Monday, 3 November 2014

Yet another blonde moment.

My close friends know that I'm a blonde
in every sense of the word.
I could have black hair and I'd still be 'blonde'.

I'm doing the Seeing lessons
at Sketchbook Skool and this week I had to 
put three items together and draw the basic shapes
using one continuous line,
with a water soluble pen. Then 
colour it with water colours.
Simple you'd think.
Do you think I could find a water soluble
pen in this entire house.
All of little miss's felt pens have dried up 
and everything I own is permanent ink.
My first idea was to use my Inktense
water colour pencils.
You get used to wonky pics as I sure I hold my head sideways.
 This looked okay until I added water
and the colour went every where.
So I decided to just colour it in
but I couldn't use that for my homework.
I got bored with this and didn't refine it. So good enough will do.

Next I decided to use a pitt pen to at least 
start some practise sketches.
Still wonky but getting better.
Then I drew up the sketch
of what will be the finished
continuous line drawing,
when I get a water soluble pen.

 Not too shabby.
Remember this has to be done 
with one continuous line,
no lifting of pens.
That is really hard when you have 
the attention span of a gnat.

I'm happy with the composition
now all I have to do is get a soluble pen
and use the same set up of things
to draw it up again.

Then came my blonde moment.
I was cutting up the veggies for dinner
and yes you guessed it,
stupid here cut up that gorgeously
angled piece of pumpkin.
It is three quarters of the way through
my families digestive tract and
I really don't want to draw it now.

Just lucky I have the sketches
to use for the finished product.
I'll just wing the colours and shading
for the water colour part.

The moral of this story
is that
veggies are bad for art
and chocolate rules!
Hey, you eat chocolate before you have
 a chance to sketch it so you never ruin
 a painting that way.

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  1. Hehe! You and I are too peas in a pod!
    I rarely draw food as I usually just want to eat it. Once, years ago, I set up a still life of vegetables in a basket. I worked on it for a few hours before deciding to continue the next day... Meanwhile my Husband decided to make a stew and without realising, he used half of the things I had so carefully arranged!! :0)


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