Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blonde does charcoal - not pretty!! for WOYWW

I've never been taught to draw,
I just seem to muddle through
with pencil and rubber in hand.
Emphasis on the rubber as it's used an awful lot.

When I did the inking workshop 
the teacher gave a a quick
101 of drawing with charcoal
and how to find shapes in things 
and go from there.

So I decided to buy some charcoal.
I should have known what was to come
as I was covered in it by the time I got to the shop counter.

I pulled out my drawers (no not those ones,
the ones you store things in)
and put an old flip chart on it.
Do you remember the old flip charts
before computers came in and ruined the fun?

My desk today.....
Note the cardigan on the chair, one down and still two jumpers on.  I hate winter!
 Well two desks in fact
as I'm doing some more inking on my fishy painting.
You can see my Charlie in the background,
the black came through onto his face and now I'll
have to paint over bits of his face to fix him. 
My first attempt to fix him is here,
note how the colour has changed on his face.

Here is my attempt to draw
without pencil and rubber
and just charcoal in hand.

No, I'm not that good,
this is the picture I'm using to do a still life from.

Here's my attempt in stages

I've done my shapes and now I'm trying to refine them.
Note the fingers, getting a tad black.

It's starting to look a bit better.

This is where things get a bit hairy
or should I say black.
This stuff is getting everywhere,
my face, my hair, just everywhere.
It might pay to note that one should not scratch one's nose
when playing with charcoal...

 Here's where I am at the moment
still a way to go and I'm not sure
if the room can take much more blackness.
My computer keyboard is covered in it
and oops, just rubbed my eye, oh no.

The moral of the story is
if you are blonde, don't use charcoal,
especially in a white house!!!

There's my mess for the week,
now why not hop on over to 
and see much cleaner desks
from around the world.

P.S.  How wonderful that we have a new prince.
Luv the Royal Family. 

I did a little bit more after lunch. Don't you just love the wrinkly paper.


  1. I LOVE your charcoal drawing!!! I also laughed at your antics about your explorations with the medium. I haven't used charcoal in while, but you may have inspired me to pull them out. However, since I have salt and pepper hair, people may think I hit the hair dye. Blessings!

  2. Great drawings, I am so impressed as I can't draw a stick man! Have a great week. Helen 7

  3. Well Ms. V, I am Ãœuber impressed. Your Charcoal skill is amazing, I love using Charcol as a way to define and enhance an art journal page, and/or elements on an art journal page. I have never tried actually drawing with it. Well I can't really draw. Though I'd love to learn. I also am equally impressed with your other 2 canvases. You are very talented my friend. I'm also loving your work space. Can't wait to see what else you do. P.S. I wouldn't fix a wedgie while using Charcoal either. Have a great week. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #44

  4. I laughed out loud at your charcoal antics! Thanks for the tip about not scratching your nose!!! But your drawing is great! At first you had me fooled by the one you copied - what - I thought - how'd you get colour with Charcoal - the woman's a wizard! But that black and white sketch is lovely, full of texture and contrast! Happy WoYWW. Julie Ann #17 x

  5. I love your 2 colorful paintings! And great job on the charcoal. And I know ;) I have to bring them to school for sketching. But I always have charcoal on my paper where I don't want it.

    - Uniflame - 82

  6. Wonderful. We're just learning to draw faces with basic tutorials, we'll probably not progress to still life but if we do, we'll hand the charcoal to Podgy!

    Waving hi from the bears @#90

  7. I have very happy [black!] memories of using charcoal. It realy does go everywhere doesn't it? But I must add you really have managed to get it where it's supposed to go and your picture is looking fab.
    A x # 8

  8. Gah, you can draw alright. I can't bear the mess of charcoal (she says, like she uses it all the time)...and it breaks too easily and and and!!Well done you for not giving up too - now, where did I put my nice soft pencils....

  9. I love charcoal, but I tend to use the pencils as I don't like getting black fingers, mind you I don't mind getting ink or paint all over them, but I can't stand charcoal on them...go figure lol!! Your paintings and drawings are fantastic!! Love them and they are inspiring me to pull out my bigger canvas's and have a go :-)! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, have a great week and happy WOYWW.
    Janene (who was #69 but is now) #67!

  10. Hi Vonny
    I think you have done an amazing job with the charcoal I love the shape, depth and the overall look of your piece. I can not draw to save myself so I really take my hat off to you for what you have done even if you did cover everything around you in charcoal.
    Sending a hug for WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  11. Hi Vonny
    i think your drawing is fantastic - I would be no good at that & what a fantastic craft desk too. #81

  12. well done on the charcoal, I love charcoal - lost mine, must put some more on that wish list that got longer when I started at no.2 desk.

    Lynda #1

  13. I'm absolutely in love with your art and workspace! Wow!!! I tried to "follow" you but I guess blogger must be having issues as I keep getting an error. Sigh. I hope I find you again!!! :D

  14. Brilliant drawing and painting. The artistic gift you have is lovely. Hmmm - not used charcoal - maybe better if I didn't try. Much too messy a creature for that particular medium!! Bad enough using pastels - but at least I end up multi-coloured then.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #32

  15. Very impressive charcoal drawings.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #81

  16. Wow wish I could draw half as good as you, love your poetic post
    Bridget #23

  17. I love charcoal, exept the messy part of it. And your piece is just lovely! What I love about charcoal is that you can really go loose with it. No details and still you can get a good result. Take care!

