Friday, 19 September 2014

Too much poo cack is not a good thing.

I had a very rare whole day to paint today
and paint I did.
I bought my two inked paintings
home to work on
and decided to play with 
Mr P.

This is how he was when I brought him home

I roughed in his beak
gave him a bit of an eye
and a bit of shape to his beak.

I still have to refine it all 
but it's coming along nicely.

Except for his poo cack feathers.

Now my teacher is a
poo cack connoisseur,
she just loves that poo cack.
I, on the other hand resist it at every 
chance possible.
Yes De, I can hear you saying
you have to have poo cack to bring
out the bright colours.
But poo cack on his cute little feathers,
just can't stand it!!
Sorry De, I know you said NO
but I just had to do it.
Sorry about the toes, I inked some water and can't stand it upright yet.
Poo Cack GONE!!
Mwa ha ha, ooh the power,
I can sense the steam coming from 
my teachers ears,
ha ha ha ha ha......

See, even Mr P is smiling now!!!
Much as I hate to admit it,
a little poo cack is needed
just not on Mr P's feathers.

Happy painting everyone.
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  1. Lovely painting and a fun story! Valerie

  2. Amazed you can make me giggle after only four hours sleep Von but you have. Poo cack indeed.
    Mr P looks might handsome and I adore those textures and colour.
    Brilliant painting xoxo

  3. Great textures and funny story about poo cack...just saying it makes me giggle!! Wonderful Mr. P!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Hey, you know what you like (and don't) and Mr P seems to agree :)
    Happy PPF!

  5. Follow your instincts I'd say, Mr P is looking great! Love the textures!

  6. I am with your teacher-I love those poo cack feathers. What a super painting. You can really see him moving through the water.

  7. I love the beautiful colors in your painting. When I looked at it the first thing I thought was "Oh, I love this!"

  8. This is a gorgeous piece and love all the colors! Feathers are awesome.

  9. Love Mr P, he is certainly happy, thanks for the giggle.

  10. Love the painting and your post made me smile!

  11. I love your use of texture and color. This just fills my eyes--which is the greatest compliment I can give. I LOVE this painting.

  12. Ha! I love your post and your painting! The texture is wonderful and the colors! SO gorgeous, really a beautiful piece. AND I loved seeing your studio space below too - yes, 4 tables are awesome! xo

  13. I'm still not sure what poo cack really is, but I love what you did to Mr. Pelican. ;)

  14. Hehe, the toes peeping in to the shot made me chuckle! I thought in Australia you had to wear shoes in case you tread on a poisonous spider!! I agree, poo cack is scarey! I call it the skanky teenage stage of a painting! It is such a relief when that stage is gone! It looks fabulous! :0)


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