Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Knackered for WOYWW

I am knackered, pooped,
tired out, totally had it
and any other word that describes
how I feel right now.
Before I get into why
I'll show you my desk this week.

As you can see
I had a sketchy weekend. 
I went to the art shop to buy 
some charcoal and came away
with the coolest looking pencil case
(I had one just like this in high school)
which contained 20 different coloured 
fineliner pens, then of course I had to buy 
journals to use the pens in.
Here are a few of the sketches
as well as my darlek pencils in the wheelie bin
and if you look closely you can see
my sonic screwdriver pen amongst the boring ones.
Yes' I know, I'm a sad puppy.

On a different note, at last I have figured out 
how to do a Facebook Page for my art.
I'd love it if you would like me at
I don't use the personal part of Facebook
so if you would just use the page
I would love it.
I might even figure out how to get
a button on the blog side bar at some point.

I spent monday and tuesday
at a life drawing workshop.
You know the kind,
where they have a nudie person 
for you to draw.
This was my first such class and 
I had a few worries.
I'm not a prude, well,
I'm a bit of a prude, okay
I'm a prude.
My hubby flaunts his bits all around the place
but I keep my bits to myself
and I'm sure you can understand
my fears at attending this workshop.
My teacher De (who has a really evil streak)
assured me that I needed to learn how to draw
from "life".
Both mornings were theory
(no nudie people yet, so still smiling)
We did scribbles
I heard that giggle!!
and woggles
Now that was a down right laugh, I can hear you, you know!
and eventually something that looked like a human.
(it's okay, I don't draw the rude bits).
Hah, not so bad this time, is it. Yeah, she is a little skinny in the leg department but it's better the the other ones.
We learned lots of practical ways to look
and work out size and where to start drawing.
So far so good.
Then to the afternoon and yes you guessed it,
the nudie lady.
I tell you, I didn't even notice that
she didn't have any clothes on.
They had a stop watch and you had to draw 
so quickly that my charcoal 
was smoking.
I was lucky to get a stick figure out
let alone a proper picture.
All the theory was spinning around 
in my head.
My eyes were telling my brain one thing
and then the hand would disagree and just
draw something else, then the brain was yelling at my hand
and my eyes were just spinning 
in their sockets
and all I could hear was
Honestly, if I didn't like that man so much,
he would be wearing that stopwatch
where the sun don't shine!
You think that's bad,
all of a sudden my teacher yells,
turn your easels and lets all share 
our pictures.  
I just wanted to curl up and disappear
with embarrassment.
But hey, I made it through (just)
and even came back the next day.
Now that in itself should be worth some
browny points with my teacher.
What's that? You want to have a laugh
at my terrible drawings.
Well fine, here are a few
(with carefully placed hiding things)
go on have a good giggle.
Don't you just love those stick figures.
My apologies to Salvador Dali,
that's the bloke I was supposed to draw
but instead ended up with some 
broken nosed boxer with a mo.

After all the pain of the life drawing class
it was a pleasure to go back to my normal
art class today.
I did some more to my seagulls
with huge amounts of help
from my teacher De.
(I think I used up those brownie points).
It still has a long way to go but getting there.

I've waffled on a bit but hey,
you have to agree it was a big week.
On top of all this I had to do my online
sketchbook class.
This week was drawing selfies
 and there's no way
I'm showing these in public
even if my clothes are on!

So now, if you are still awake,
why not go to
and visit the 
other desks around the world
this workdesk wednesday.
P.S. Don't forget to have a look at my Facebook Page
and let me know what you think.
Please be gentle, I'm new at this social media stuff.


