait to see how the others turn out!!

  2. Beautiful work! Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. I didn't hyperventilate when I read your teacher took over ... I stopped breathing! I was always told not to touch other artists work when I took the silk painting classes but thankfully you're okay with the results and who wouldn't be. I still love the jelly fish colours here so they must be amazing in real life!
    I love to see all of your work in progress Vonny and have a giggle at your craziness (in a nice way).
    Carry on with the mad scientist technique... it suits you so well and produces gorgeous artwork.

  4. Sigh, I love your paintings. I love your style and colour choices. x

  5. I LOVE your work, so talented.

  6. Vonny, what fabulous paintings! I think a lot of us need loosening up some so don't take it personal. Your works in the sidebar are beautiful too. The beehive ginger is just super.

  7. Beautiful piece. Awesome colors. I enjoyed your post. You had me laughing.:))

  8. What a fun post! I was giggling in delight! All your art is sooooo gorgeous!!!

  9. Holy doodle I would have freaked out if she splattered my brave teacher... Glad she didn't splatter the parrot... it is a gorgeous piece just the way you are doing it!! Love all of them you are truly a terrific artist!! Do you feel better being a loose woman? lol Wonderful post... even if it made me stop breathing for a second!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Wow, that first painting is just amazing! The colours, the texture, the splatters :-) Brave of your teacher and brave of you to let her! (although it sounds like you didn't have much choice :-) ) And the canvas you redid: love all the drips! There's a LOT of paint on there ...

  11. Fantastic job yours, vibrant colors and this bird seems to look through the screen. Saludos

  12. Beautiful - and keep working at it - you too can attain loose woman status - LOL Love all your work - it's always a process

  13. I agree with Neesie! Messing with another person's artwork--no way! Just like altering another person's writing. Just not done. You had a right to hyperventilate! But it did turn out fine--even though I wouldn't be able to relax and would have my eyes on her all the while I was in class--LOL! ;)

  14. Great sketch and I love your painting. The colors and textures and so vibrant.

  15. Lovely colourful art here!

  16. Love the combination of precision and abandon. Your birds really soar. You composition is great and colors so inviting and exciting. Thanks for sharing your work!

  17. Such Awesomeness! Love it all!

  18. Gorgeous artwork! Beautiful textures and colors!


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