  18. First of all - SUPERB blog header and second of all, your drawing is fabby! I'd love to have seen your face as you went through the day adding daubs of charcoal woith out realising, haha. Charcoal & white house, hmm, not a good mix, hahaha :D x

  19. LOL! I have had serious issues when I used charcoal and pastels--all the dust everywhere. I think I would need a little battery operated vacuum or something if I did it again. Just reading this I could vividly picture it on my hands and face and clothes and hair and table....

    But I love what you did with it!! :):)

  20. I am envious of anyone who can draw and paint so beautifully. I love Charlie's canvas and your charcoal is fabulous. Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

  21. Hi Vonny
    Thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. OMG your art is divine. I used to draw well and every day till i got married. Now 24 yrs later ive started to try and draw again. Im enjoying my attempts but wow I shall never be as good as you....amazing. I' d love to do lessons one day. We are moving to QLD at the end of the year so maybe then:). You can keep the cold in Brissie LOL
    Annette In Oz #60

  22. WOW, what an inspiration! Love all your artwork - including the messy charcoal. You have a real talent - keep up the good work. Love your fish pond too - where did you get it? Used to have an aquarium years ago and loved it. Maybe again one day ...
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and your encouraging words. Have a good week,
    blessings, john-w #35

  23. I think your drawing is fantastic and great to see how it progresses from basic shapes to the object. Well done you BJ#71

  24. I think you are brilliant a little sooty but absolutely brilliant.

  25. Hi Vonny - such is the character of someone who doubts their abilities - your charcoal drawing is fabulous... but I also get absolutely covered from head to foot with it LOL - thanks for popping by - Happy WOYWW - Mxx #4

  26. Love the colors on your bird and your drawing seems to be coming along very well. Ugh, to have that many rats...oh boy! I guess I am glad I have only the 2. Stay warm/cool, LOL. Seems like you layer up to keep warm and when you start doing anything off goes the layers. :-) Brigita #95

  27. I'm naturally very messy so I have never been brave enough to use charcoal because I would end up never getting rid if it! Love the effects you are getting with it tough. Have a great week! #2

  28. Oh Vonny, your post made me smile!! Sometimes one has to suffer messyness for one's art lol!! Love your charcoal efforts. I don't think anyone can draw with charcoal without getting messy, but if you rub your eyes, you'll start getting asked if your other half has duffed you up lol!!

    I love the look of your room with the easels and your fabby art work. Lots of colour and interest.

    Thanks for your lovely comment about our great-nephew (what a big bubba! and yes, very special birthday indeed!) and the progress on my new ARTHaven. It's all very exciting!

    Happy belated WOYWW,

  29. I've just discovered your second comment, Vonny, and that made me laugh! Lady Muck in her bath lol!! Nobody offered me any champagne - I must tell my hubby that I shall expect some when we move and I christen my new bath. So glad you are enjoying the photos of the progress on our house, and I was very interested to read what you said about plumbing - if Jamie the plumber is there tomorrow when I go back, I shall tell him what you said. I must say I was surprised how many pipes there are. Just behind the boiler I suppose it's the hub, and they branch off all over the house. There are 3 bathrooms including Mum's annexe, 2 kitchens and various other places with a water supply, and of course the central heating.

    We had such a giggle with the bath yesterday - as soon as the wrapping came off, I blinked and next thing, Andy had got in! He didn't muck about, did he! Amongst all the hard work, we are having a lot of fun. I'm going back tomorrow and shall be interested to see what further progress has been made - we've been to my sister's today, first time I've seen her for ages (or Mum who's staying there till the house is done). Lovely day but a long and hot one and I'm pretty exhausted now.

    Meant to add my number which is 112.

  30. Thanks for the link to the fish pond! Will try it soon. I'm not sure what you mean by 'a no reply Blogger'. Anyway, you can always contact me on Thanks again, kind regards, john-w.

  31. Hi Vonny, still making some late visits to WOYWWers
    LOVE your drawing, when I use charcoal, chalk, or pencil I use a fixative, helps a bunch; or years ago I had an art teacher that said to use cheap aerosol hair spray. Both can be worked on. I keep both on had, it sets the dust. But do give it a try on a scrap of something to make sure it works for your paper. Hope it helps.
    Krisha #22

  32. Beautiful charcoal they are wonderful to work with but really messy ... or is that just me I always end up with a smudge on my face that I miss lol hugs Nikki 31

  33. I am totally impressed that you managed that with charcoal... I can imagine the mess if I got hold of some!! LOL Sorry I am so late visiting... things just got in the way this week! Annette #17

  34. Psst...the house is empty and I'm all alone so what to do with the time...why to visit my friends online of course! See how much I think of you ;D
    Even though the sun is blazing and it's a glorious day.

    (Well my daughter arrived this morning for the weekend...our first visitor since moving back and guess what so did a bag of washing! I could have laid money on it hehe but it's all done and out on the washing line so I can have a few minutes of 'me time')

    So you can't draw? HA! Liar, liar pants on fire Lady!
    Fantastic charcoal drawing...and what's with a little black here and there if this is what you can produce.
    I'm seriously missing drawing/painting or just anything arty right now. Hopefully be able to get back to it soon.
    Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you again soon xoxo

  35. Oh My GOODNESS!! Fabulous artwork and I love all that messy paint! Thank you for my VERY late snoop Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #36


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