  1. When I studied Graphic design, we had drawing for 3 days every 3 weeks and when we did life drawing it was just like you describe! I remember my charcoal smoking! We had 3 minutes to get the essence of the figure down. Then in the afternoon we did a full 2 hours for one pose. I know the brain, hand vs eye argument well! #4

  2. I think you've been very brave, and your drawings are lovely. Helen 2

  3. Well done, you brave girl, you! I don't think I could even get to the class, let alone do all that you have done.
    Been peeping on your facebook page - fantastic - but I don't know what to do to leave a comment or anything - so I'll stick with this page here to tell you it looks GREAT!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #16

  4. Oh, this post made me a good way though! The smoking charcoal did work as your sketches (what we can see of them) look amazing to me :-)
    And the seagull painting is coming on a treat...fab colours abound!
    Keep up the good work, am off to like your FB page!
    Hugs, LLJ 28 xx

  5. G'day Vonny. Happy WOYWW. LOL I love this post...just made me smile all the way thru. Vonny your sketches are are too hard on yourself. Oh I forgot to tell you Wendy said she doesn't know you and hasn't done any classes with De for ages...I'm off to like your face book page :o)
    hugs Annette In Oz #12

  6. Hats off to you Von!! Your Life drawings are fabulous and FAR better than mine were when I did some life classes! I felt a little strange about it too at first - especially when our model sat over a mirror on the floor... I mean, really???? Anyway, before I knew it I was so lost in shapes and shadows that the fact she was nude didn't come in to it anymore... But when the tutor asked us to turn our easels around, like you I was mortified! So embarrassed! And mine was definitely the worst one in the whole class! Gaagh! But, I did go back a couple of times even though I felt totally out of my league! Yours look a whole lot better - even the stick men, lol!! I am LOVING your Seagulls so far Von... Another masterpiece in the making!! :0)

  7. I can't even draw a stick figure, so no laughing from me!! :D Your painting is amazing!!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #27

  8. Everytime I see that painting it gets better and better, just love the fantastic effect of the waves and the look on the other bird's faces is just too much Lol! Love it.
    Have a good rest now and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  9. The drawings are all amazing! You are such a talented gal! And I love the way the painting is developing. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 24

  10. I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished painting. #62

  11. Here we are again, Vonny, you with the self-deprecating bit lol lol!!! I simply love your wonderful drawings - you are soooo talented! I was very amused to read about you and your hubby and the norty bits - my hubby and I are the same - I'm a prude too lol lol!! Even though I've lost 1 1/2 stone on the 5:2 diet since the summer, I still don't like the idea of flaunting my awful gross stomach and bum for all and sundry ROFL!

    How is Charlie?

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #30

  12. Great post and for what it's worth I love your drawings and the very eat writing too. The nude laying down is very good ..... It's just a body we all have one .... Lots of shape and curves but not too big ... That would have been my worry ... Someone really fat.
    Good job done ... Rest now ???

  13. Thanks for your return visit, Von, and for your very encouraging remarks - you are very kind!! Hopefully Mr. Mojo will be back on track again soon. I am struggling with Mum-induced stress at the moment which isn't helping at all!!!

    Shoshi #30

  14. Lovely drawings and who doesn't love a trip to the art store!
    Angie #59

  15. What a romp that was! You karack me up with your self-deprecating humor, Vonny, but the truth is, your talent AWEmazes me from the simplest scribble to full-on art work!! Happy Belated WOYWW! Enjoy the rest of the week! (Your FB page is fabulous!) Hugs, Darnell #66

  16. Von that is a huge week... Seriously huge, but the drawings from class look pretty wonderful and I am sure you will notice a huge amount of benefit from it... It is quite something isn't it...

  17. So impressed with what you mastered in only 2 days, Vonny!

  18. Phew... I'm wore out just reading your post Von never mind living through it. No wonder you're pooped!
    We did face and body sketches in my art group but thankfully no nudie life models. We drew the face of the person sitting next to us but then horror of horror the teacher told us to show each other our work. Thankfully I hadn't had enough time to draw her wrinkles and neither had she (but I had mentioned I needed soft focus on mine please) ;D
    New practices and learning techniques is exhausting... and every afternoon after I've been to class I'm ready for a snoozelet!
    Sorry I'm so late visiting but I'm trying to catch up after being away... that's proving to be quite a task in itself!
    Have fun xoxo


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