Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Spring does scary things for WOYWW

There are people who go a bit loopy 
when there is a full moon
and there are people,
like me,
who, apart from being loopy
most of the time, go extra loopy
in springtime. 
Yes, spring has sprung with avengeance
around here.
I have to warn you, there is some scary
content further down this post.
Those weak of heart should sit down now.

But first, to my desk 

Nothing new here, it's been school holidays
so no art just madness.

Then on thursday we decided to go to Ikea.
Little Miss got lots for her room
an I got these little beauties
for my art room.

Trouble was, I couldn't move once they were in there.
That's when it happened.
I got this strange (spring has sprung) urge
and against all my better judgement,
this happened....


There was a white floor under all that mess!!
 Who would have thought, hey?

ARGH!!!  It's so clean.
I just couldn't help myself.
It started with just a little bag of rubbish
and then

this pile went to the rubbish tip
and the rest was spread around the lounge
Okay, so I won't show you the bad bit around the other corner, might be too much for you all.

See, my plan to take over lounge is working,

In my madness I noticed that I had a bare wall,
so I soon fixed that
with a load of my old pics.

I just hope that my messy room isn't like
Samson's hair.
Cut out the mess and cut out the creativity.
Bah, who am I kidding,
it'll be a mess again in no time.

A little bit of art was done,
think they are finished but I 
won't seal them yet.
Lovin these colours.
This sunset is covered in mica paints but they won't photograph so you'll just have to trust me.
 School holidays are over now
so I hope to actually get in and use
my "Studio" before it 
becomes a tip again.

Well, that's all my shock and excitement
for this wednesday,
now why don't you hop over to 
and see all the other desks around 
the world today.

P.S. Sorry about all the photo's Julia
but I had to document this problem
to warn others of the terrible
Spring has Sprung bug.


  1. You are so funny! I am the opposite then to you...I need clear uncluttered space in order to create! I too spent yesterday clearing my desk and its surrounds. I am SO ENVIOUS of your Ikea trollys. We don't have that store here and I drool every time I see one in some one elses work space. I do love your Pelly. #17

  2. OMG! Where is the real Vonny, what have you done with her??? Actually, I love your new tidy white appeals to my latent OCD tendencies!! And your new IKEA units are super cute...the one on the left looks like a robot character from Dr Who with its long curvy legs ;-).
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  3. Wow! What a transformation. It must have took you an age. Those goodies from IKEA are a great addition to you work space.

  4. I have to have a bit of clean space in order to create. Otherwise I misplace things and seem to never find them. Makes me crazy; so I just clear a space before I begin!
    Glenda #44

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!! It looks like a completely different room!!! What a difference!! Please can you come and do mine? Nothing like a whiff of Spring to get me in the mood to clean either - Sadly, It's Autumn here! ;0)

  6. I love all that artwork displayed on your wall! My dream is to have a studio where I can cover ALL the walls with art! From floor to ceiling! It would be my spacial place! Have a lovely Wednesday and rest of the week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  7. You took Spring cleaning to a totally new level in your art studio. I love those carts you got an Ikea, and can imagine they will be very easy to move around as you work on your different easels. Blessings, my friend!

  8. WHOOOOPIE, spring clean, sure hit your place and it all looks fabulous. Love the two new storage pieces Vonny and your artwork wall looks super. Cheers, and enjoy your week RobynO#37

  9. Vonny you crack me up. Yup, I can clean with the best of um too, but given a clean work space, I need to mess it up. Hmmm, I thinks we may come from the same pod. I LUV Ikea. We did just about my daughter's entire house in Ikea. Peg R 44

  10. Wow I'm impressed with the tidy up but you tidy like I do, which is to just put all the stuff in another room and then bask in the glory of a beautifully tidy craft room while the rest of the house is looking a complete tip, lol! Love the paintings, so beautiful. Ah, Ikea, I try and keep out of that place!

