Friday, 19 July 2013

A series of unfortunate events.

Today is friday and I don't normally
get to do any artwork on friday 
as that's my housework day
and after three weeks of 
school holidays you can imagine the state of my house.

I really wanted to play with my inks today
and so decided that a little music would help to speed up my housework.
On went Susi Quatro, Kiss, and Meatloaf
and I was happily dancing my way through the housework
when big miss (21 year old) popped home
she gave me THE look 
(you know the one, where it's a roll of the eyes and the oh god, old lady trying to be young again look)
She didn't say a word, just looked and disappeared upstairs
in disgust, as if stunned that I would listen to that rubbish.

But hey, it got me through the housework in record time
and then I came in to play with my inks.

In my last post I showed you my first attempts at inking canvasses
and now I'm fixing up the bits I want changed and the bits I messed up.

I started with Charlie.

Here he is with his poor little face all black and goopy.
It was the result of a fight with a syringe.
Up close, looks like he's gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson.

I painted over the bad bits yesterday and left it to dry thoroughly.

 Mixing up the ink.  I was going well until I decided to use a pipette to drop a few drops in.  I squeezed it and instead of a nice little droplet
I got a huge spray all over me and the canvas.
Madly wiped with a cloth to get it off before it dried.

 Dropped in my mixed colour and squirted the water too hard
had to mop up all the overflow, bummer.

added some white ink

Gloopy stuff on his beak before the colour goes on

Now I've put some white and pearlescent into his beak.
The ink is starting to move around now,
looking good so far.
The ink is now contracting and the shapes from the lower layers
are coming through.

It was about this point that my other unfortunate accident occurred.
My room is an absolute mess, with boxes and the old computer
and canvasses everywhere, I have to climb around things to get to my desk
and I had left the desk drawer open.
As I slid past, my jeans got caught on the drawer 
and there was a rather loud ripping sound.
Thanks heavens for iron patches 
as I now have a huge "L" shaped rip in the front of my jeans (argh).

I can't move the canvas until it's really dry
so this is the best shot I can get around all the mess in here.

He is looking a lot better already.

Now onto  finishing the underwater scene.
But that will have to wait until next week (sigh).

Sorry about the photo, the sun decided to come out
just as I took it, plus I'm hopeless with a camera.

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  1. Oh my, sounds like you had to take quite a lot of hurdles. But the result is looking fantastic!

  2. My mum love Suzi too, listening to her music reminds me of mum (she still listens to her) as does listening to Slim Dusty reminds me of dad. Anything to help you speed through the housework. Your ink work is looking good, glad you pushed through the Mike Tyson look :)

  3. Wow so many bumps in the road, but it sure lead to a gorgeous results so far!! Love the progress shots...sorry about your jeans...that why I wear paint shirts to my knees and no pants...

    Play on mama...enjoy anything that gets the housework done faster!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Can just imagine you doing the housework to 'Bat out of Hell'.....loving both of your paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Beautiful work this week, certainly worth all the hurdles. HPPF!

  6. Wow, you had a working day out of it! :-) I actually liked the starting version of your parrot - it just got the expressive look that I love so much. Your parrot looks great with a lighter beak anyway!!!
    Happy PPF
    Ilona xx

  7. you had a work out along with an art day that's for sure! The look about the music thing reminded me of how our son would look at us too:)Your paintings are fabulous!! So glad you didn't hurt yourself during the trying time. PS-rips in jeans are trendy you know-try that one on your daughter :)

  8. Regardless of how you got there, your work looks beautiful!

  9. Your perseverence has paid off, a gorgeous piece, I just love those feathery textures too. Dancing round doing the housework to Bat out of Hell... yup do it all the time, nothing at all wrong with that. :)

  10. Keep dancing no matter what. Love the art.

  11. Looking good! Black eyes do take a while to heal, right? LOL!
    Love both these paintings. Can hardly wait to since the finished ones. :)

    Oh, and dance to whatever moves you, baby!! ;)

  12. Great restoration work, Vonny! You'll obviously have to do some restoration work on your poor jeans as well lol! Most unfortunate!! (Don't laugh, Shoshi, it's rude!!! ROFL!) Poor you.

    I love the close-up shots of these canvases - you can really see all that delicious texture. Superb work.

    Thanks for your visit and your comment - so glad you like my new room! It's going to be so awesome when it's all finished and I've moved in and can get started being creative again. It's been so long, with all my stuff packed up in boxes, and I'm suffering severe withdrawal symptoms after all this time!

    Have a great weekend,

  13. I love both of these paintings - working with ink? Talk about needing patience for the unpredictable... I've only tried it once or twice and it was a disaster. I can't believe you did such gorgeous work with inks. Love all the texture too - that underwater painting looks gorgeous already!

  14. I love the idea of you doing the housework to Kiss etc! Sounds familiar except I don't have any kids grown or otherwise to remind me I'm middle-aged so I can keep on kidding on I'm still a sprightly young thing!! I really love the texture in this bird piece - what do you use to get that 3d outline of the features etc? The colours are looking wonderful and I'll look forward to seeing it completed!


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