Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tis a little hot for WOYWW

It's a tad hot here at the moment,
well not so much hot but really humid.
You know the kind where your hair is all frizzy
and you drip with sweat, even though it's only 29 deg.
This is the weather we usually get at the end
of summer, not in spring and to make it worse
there are no storms insight, so no relief.
Having said that, we were inundated with ants
this morning.  Those pesky little things were all over the floor.
I sprayed the entire place with surface spray
just a few weeks ago but the ants have ignored that
fact.  Think I'll leave the can on the floor,
just so they can read it and see that it kills ants.
A fact that seems to have slipped their minds as they 
climb into poor Charlie parrots cage and try to 
take him away.  
Around here, ants in the house means rain is on the way,
I just hope it gets here soon, the grass is dead and the 
flowers don't look too happy.
To my desk this week.
I've been playing with my water colours.
I have used a cook book to find interesting things to paint.
In fact, that is the only use I have for cookbooks.
I can't get my head around cooking, you spend hours
creating something and then it's eaten in five minutes,
(or put in the bin, which is where most
 of my attempts end up) such a waste of time. 
 If I can't make it in half an hour
it don't get made.  However, painting from a cookbook
is wonderful fun and it lasts longer too.
This isn't finished but it's getting there.
The picture to the front right is part of my house from the
back garden.  We had to paint a building for Sketchbook Skool
and it was too hot to go out so I did our house.
  The notebook on the top left contains the 
rantings of a madwoman, yes me.
I was watching TV last night and hubby was 
channel surfing as usual, you never get to see
and entire program in this house, and he came
across an ocean program that had these
gorgeous jellyfish.  I grabbed my book, which always sits on
the coffee table and started to sketch from the tv.
Little cogs were actually moving in my pea brain.
I can see a fabulous painting coming from these 
delicate little guys.  I'm going to play around  with
composition and then see if I can create those
delicate little frills with goop, then make the bodies
translucent, ink it and there's another painting.
My only problem is, delicate is really not me,
rush in and go nuts, that's more me.  
Fingers crossed I can be more ladylike
(cough, cough).
A note to finish on,
My wall of inspiration has grown
 My wonderful friend Tracey Fletcher King is selling
some of her paintings and cards and I got in quick.

 Aren't they gorgeous.
If you want to see what she is selling you can find it here
there may even be a few left.

That's me for WOYWW this week,
why not go on over to
and see what's on the other desks 
around the world today.

P.S.  The little guinea pig is doing really well,
he had his stitches out yesterday and
is healing nicely.



  1. ah Vonny love your image at the bottom.
    It reminds me of the one we used to draw when had autograph books .. simpler than than and then write: "Wot nothing to write ??"

    Love your wall of inspiration and your art and craft room we had 73mm overnight best rain in over two months- early Sept..

    ...praising God for it and pray you get some soon.. where are you?

    Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #12 I think

  2. Wow, what an amazing wall of art! Hope you get some rain to ease the humidity soon, we've had plenty I am sure we could spare you some! Look forward to seeing your jellyfish develop! Helen 6

  3. You do make me laugh, Vonny, although the heat and ants don't raise a smile. It seems incredible here, typing with the heating on and curtains closed to keep out the cold. Poor Charlie - and you - but I'm glad the guinea pig is on the mend. I love Tracey's fish looking out at me! Hope your painting takes your mind off the discomforts. Can't wait to see the jellyfish. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 8

  4. Sorry I've got to get past reading you've got 29 degrees first... wow!
    I can almost feel the heat radiating from your post ;)
    Gorgeous work space Von and Tracey's creations look at home. Love the sunflowers too. Keep an eye on those pesky ants... they may be small but they're devilishly sneaky!
    Happy WOYWW... sadly I'm not playing. I'm off to a painting workshop instead. Hopefully I'll have something to post about by Friday.

