Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Being a cheapskate is not good this WOYWW

I have all sorts of goodies spread around
 my desks this week.  
I have something rare first

I tidied the inking station,
well not all of it but hey,
that's a lot for me.
Stop looking at the mess in the background,
you were lucky to see the front bit tidy.
You'd better look now as it won't last long!

Here's the main desk
 Back to the normal mess
but wait, there's something
Doctor Who added there!

Yes I know I'm sad but I couldn't resist
the sonic screwdriver pen and journal
and yes, that's a Tardis cup.

I added some water ripples to Mr P 
but being the cheapskate I am
I used up all of the mixed glaze rather than waste it
and now he's been over rippled.
I'll have to glaze over some of that white (sigh).

Being a cheapskate is really not good
when you need to do sketches.
I have three sets of glasses.
One for seeing, sunglasses and reading glasses.
In this country it is actually cheaper than getting 
graduated, self tanning (or as the boring people say,
light sensitive) glasses.
This seemed okay until I started to sketch
things a little further than my reading glasses could see.
Now I have to do this just to sketch

Of course I look like this, you don't think I would forget to put all the wrinkles in, do you?
and I have to tell you it ain't easy 
to balance all that lot
on your snoz.
I have to lift my head up and down 
to get the right lenses for which bit 
I want to see and it gets really confusing.
Plus my parrot doesn't like
me looking stranger than normal
and jumps up and tries to pull
the glasses off my nose,
that leads to putting the wrong glasses 
back on and I get really into a mess.
Now why don't I just get graduated glasses
for sketching, I hear you ask.
Well, that is my plan but you only get
one set of cheap glasses a year and
I've already had one this year,
so in my normal cheapskate way,
I've got to wait until next year to get them.
Until then it's double vision all the way.
Kinda gives a whole new meaning 
to four eyes, doesn't it?

Watch this space for some updates
(well I hope)
on my plan to take over the living room.
(mwa ha ha).
Now you've seen mine,
hop on over to 
and have a look at the other
desks around the world
this What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.



  1. Just LOVE the sketch with your glasses, Vonny! Great idea. John has these varie-focal specs - and loves them - always tilting his head one way or the other!!!
    Well done on the tidying -just don't go too mad...can't keep a place tidy, myself. No matter how much space I have, it's always got stuff around!
    Love the pelican - and where is too much white??? Can't see it like that...
    Sorry I didn't get back last week - time just ran away with me. Thanks for visiting already this morning.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #18

  2. Mm Von have always had bifocals... way to go and saves two pair of glasses .. do have computer glasses too and that is it. was going to get prescription sunnies, but have transition on my bifocals instead and sometimes clip sunnies on them... so two pairs of glasses only saves heaps of bother. Love the Pelican.. and yes maybe too much of the white but still lovely, Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #27

  3.'s a good look!! Why should you be any different...I had my sunglasses pushed up in my head while wearing my reading glasses the other day and didn't realise until my son rather pityingly pointed it out! And I have to wear readers over my contact lenses now, especially for reading music in the band...sigh....tempus fugit and all that!
    Well done on the tidy inky area too - I'm impressed. Bet it doesn't last for long though, snigger....
    Hugs, LLJ 34 xx

  4. Hi Vonny...happy WOYWW. Well you're a trick - with the two pair of readers on your head. Afraid I've got the multi lenses - paid out big time when we lived in Karratha with only OPSM available there but have since gone to Spec Savers and can't believe the previous rip offs. And I'm now not into transition lenses either got the prescription sunnies. Anyway your pelican is looking super and a bit of desk tidying well done. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#29

  5. I'll be doing the multi glasses thing too soon if I don't get to the eye doc. Love the painting. Thanks for stopping by. #3

  6. Love the sketch, and the painting, such bright colours.
    after spending a fortune on my very first pair of glasses I went to the Todo shop and bought four pairs, 3 euro each to spread around the villa, thing is I forget Ive got them on and wonder why I can see where I'm going.
    Jan S 53

  7. Hi Vonny, I like all those ripples in the water - I think it looks cool! Amazing paining all over! Zsuzsa @InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  8. I have really enjoyed watching your Pelly transform. I have been showing my students each week as they were so taken with your textured feathers at the beginning. Can't believe he is nearly done and looking absolutely fabulous. As for the 4 eyes thing, my hubby is having the same trouble with readers for his PC and forgetting to change them and stumbling down the passage so also walks around with 2 pairs on his head...on on his nose and the other on his hair!

    1. I can see a reply or delete button from my side. How odd.

  9. Love your self portrait, lol! Made me chuckle! Could you not get your eyes lazored? It's not hugely expensive over here and would save all that hassle of having so many pairs! Anyway, the bird is looking really gorgeous too. And I envy your tidy studio - mine is a mess at the moment! :0)

  10. I love your self portrait! Your whole blog lifted my spirits because it's so funny (and recognizable). Yes, my hubby does what you do. He tried varifocals but can't get on with them.
    And I chuckled at the idea of your parrot getting distressed too.
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.

  11. You do make me laugh, Vonni! Your room looks like lots of fun. Chris # 14

  12. What beautiful artwork and so many interesting things in your work space. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day and have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

  13. Wonderful painting! I cannot wear bifocal glasses and look just the same like you. Hehe! Although I would prefer not to wear glasses at all, it works for me too.
    Gabriele 8

  14. Vonny, I can't help noticing that this week the pelican is looking straight at the fish as though he has something planned, they look quite worried Lol!
    Hope you have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 36

  15. The glasses dilemma cracked me up--sorry! Too funny! Especially your parrot swiping them off your face--LOL! ;)

  16. Let me see if the no reply problem is from when I post this and I need to tick something...I have now ticked notify me...which says follow-up comments will be sent to my email. Perhaps this will work?

  17. Thanks for your visit! I loved reading your blog this morning and it made me smile. I love your self portrait with two pairs of glasses. So cute!
    Glenda #52

  18. Too funny, Vonny! I am also a cheapskate. I need glasses to see distance but not up close. Which means I don't do as much crafting in front of the TV as I use to. I miss not having something in my hands while watching a movie... which probably accounts for the dozing I do hehe Creative Blessings! Kelly #66

  19. Hi Von,
    The pelican looks great! I like your glasses-wearing sketch. Luckily, I only need glasses for long distance, but I have terrible floaters (at the moment) so it's hard to focus close up. They can take ages to vanish.
    Have a good week. RosA # 19

  20. I think Mr. P is looking great, Von. As for you with your double decker glasses, well, ROFL at that!! I have all-singing, all-dancing, all-seeing glasses (varifocals that go dark in the sun, aka self-tanning - love that!) and wouldn't be without them. When I read in bed, I have a pair of dedicated reading glasses as they are better for long-term reading than the varifocals. The trouble is with my main pair, they were terribly expensive! I've just had my eyes tested again and fortunately I don't need new lenses, so I'm OK for another couple of years.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  21. First I LOVE Mr. P, he is gorgeous. Second, I am close to wearing two pairs at once, but mostly because I'm dainty and bifocals make me terribly nauseated. Thanks for visiting me earlier in the week / is it last week already? #6

  22. Oh wow Mr P has come a long way..poo cack and all LOL. I love your glasses sketch Vonny...I have such a long long way to go to get to sketch and paint like you..if ever!


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