Thursday, 14 February 2013

Just couldn't do it for APR.

This weeks theme for APR

The mere mention of the word
makes me start to quiver.
I LOVE chocolate.

My hubby knows the only thing to get me for Valentines Day
is chocolate.

I had bought him some as well
and decided to paint the box.

Knowing myself as I do,
I took the precaution of buying
a chocolate bar
just in case I was tempted by the
scrumptious contents of the huge
box of Favourites in front of me.

They say a picture paints a thousand words,
so here are a thousand words.


You guessed it, I opened the pack to make a better subject for the painting.

The choc bar was going to sit beside the box of Favourites
and one thing led to another,
well you can see the rest.

I ended up cutting out a photo of the favourite pack,
couldn't trust myself with the real box.

You know what they say,
you get a taste and you can't stop.

Today is Valentines Day and 
my hubby bought me a box of Ferrero Rochers
and I gave him a full box
of Favourites (are you proud of me).

Now comes the hard part,
you see we have kids who love
Favourites, so there will be a mass of hands
in that little box and as usual,
we are lucky to get more than the empty wrapper
that they put back in the box to fool us.

Then there are the Rochers.
I have a parrot who can detect those little suckers from 
a mile away.  No matter how you disguise the box
or open it super quietly, he knows they are there.

This bird is addicted to these things and
if I don't give him one first, he gets down off his cage,
walks right up to my mouth and puts his beak in front,
so I can't get anything in there without him stealing it.

This boy is no budgie, he is over a kilo in weight
(the vet says he has man boobs and needs more exercise)
and is almost as big as a cockatoo.

So, much as I love chocolate, I have to fight for the 
right to eat it.  Except for when they aren't home,
mwa ha ha!

for making me suffer through the painting of
what was to be chocolate, I give you this photo of 
a Rocher. 

Enjoy, but watch out for a huge beak
sneaking in front of your mouth (he he).

Also, there is a piece of real chocolate on my painting,
feel free to lick it but I warn you, it might not taste so good.

To see what torture others have gone through,
visit Jenn's 

Happy Valentines Day.


  1. wwhy is it that I keep getting emails that go something like...

    "I love chocolate... and I hate jennifer for torturing me!"

    Remember people, I was stuuuupid enough to torture myself too!! Ohh how I wish someone would buy ME some chocolate. Damn I need a boyfriend with deep pockets, lol. ;o)
    Love your art, I would have totally eaten your husband's chocolate so you're a hero in my book.
    It's a testament to how much I love charlie though, I'd share my Rochet with him!
    Give him a Valentine's kiss from me right on the beak. Ask him if he'll be my valentine, he doesn't have to send chocolate. ;o)

  2. I enjoyed your amusing post. Just the right start to my day. I've never before heard of a parrot who eats chocolate - or eats Ferrero Rocher

  3. Love your post!!
    Charlie sounds like a right character... a bit of a cheeky beaky!

  4. Love your painting! And now I'm trying to picture a parrot with man boobs...too funny! ;)

  5. hahaha! what a fun post! if you ever run out of people (or birds) to share your chocolate with - - - keep me in mind :)

  6. This is such an amusing post! I love the story and the wrapping-paper-picture is so charming!

  7. LOL... That is just too fun.....
    good thing Valentines Day only comes once a year....♥


  8. It cracks me up that Charlie loves Ferrero Rocher.. I am not huge fan but for years Matt was convinced I was and got them for me, but then ate most of them himself... finally he has gotten the hint and is getting me Maltesers... so much yummier...xx

  9. DE-LIGHT-FULL!!! And such fun funnies, too!!

  10. LOL! I love that opened, empty candy wrapper. So much more realistic than doing a carefully untouched one!

  11. All candy wrappers should look that quickly as possible! I don't believe in torture, "Yum, Yum, eat em' up!"

  12. LOL! That's a very clever painting you presented this week. Blessings!

  13. What a funny post, Von! You will have to post a photo of Charlie or perhaps you already have in previous posts....he sounds like one cool bird. :) I used to love Mon-Cheri hazelnut, truffle chocolates until they became near impossible to buy anywhere so now I love Ferrero-Rocher chocolates but I can't eat them any more due to transitioning to vegan. :( Your chocolate painting is scrumptious!

  14. Von, you're as funny as ever! I am trying to stop eating chocolates (an attempt at losing some weight) so I have nothing to show for the most recent APR. I love your work though.

    BTW, just to let you know that I've given your blog a Liebster Award. The details are on my blog. Have a great week ahead!

  15. What a giggle Von,
    I know just what it's like having eyes watching your every move when it comes to treats. Although Muffy can't have any chocolate (YAY thank the lord) she knows when there's icecream about. A magnum wrapper being handled can be heard anywhere on the premises! NO MATTER HOW QUIET I TRY TO UNWRAP ONE!
    Her eye's bore into your soul and then the little annoying gruff starts and continues until she gets a lick! Terrible behaviour I know, but then I'm not sure what level I'd go to, in order to get chocolate from someone. It doesn't bare thinking about!

    Even you're painting looks so real I want to take those last few crumbs that you've left there just to tempt me. You wicked lady!

    I've just noticed that you've pinched my button! :)))
    Thank you so much ♥ As stated on my blog you've made my day.
    Great to catch up ~ have a great creative week my friend :D


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