  5. Oh Vonny LOVE your paintings...and the ones by Tracey Fletcher look right at home on your wall. I would love one of her paintings...heck I would love one of yours!! I agree about the always seems to go around us and it has been 40-42 degrees, needless to say the aircon has been going non-stop for the last five days!! Thank heavens today is a bit cooler at 32 degrees. Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #9 (sorry about the WOYWW 262 after my name..I forgot to delete it from the last time lol)!

  6. Love your paintings!! your room/desk/wall is very inspiring!!Thanks for sharing,
    Happy WOYWW Ginny #43

  7. My favourite pic this week is the drawing of your house, I love that sketch. I've got a thing about buildings in art, I always get attracted to them. Your jellyfish notebook made me smile too :-)
    Glad to hear the guinea pig is ok, phew....
    And as for being, you and me both kiddo!!
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  8. I really enjoyed reading your blog today! You have a wonderful way with words, thanks for making me smile!
    Your art is quite great too, I love water colour but have not yet mastered it.
    I am envious of your spring, even though it is hot and humid. We are in the beginning of winter and already hitting -20 degrees C. I dream of warmth!
    Lizzie #64

  9. You made me smile, especially reading about your use of a cookbook! I love cooking and sometimes just sit down to read one of my cookbooks as each chef has his/her own personality and I love to read the bits about the recipe before I actually try it.
    But the orange flower you made is beautiful even if it's not finished yet.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a great week,

  10. Your art wall is so lovely Vonny. We down here in South Oz have been hearing how HOT things are up your way, and the humidity. Oh and the ants!! We get them too, and they just laugh at that surface spray!!Just doing a Rain Dance for you. Can you hear me vocalizing too? I'm calling it Morning Exercise!

    have a good week
    Judy x

  11. Love the sunflowers! Your studio is so bright and colorful. Tracey's work fits right in. She's so talented--as you are. Jellyfish sound like something you could do amazing things with. ;) I hope you got rid of the ants. :)

  12. Fab sunflowers and that wall of inspiration has got me going. Love the colors! thanks for visiting!
    Robyn 7

  13. You are such a prolific and marvelous artist, no matter what media you are working with. I hope those ants got the message when they saw the can and haven't taken you away along with your parrot - LOL! Have a blessed rest of the week, my friend!

  14. Your art work is lovely. I am a sucker for flowers and yours are absolutely beautiful. April #71

  15. I snapped my TFK up the moment I saw she had a sale page! V excited to see the postman walking upside down on his hands again - Is v amusing! Like you, I hate cooking - I would go as far as to say I actually resent the time spent on it! If I was single I would probably live on cereal, but unfortunately I am married to a meat and two veg man. Chuh!
    I am quite envious of your sparkling studio - mine looks like world war three has taken place in it! I really do need to give it a good sort out! Your sketches are fabulous by the way - and I am so looking forward to the new Jelly Fish project!! :0)

  16. Ha ha great post the thought of the ants reading the tin.... Take heart it's cold, damp and a bit miserable here in the UK at the moment ..... Only 29 deg you say .... I wish.
    I love Tracy's work .... She makes everyday objects look so special
    Janet @20

  17. Aaah, this time last year I was enjoying the warmth and sunshine... not much of either here in Scotland twelve months on! LOL So glad the guineapig is healing up nicely and I love your wall of inspiration, it looks wonderful! Annette

  18. I almost spit out my coffee as I read your remark about leaving the can of anti-ant spray on the floor so they could read it and perhaps take the not so subtle hint. We get the big black ants here in New Hampshire in the late spring early summer and for some reason they are attracted to me! I look like I'm spastic jumping all around when one walks onto my foot (I hate shoes so I am always barefoot). Anyway, let's see, oh yes, I love your inspiration wall, very umm, well, inspiring, giggle. I also hope that the ants didn't carry your poor parrot away with them! I also love your watercolors your currently working on. There is something I find very soothing working in watercolor! Well, I've babbled on and on and since I am very late, again, for this week's WOYWW I should move on...
    Beth P


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