Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Eyes and poo for WOYWW.

I've been working on my bird this week
I painted the bloomin eye and then had to paint over it and move it to the right. Drives me crazy when that happens.

and here is that desk to date.
 Nothing exciting really, just my paints and my paint pot.
To keep the acrylics damp I put in paper towel and wet it,
then put baking paper over that.  I put the paint on and then 
when I finish for the day I just put the lid on.
The paint stays fresh for weeks but it does pong a bit
 after a while.

This is my actual desk.  Full of stuff, as usual.
In the middle right is a gorgeous piece of mail art
from Terrie in USA.  Thanks so much Terrie and under the
ipad you can see my beautiful journal cover made by
Lunch Lady Jan.



Okay, so maybe that's a little over the top but it did happen.
I took my boat canvas to class today and
I was made (yes, De had me in an arm lock)
to put poocack all over my gorgeous bright colours.
But just when I thought all was lost,
she let me play with the bright yellow ink
and it looks fabulous.
Yes, I know, it looks terrible here and half of it is missing.
I used my phone camera and I'm too short
to get my arms up high enough to get it all in.
The ink was still sloppy and it had to stay flat
but you can get an idea of how it looks. 
The poocack is all down the side bits but it makes
the yellow pop.
If you bend your head to the right, stick out your tongue
and stand on one foot, it actually looks pretty good.
I dare you to try it...

That's my desks for this week,
for more desks around the world
go to 
 and join in the fun.


  1. You are too critical Von, this is beautiful!!! I wish I could put paint to canvas as well as you do... the first painting is fabulous too. Have a colourful week! Helen #6

  2. Your work is brilliant, I really wish you could see that for yourself and accept it. I love your bird he is so really looking, see there we have it, brilliant again. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #2

  3. Oh I love the bright colors you have used on these projects. I think they are all lovely. You have a special talent and thanks for sharing it with us. I'd have no clue where to start!!! Have a fun week

  4. My hubby just came into the room to find me standing on one leg, head bent with tongue out! Not a good look Von, but he's passed aking anymore :/
    Gorgeous painting no matter how you stand. Beautiful colours that are just perfect to brighten the day. Love them both but have to admit your desk has me cringing... but I know you'll know exactly were everything is. Organised chaos right?
    Thanks for the giggle as usual

  5. You should be very very proud of your boat painting, I think it is stunning
    Lynn // 23 Xx

  6. Op love both canvases .....I dint stand on one leg(fear of falling over in a public place) not sure what you used on the boat but it looks great ... I can stamp/ doodle sew erc but I wish I could paint like that.... Sigh!
    Janet @12

  7. Well, Vonny - I don't need to say anything - as all those before me have said it all! Those paintings are gorgeous. Daren't do the stand-on-one-leg thingy though - far too old and lacking in stability. If I were to try that... well, suffice it to say... it wouldn't be a pretty sight when I upended!!
    Take care, my friend, and be encouraged by everyone's comments. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  8. Well I have never tried 'pooing' on a canvas before... Sounds like something that you'd find in the Tate Modern in London, which would probably sell for millions!!! In your case the poo has really worked! It's really popping! :0)

  9. Stunning paintings ... I don't see any poo just brilliant colour and design. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @3

  10. I LoVe your use of colour, it always amazes me how much vibrancy you achieve in your work.

  11. Gorgeous bright paintings! I see no poocack but maybe I did not stand correctly lol. Shel-PaperOctilloStudio #42

  12. Beautiful bright colors! Wow! So nice for a dreary February day! I can empathize with your desk, I just cleaned mine up a bit! I wish I could use my tablet in my stamping room - it just doesn't get wi-fi in there :-( Thanks for sharing! Lindart #55

  13. " If you bend your head to the right, stick out your tongue
    and stand on one foot, it actually looks pretty good.
    I dare you to try it..." OH YES! That does it. I had to quickly scan your post to get to the poo part, which shows you where my mind is at. I guess your teacher knows what she is talking about as it looks fabulous! Judy # 57

  14. Well I think they are both fabulous and I wish I could produce art like that!!! So there :-) Anne x #65

  15. Vonny, your paintings are stunning.Oh dear, I can empathise with the eye in the wrong place. Hair tearing time.This sometimes happens to me when I paint doll faces. Sometimes when you're close to your work, you just can't see errors. You do fab work Von!

  16. You are so funny! *she says with her head bent to the right, tongue out, standing on one foot* ;)

  17. I always love your paintings, the colours are amazing.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  18. I think the painting is GORGEOUS - poo cack and all. :-)
    April #68

  19. Lovely colors. I also noticed the Dr who on your desk. Big fan. Thx for sharing your space. Pat #67

  20. Amazing as allways! Love your paintings!!


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