Thursday, 21 February 2013

Books and Bookmarks for APR

Ahh the memories.
I used to read all the time when I was young.
It was nothing for me to read an encyclopedia just for fun.

That is probably why I know so much useless information
that works so well when my hubby tests me on the regular 
general knowledge quiz in the Sunday paper.
The crazy thing is, I can't remember what I did yesterday
but I remember that some weird named sciency thing. 
Go figure.

These days reading a book is a mere memory.
It seems that when I pick up a book there is instantly
a "mum I need this" or "mum can you play with me",
"mum I can't find this",  I'm sure you know how it goes.

So the books stay on the shelves and 
I dream of the day when they all leave home!!!

This is a quick painting of what I would like to be doing,
instead of cleaning the house and getting ready
for a 12 year old's birthday party this weekend.

The bookmark is made up but the dangly bits are real.
The lovely Jenn made the dangly for me and
I thought I would paint them as a bookmark end.

I don't really do it justice in this painting
but it really is beautiful.

And don't you just love this cup.

I love crazy quirky things and just had to have this cup.
It's not practical for drinking though, it dribbles down the side no matter how careful you are.
Oh, the price we pay for art.

Last year I created some bookmarks and Egbert Bookman was born.
Here are a few of the bookmarks.

As you may have guessed,
the theme for Artist's Playroom this week is
Books and Bookmarks.

You can see more wonderful  art on this theme at


  1. first, you did a great job of the dangles, I recognized them before you said what they were. Second, that cup is adorable. Don't you just love cool cups even if they just color the kitchen or the art room. Great job, I've gotta get doing mine, lol.

  2. Love that cup. Who cares if you can drink out of it, it looks fab.
    Now to your wee man - Egbert Bookman - is gorgeous. What a fabulous talent you have. Do you sell the?
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps thanks for the heads up on the Daleks etc

  3. The cup is so cute that it can be forgiven for dribbling all over you!

    You have a wonderful talent for drawing!

  4. What a lovely post, Von! The only time of day I get to read is in bed at night. I LOVE your sketch and that cup is SO cute....great job on the dangly bits!! I can totally understand you having to have it...I'd have been the same. xx

  5. Love this...and love the cup, even if it dribbles!

  6. What fun these paintings are - and I love that mug too!!

    I tend to do my reading just before I put the light off to go to sleep, not much time otherwise.

    I'm trying to instill the same passion for reading in my son, but he is very particular about what he reads (and finds it very hard to sit still!!)

  7. Enjoyed your bookish post. I have plenty of time to read these days (retired) and wallow in every minute of it.


  8. Cute cup and I love the way you painted it. She looks like she really wants to read that book!!

  9. Aahhh, I have always loved your Egbert Bookman. I remember him from last year- too cute! Too bad about that cup dripping, for it surely is a delight to the eye!

  10. oh I LOVE this, Von!! I really REALLY love it. the cup just makes my face go grinning and your thoughts, well, they sing to me!!

    I just re-read [via audiobook] the first 3 Harry Potter books and what a JOY it is to listen to them!! Jim Dale is the narrator and each character has a distinct voice. It was some of the most magical time yet this year!!

    well done and BEautimous!!

  11. Oh my word I want that mug it is just fantastic! Haha. Your picture is wonderful Von and the beaded dangly is beautiful :0) Mo

  12. Egbert is so great, and so are his desirable bookmarks. I always feel that the characters we create when we draw or paint must be given names, they cry out for it. To be named makes them real.
    The mug makes me laugh, and your dribbling description. The mischief-maker in me imagines giving a cup of tea in drably-mug to an unwelcome visitor and watching them struggle while they drink!

  13. Love this drawing/painting, V. Really great cup, just so happy and colorful!. Love the dangles, too! I need to put some on my bookmark! Before bed and on airplane trips and in motels are the only reading times for me...or doctors/dentists offices, too..I have to remember to take my own book or I will end up reading about some new make-up I don't need(and will not make me look 20 years younger)!

  14. What a fun post and collection of art, Vonny. Art doesn't have to be practical, just make you feel good, so I love your mug too. Blessings!

  15. thanks for including Egbert :) i just love him!

  16. I use an egbert bookmark!!!! and love that mug... can imagine I would wear half of it but it is fabulous... the colours really suit you... hope the party went off without a hitch... stay dry!!!!

  17. I'm a mug aficionada, so the APR thumbnail of your drawing immediately caught my eye. I love it—so quirky and bright, it would have to put a smile on your face every time you use it!


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