Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Scribbly week for WOYWW

My desk is a bit different 
this week for WOYWW.
No paint or canvasses
just pen and paper
and a much needed coffee.

I've been doodling, lots.
There are heaps of fine liner pens, got them cheap
as a set with the pencil case, and then I bought the 
pacer pencils and 6 colour pens really cheap at
my grocery store today.  
The blue sketch and the one in the front,
it's a picture of the hanger thingys that I put
on the back of my canvasses
 (in case you were wondering),
are homework from sketchbook skool.
The two pages to the left have pics of 
our two guinea pigs.
The little face of Chico is below the slippers,
 he had to have surgery last wednesday
and below that is Ziggy, who was really
missing his buddy while he was at the vets.
It's been a scary week but he is well and truly
on the mend now.  I found doing sketches
of the boys made me feel better as
it's been a very stressful week.
Here he is after surgery,
his new nickname is Nudie Boy
as they shaved him so much.

I did bring my seagull picture home
and intended to finish the birds
but never got into the room
as I was keeping an eye on 
little Chico.
It's not as blue as this pic, I have to turn it away from the light as the ink reflects so much.
 Here you can get an idea
of just how much work has gone
into this canvas.

 There are many layers of gloop and squiggles
going over the top of each other.
Once the eyes are painted in and the edge of 
the canvas has been painted
a nice bright orange,
I think it will look pretty good.

I did have a tussle with some water colours
last week
and if you're interested, that post is

That's all for this week,
I've shown you mine, so why not
hop on over to 
and see what's on the other desks 
this Work Desk Wednesday.


  1. Oh my goodess - the little guy has some stitches. I hope he heals quickly. Love your doodles. I think I see a Tardis from Dr. Who. :-)

  2. sounds like you have had a busy week! love all the doodles and fun stuff. Great looking painting…so much depth and texture! hope you get time to play! Have a great week. Vickie #17

  3. OMgoodness my heart goes out to your little fellow. Hope all goes well in his recovery... what a trooper. My family still get upset when we think of "Daisy" our blonde long haired GP she was with us for 9 years. Absolutely love what you are doing in SBS and admire anyone who can sit patiently and do all that drawing:) amazing.
    sandra de @21

  4. Happy WOYWW. Firstly, hope that Chico is recovering well. What surgery did he have? I used to breed and rescue piggies for many years, and still miss their chat. Secondly, your seagull picture is truly amazing. Please pack it up and send it to Pembrokeshire. I promise to look after it. Ali x #42

  5. My goodness, you are so talented! I love your drawing and paintings. I hope your little bold boy is better soon!
    Gabriele 26

  6. Wow - that painting is staggeringly good! So is that just layers of ink?? Or some kind of texture medium that makes those amazing bumps?
    It's fabulous! And I LOVE your sketches too - The Doctor Who obsession makes me chuckle!
    And Poor Nude Guini Pig!!!!! That is heart melting!! It's amazing something so small can survive that kind of surgery isn't it? He needs a wooly jumper! :0)

  7. Lovely sketches, Vonny, and the large piece is coming on beautifully. Glad the surgery went well, and that little Chico is on the mend. Hugs to all, and have a great week. Chris # 8

  8. Poor little Chico...he looks wrong without his fur...hope it grows back quickly! Love your sketches btw, they float my boat :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  9. boy, Chico does look like he's been through it; glad to hear he's on the mend. Great sketching, and the painting too! Helen 4

  10. Everytime I see that painting it just looks better and better, so much texture and movement, just love it. Poor little chap, how brave is he, so many stitches. Hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 28

  11. Ouch! Those are some serious stitches! Stressful I would definitely say for your week! Eeek! I am glad to hear he is on the mend now! I am new to WOYWW, this is just my second week and I am still being knocked over by everyone's amazing creativity and talent. I love your work... just gorgeous! I will be back for more visits and am now following your blog.
    Hugs from another sister in art,
    Beth P

  12. Hi Vonnie, poor wee mannie Chico, he is sporting quite the seamtress look at the moment and I pleased to read that he is on the mend. Loving your sketches and artwork as always... wish I had a spec of your talent, your drawings are wonderful. Annette #11

  13. Hi Vonny - what can I say - your sketches and outdoor watercolouring is wonderful, your birds are just fabulous and your earlier post a had me chuckling away. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your week Robyn

  14. Oh, your sketches are fantastic and that painting is gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week, sorry I'm a little late in returning WOYWW visits.....but I made it! LOL
    Krisha #5

  15. Ahh! poor little Nudie boy hope he recovers soon. Sorry for the late visit to your desk. Thanks for taking a peek at mine.

  16. Gorgeous artwork, poor little bunny. Keep smiling and creating Thanks for sharing.

  17. WOW love your painting. Sniggers nudie boy lol hope he feels better soon. I'm playing catch up with visiting this week. Thank you for popping by Anita #35

  18. Wow, I just love your sketches! I spent some time looking at the Doc Who sketch and trying to read what you had written and the 'hooks' are so lifelike! Fascinating! I wish I could draw.
    Your painting is already amazing! It's not finished yet?
    Oh poor guinea pig! He really looks naked. Poor chappie. I hope he recovers soon.
    Thank you for visiting earlier.
    Have a good (less stressful) week,

  19. Your sketches look amazing, and the colours in the painting look fabulous... A very productive week!


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