Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mr Snore strikes again for WOYWW

I didn't have the best time at art class today.
 I'm so tired I couldn't concentrate.

I added some gloop and made the feathers
and the branches this week.

Yep, two hours and all I could
manage was a few feathers and
a branch or two.
Why am I tired?

Well it's exam time
at school again and
 Mr Snore 
struck again.
Whenever hubby is stressed or
has a lot on his plate,
the noisy Mr Snore comes out.
You see, hubby is a teacher
(maths, oh the humiliation)
 and exams are always the culprits.

This man can snore in every 
conceivable position
and even the hardest jab in the ribs doesn't
alter his pitch or volume.
Is it me or are men totally
oblivious to the outside world when they sleep??
I spent half the night trying to shut him up
and the other trying to ignore
the freight train that was in our bedroom.
Hence, eyelids droopy and operating in 
slow motion today.

My desk has a few things on it this week.
I decided to draw and paint some of the
flowers that I had received over the 
last few weeks and turn them into cards.

 I painted the orange flowers large and the pink flowers
were just a small size.  The main reason for the painting was
 to finally use my new water colours
 and they are fabulous.
You just have to touch the pan with water and
the colour is brilliant and strong.
Now all I have to do is to cut them up and make
them into cards. 

 My teacher has been giving us drawing lessons
and I used the technique to draw the flowers.

Then I drew it in pen
and coloured it with the paints.
It worked quite well but I had run out
of matte photo paper and used
smooth water colour paper to print 
out the cards.  The paper
absorbed a lot of the colour 
and it is a bit washed out but still
a nice effect.

That's all I did last week,
not a lot but I'm getting back to it
I have to find a subject for my 
next canvas but I can't 
think of a thing right now.

Now you've seen my slim pickings,
why not head on over to 
and see what's on every one elses desks.

I'm taking a sock to bed tonight,
I think you may know what I plan to do with it 
(mwa ha ha).


  1. Laughed at Mr. Snores. Why is math humiliation? I was a math major at one time (grin).

    You are doing a great job with those flowers, even if this week was a bit slower than usual. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  2. Luckily my hubby will never snore due to an accident he had 18 years ago...but I feel for comfy is your couch? Could you not move there and get some shut eye? love the prints you did of your flowers#29

  3. Your teacher is certainly teaching you well! Those flowers are beautiful,although the thing which really amazes me is your feather painting! They are reflective and so full of life,

  4. Your painting, as always, is awesome and I love the way those cards came out. We too have a snorer in the house - unfortunately it is me!! I do feel for you though, hope you get a good night's sleep soon. Have a Happy WOYWW Wednesday, Cindy #57

  5. A bear would be an excellent subject for your next painting ;) Sorry to hear mr. Snore has been visiting. We suffer when Wilbear starts. He sounds like a pneumatic drill.

    Bears @64

  6. Your artwork is beautiful
    Oh dear I so understand about mr snore I had the same problem Monday night!
    Jackie 27

  7. Your picture of the lilies is beautiful

  8. I feel for you! I once heard of a cure that will completely eliminate snoring and apparently it really works...
    So, you pick up a pillow, put it over the persons face and push down hard. Then, you wait until it goes quiet. Apparently that's all it takes! ;0)
    Anyway - the art you have produced is beautiful! :0)

  9. Super art talents you have. All your paintings and coloring are beautiful. I move to the other bedroom, as he sleeps so sporatic some nights. #47 Have a lovely week.

  10. oh holy moly that is so NOT slim pickings :) I am so in awe of people who can draw and paint. ( I think if I could I would not own so many stamps to color ha ha) your bloomin cards are beautiful, tfs! ~Stacy #83

  11. Beautiful work as usual - wish I could draw half as well! And I totally sympathize with your sleeping issue - my hubby is the same. I swear he rattles the timbers! When it's one of those nights that I just can't get him to quiet down I give in and move to the guest room. My sleep is important - and I don't get a lot of it anyway. Have him try the snore nose strips or something - sometimes that helps Dan.

  12. Do you mean you really put in those feathers and twigs in ONLY two hours??! It would take me weeks to get that effect - if ever! You have achieved so much this week - and the flowers - real and painted - are gorgeous. What a lovely gift to receive.
    Maths seems to have that effect - hubby did his degree in Maths - and can make huge amounts of snore noises when asleep!! Me, I only took it to A level - so, of course, no ill effects!! Ha Ha.

    Take care

    Margaret #35

  13. I love the texture on your painting. Those feathers look so real and dimensional. Love the colors too. Great job with the watercolors. You certainly have been busy! Lots going on. Good luck with Mr. Snore. Would a pillow help? You know, applied directly to his face with a heavy pressure for 10 minutes????! Judy #89

  14. I LOVE those flower studies, the penmanship and the colours....goodness you are talented.
    Why are others suggesting you move to the guest room, tell your husband he has to shift....and invest in really good noise cancelling ear plugs!!
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  15. sorry to hear about Mr snore I know what that is like! . Your artwork is stunning thank you for sharing your work those feathers are amazing so textured and the colour is awesome . I also wish I had an inch of your that talent with watercolours,I am sure practice and patience is the key to improvement unfortunately neither of which I possess!!. I hope the snoring settles and you get a good nights rest happy woyww hugs Andrea#8

  16. Vonny I would be thrilled if I'd managed to produce all that you have done. Those feathers are amazing...they look so real and I think the flowers look fantastic. I'm really interested in those paints.
    As for Mr Snore...I have one here too and let me tell you the position doesn't matter the walls still vibrate no matter what!
    I find the pillow works well never mind a sock!
    Hugs to you. Enjoy WOYWW.
    Neesie no number (again!)

  17. I know what you mean about the snoring. Most of the time my hubby doesn't snore - her purrs as he calls it, but the other night he was very noisy. And he can even snore while lying on his side. lol I hope you get more sleep tonight. And your flowers are beautiful. April #18

  18. OMGosh! You call that slim pickings?!
    I love how you're turning your paintings into cards. They're lovely. And your new bird painting is coming along beautifully. Some days aren't as productive as others, but that's just fine. :)
    I think I'd move to another room or buy those headphones that block out noise or something. ;)

  19. Hi Vonny, Again I'm in awe of your beautiful art....the parrot is stunning and flowers ... well words fail me. Your're very talented thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week, get some sleep (I have a hubby who snores tooooo), Cheers RobynO#38

  20. The artwork is gorgeous, even if you were so tired you couldn't do much... The flower studies are just wonderful.
    hope you had a better sleep this time! Helen 8

  21. Well, Vonny, your tiredness and lack of concentration certainly don't show in your work, which is as awesome as ever! I am amazed at the patience in painting each feather individually - they are absolutely stunning. You have my sympathy as far as Mr. Snore is concerned - my hubby used to snore for England and it made the whole house shake - no room was immune to the terrible noise, and it always amazed me that he didn't wake himself up! He was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoeia and prescribed a CPAP mask and the snoring stopped - just like that. Is your hubby overweight? This is a very common problem with overweight middle aged men, but very well treated with these breathing machines. His daytime sleepiness has improved too.

    Sorry not to be part of WOYWW again this week - I've had a bad week health-wise, not helped by incessant coughing as a left-over from the throat infection I had a few weeks ago. I spent yesterday afternoon in my ARTHaven and was hoping to do some exciting stuff with my teabags, only to find that my sewing machine, which hasn't been used for ages, is in need of attention - I tried to fix it but was unable to, so it's now gone in for repairs. I hope I'm not without it for too long!

    Have a great week.


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