Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Blobs before my eyes for WOYWW

I've been working on my boat painting
this week and boy is it 
doing my head in.
One minute I hate it then an idea hits
and I like it again, then back to hating it
and so on. 
Right now it's driving me nuts.
I didn't like the top of the painting and came up 
with the idea to turn it into a revetment wall,
as if the boat is adrift in a canal.
It's going to be adrift cos I'm too lazy to
put a rope in.
My desk is small this week,
Just the painting on a movey roundy desk and my ikea
movey roundy thing. 
Why should I move when the painting can.
I have three bags of goop in varying shades of grey
(that is 3 shades, not to be confused with 50 shades).
I wanted to do the wall in bright orange and yellow
but my teacher (and I hate it when she's right) 
insisted on the greys. 
Now it's a matter of playing like I'm icing a cake,
for what seems like an eternity, 
until I reach the other side and a bit wider 
than it is at present.
I can feel some serious back and eye aches coming on.

I also lowered the boat in the water
(argh, it's sinking... I wish)
 and added more goop to the water but
there's still more goop to add.
This darn painting will be six feet thick by the time 
I'm finished with it. 

Lastly I roughed in my parrots head and feet.
I like to stop once I get to here and
then I can keep looking at it to see if there
are any adjustments needed before I paint it properly.

Short and sweet this week,
cos I've got a date with some goop.

Now you've seen mine
why not hop over to 
and see what's on the other desks
around the world this Wednesday.


  1. Good morning, Vonny. Love your descriptions of how to paint! Ever thought of making a video using such technical terms as "goop" and "Ikea movey roundy thing". You would be an instant success!
    The boat pic is coming on - and do you mean to say that the parrot's head ISN'T finished??? It's gorgeous.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  2. Hi Vonny, I've been playing spot the difference with your boat. Felt myself dipping when you said it was sinking haha.
    It is a great painting, makes me want to pull the boat towards me.
    Lynn xx 15

  3. Sometimes I wonder if we Artists are the best at judging our own work. I for one am really excited by this stunning painting! I LOVE the reflected colours swirling in the water and the blues and oranges are just singing out! This is going to be a fantastic painting and is definitely worth the time you're spending, as frustrating as it seems for you. The bird is amazing too as are all your gorgeous birds. Anyway, as you know, I'm a big fan and I can not wait to see the boat all complete! :0)

  4. I had to laugh that the boat was sinking. I like all your thick layers of goop but 6 feet might be a bit excessive. It's all looking good though. I understand the leave it be for awhile while your brain (and eyes) process it.

  5. I smiled at your terminology. But everybody fully understand 'goop' although it's probably not in the dictionary.
    our painting is beautiful. I love all the bright colours. I think as an artist you're bound to be very critical of your own creations, but sometimes the painting goes it's own way...
    Have a good week,

  6. Your boat painting is just fabulous!! Helen #1

  7. Hi Vonny, I just love your art work though I can see why it might make your eyes ache when you are working with those gorgeous bright colours. Still I hope you have a great arty week, Angela x 37

  8. You are certainly getting the hang of gooping! These look great. :)

  9. That parrot and flower look gorgeous with the texture and colours, so perhaps the boat will end up working fine in the end, even if it gets thicker by the day!
    Kristiina #21

  10. Hi Vonny, you just make me smile...I'm amazed at your beautiful paintings and think they look fabulous and you're still adjusting and adding and sinking. Your parrot painting die for, I love the bright colours, the bird and the flowers. Enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#12 and thanks for visiting

  11. I'm determined to keep that fabric stash of mine under control!! I'm folding the leftover bits and putting back this a new LLJ I see before me? Not likely to last really, is it?
    I get the feeling that the boat is driving you nuts....isn't it funny how some pieces of work just don't come easy. I found that with one of the bags I made last week...if it could go wrong, it did! With knobs on....and in spades.....I swear I unpicked one seam four times, then the tension went wrong on my machine. The air was a delicate shade of unladylike blue :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

  12. Love both your paintings - really love the boat and hope it never sinks.
    Hugs, Neet 28 (late again I know)

  13. You know I love your paintings, up front your use of colours. That cheers me up, as here it all is grey in grey. I love seeing you paint process each week. It is very interesting to me:
    Gabriele 17

  14. Hey there, lovin the goop, and really lovin the colours. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW.

    Pat #71

  15. Looked at the "before" painting, and thought "that looks good" but then saw the "after" one, and, of course it does look "better". Love what the addition of a bit of orange goop has done to it. I also love the bright colours of the bird and gum blossom painting. And then I notice the Beehive Ginger on the side bar and how pretty it is ... and then I remember that I have that one too :) :)

  16. 3 Shades of grey and a whole lot more interesting!! I love the boat, am sorry that it's making you crackers at the moment...I bet you'll fall in love with it as soon as it's sold! I think it is better lower in the water, but wouldnt have noticed if you hadn't posted before and after pics! I love the idea of you being still and the movey roundy stuff doing the movey roundy stuff!

  17. Gorgeous painting and I am amazed you can achieve so much with zip lock bags. Pleased you are saving your energy and making those wheelie things do the work. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de (no woyww)

  18. I absolutely love the colors. They are so bright and cheery. And your artwork is GORGEOUS!!! April


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