    Brenda 48

  11. Oh my, I love it! And those new storage pieces are GORGEOUS!! Have great week, Chris # 23

  12. Looks great! It'll be a while before that perfectly problem takes hold here in the UK though it can't come soon enough for me. Gorgeous artwork as always. Happy WOYWW Cindy #41xx

  13. Great new storage pieces! And I LOVE your "clean" room as it seems it would be lots easier to work in it! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #59

  14. At first I thought a hurricane had passed through Von, but then I realised you've just been creative.... now you can't change anything now it's all sorted and organised.... can you??? Yeah I suppose whatever works for you.
    Just look at those works of art! Brilliant
    (I'v actually been visiting a few times today and each time I've gone to write a comment... someone has distracted me SQUIRREL!!!!
    See ;D
    Happy WOYWW Neesie #31

  15. Wow! What a difference! I love what you've done with the wall. Looks great!
    That Ikea trolley is so handy. I plan to get one too but Ikea is quite far away. We need to have a weekend free for that. (and some money in the account if I know myself I won't be buying just a trolley...)
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week.

  16. WOW! Fun post Vonny! Love both the before and after pictures so had a good snoop! Awesome wall with all the artwork! I have one of the IKEA carts for painting supplies and as soon as I can I am going back to buy a couple more...IKEA is almost 250 miles away thank god or I would stay broke! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #25

  17. It looks amazing... That is a lot of work but all that room means you will get so much more work done... What a fabulous transformation.... And I love those trolleys... I have one in Phants bathroom, and am madly looking for other places they could be needed... How amazing is the colour... And double yay to the end of holidays... Last to flies by so we need to make the most of it...xx

  18. What a transformation, Vonny. Must be a result of Spring Fever, lol! I love the new stuff from Ikea. I'd love one of those caddy things on wheels but not sure I've really got room for it!! Mr. Pelican is looking very handsome.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  19. Thanks for your return visit, Von. The anaemia isn't my main problem - the exhaustion I have is the result of M.E. I think the persistent anaemia is probably a result of bleeding from my ulcerative colitis. I don't mind being on the iron because it does have a binding effect which helps with the colitis symptoms lol! I have had a bad day today, resting on the recliner all day, but hopefully will be better again tomorrow. So glad you like my seashells masterboard - I am quite pleased with it myself! I am sorry that stamps like that are not so available in Oz but if you had to import them the postage would probably be high. Most of the best ones here in the UK seem to come from the US but at least our UK suppliers stock them. Have you tried Ebay? You can often find great bargains there. Glad you like my fabby room! Just wish I had more energy to spend time in it!


  20. Wow, I am SO impressed with your tidy up effort! I LOVE all those white spaces and your wall of art is gorgeous! I'm trying to make a wall like that too, but it looks very woeful at the moment. I "need" one of those 3 tiered Ikea things. And isn't the colour superb! Luckily Ikea is not just around the corner (it used to be!) or I'd stop there on the way home :)
    Thanks for stopping by too, I am very late this week :)
    RosA # 18

  21. Hi Vonny
    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment for WOYWW plus on my abstract painting post...I really need the encouragement with my painting efforts! Yeh I don't really like abstracts ever. Yes I made the mixed media journals at the back of my desk. OMG OMG you have some new paintings since I was here last...I adore your pelican and colourful water with boats!!! I wish we had an Ikea up here...even one in Cairns would be the colour of your little trollies. LOL glad the clean bug got you...your studio room is full of colour and sunshine...good for you getting in and tiding up! hugs Annette In Oz #30

  22. Hey Vonny...sorry its me mention yr teacher that De Gillet? Another friend of mine Wendy Sinclair does classes with her and has encouraged me to get some lessons one day with her too even though I am very much a newbie ( will need to get a bloomin job first...hardly up here in far north Queensland though wah). Just thought it was co incidence if it was the same teacher Wendy told me about!


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