Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Icicles for paintbrushes on WOYWW.

Every Wednesday people from all 
around the world show what's on their desk
to see them. 
Here's my desk from the lovely tropical
 Brisbane, Australia.

Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but there has
been snow right up to the Queensland border.
It went down to 4 degrees last night & it's 
only 17 in the house now
and I'm sure I saw a polar bear walk down the street!!! 

Okay, here's my desk but first let me wipe the 
icicles from my nose.
The picture might be a little blurry as my knees are knocking from the cold.
I'm painting birds in this room and
gooping and inking in this room tomorrow.
(If you look carefully you might catch a glimpse
 of that polar bear in the street).

I have a whole new respect for the people who live way up
the top of the northern hemisphere. 
 How do you stay warm???
There aren't enough clothes in the city to keep me warm.
Goodness, if this keeps up I'll have to buy a heater!!!

Winter school holidays have put a dent in my painting time
but I have managed to do some more to the birds.
 This is a step away from my usual bright paintings
and I've gotta say, it just isn't me. 
I like in your face bright colour and this is just
a tad too pookcack for me.
Personally I blame that darn "Polar Vortex"
(that's what the newspapers are calling it).
It's so cold that my brain had a white out moment
and created snow in the background.
When I get the feeling back into my frozen fingers
I'm going to brighten up the birds and the front flowers
and never do an over poocacked painting again!

To my friends up there in England,
yes you know who you are (LLJ).
You've had your fun, now give us back
our nice hot weather and take back your
rotten cold stuff before something
snaps off, like my nose!!


  1. I'll send you some thermal undies...they don't look terribly sexy but at least they'll keep the polar bear at bay, lolol!! I've got a vision of you all layered up and unable to bend your arms and legs..... Snigger :-)
    Sounds like I'm the opposite to you...I hate extreme heat. Must have been a Viking in a previous life......
    And I rather like the Poocack Parrot! It looks brightly coloured to me!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xxx

  2. Glad to hear your polar bear arrived safe and sound...we packed him with tender loving care....just make sure to refrigerate him when it finally warms up - love your's always fun to see your progression pictures Von!

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    1. Speaking with an icicled nose myself, I'd love to share some heat with you, but I fear if I sent some of my 'summer' weather Vonny... more than your nose would snap off!
      No wonder you love your beautiful bright vibrant canvases because living in this grey mizzle world is drab.
      See I can't even function correctly in this weather to leave a comment properly... xoxo

  4. Yes, we have heaters! And they are going full blast all winter! I don't like being cold either. It makes me miserable. I also wear thermal underwear. Nice warm short sleeved vests. And lovely hand knitted socks in leather boots, and then when I go out I wear woolly hats and sometimes ear muffs. So there, now you know....
    I do hope the weather improves soon. Wouldn't like your nose (or other bits) to fall off! The polar bear might eat them!
    Have a great week,

  5. Hi Vonny, yep feeling a bit of that vortex even up here in Gladstone I have had my long pants on for 3 weeks and the reverse cycle adding some warmth. I LOVE your 'dull' painting ....not dull, gorgeous colour Hugs for Eliza. RobynO#25

  6. Your room looks busy an your painting is beautiful. I'm amazed you're having it so cold. Hope it warms up for you soon. Barb #27

  7. Funny that you comment on the cold...My whole first and rather long paragraph today is about the cold here in SA! I have penguins going down my passage and skating on the frost on my lawn! I don't know what you are on about the colours in that painting, I think it is exquisite! #22

  8. I love your bird painting and it looks beautifully vivid to me, not poocacked at all! The flowers are exquisite and I love the way you've created their 'fuzzy' look - so realistic - just wonderful, and so clever!
    Hope you have a great week and manage to thaw out a bit - believe me, if we had any hot weather over here you'd be welcome to it, but typically it's gray, damp and mild!
    Diana #36

  9. I'm sitting in my overly air conditioned office shivering and freezing right along with you today! LOL! Of course if I go outside I will see heat waves and not icicles (the clouds from this morning's rainstorm have moved on already). I love that last painting of yours. It isn't your typical fare but I do like it. I thought it was a photograph at first. Try to stay warm! Brrrr! Judy #51

  10. Sorry you're suffering some cold.. hope it warms up soon. We've had cooler days lately so maybe it's on it's way back... Love the photos today, have fun with your painting. Helen 3

  11. Hi Vonny, you can have our warm weather if you like, give me the cold any time. Only another five months until the ski season starts again! I guess we are just not used to so much warm weather and will probably have a thunder storm tomorrow. Loving your birds as ever. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 30

  12. You have a lovely blog. Your header is gorgeous. You are a very talented artist.

  13. I hope it warms a bit for you soon! The painting is beautiful, hoping the real birds have flown somewhere warmer : ). #6

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  15. Vonny, you are too funny. As I sit here in my studio with the AC running. I know the cold must be rough on your warm bloods but this too shall pass. I love your birds and the space you have for creating.

    P.S. I have a polar bear right outside my window. He's called a Great Pyreneese and his name is Bear - go figure LOL He is melting in our 98F degree weather.

    Sorry.. cat made me bump the send button before I'd signed LOL
    Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #49

  16. Well I love winter time! I'm jealous. My air conditioner is running 24 / 7 right now because it is mid summer in Kentucky. Love love love your artwork as always. :-)
    April #58

  17. Hi Vonny, personally, I love your poocack painting! It's actually a bit strange to me to see you writing about how cold it is, I suppose we in the UK tend to think of the whole of Australia as being permanently hot! We think ourselves lucky if the temp gets into double figures here, lol. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #13 xxx

  18. Love the painting. Fully sympathise with how the cold is affecting you. It has been quite bitter in NSW and more to come at least a little of it is making it's way north ...he he!
    sandra de @55

  19. 'If this keeps up I'll have to buy a heater!!!' ?????? OMG, that statement alone is so funny! Really??? As it happens, it is 17 degrees here in the UK right now, as we speak! And it's really quite mild... almost humid actually! There are people wearing shorts, haha! And I'm not lying!! That said, we have also been enjoying some much hotter days at 23-25 degrees lately... We call that an Indian Summer. That's when we start getting the fans down from the loft! Granted, 4 degrees is cold - and about an average winter night for us... So I can't help but not feel toooooo sorry for you ;0) In 2010, we had a polar vortex thingy hit us and it reached MINUS 20 degrees here for a few days! It looked like Narnia! Now that really was bloody cold!! And we live right down South on what they call the Sunshine Coast too!
    Meanwhile I LOVE your birds!! And the colours really are bright and stunning as they always are! Maybe it's just because the sun isn't shining on the painting that you think it is less bright... I think it's perfect! :0)

  20. I kind of chuckled and re read pookcack a few times with a silly grin on my face. ( gonna have to google that one) :) ah, I love colors pretty much all the colors so to me its just a gorgeous piece of work. hopefully the sun comes out soon for you and melts some of that ice. ~Stacy #57

  21. Oh I'm so sorry that your so cold, I'm sure that I shouldn't smile, but I can't help it! That said, LLJ isn't good at enjoying the hot, so I guess we we all adapt to our local climates! Loving the subtle take over of the house..the light is still good huh!

  22. We've had temperatures of around 37C in my part of the world during the last week, so I'll trade you a little cold for some warmth. Anyway, I love the way your latest parrot painting is coming along. Stay away from the polar bear and blessings!

  23. Sorry I missed this post until now, Vonny - amazing photos! You certainly are having some unseasonable weather, and the icicles are truly amazing! Hope things have warmed up a bit for you now. Personally I hate the heat. I love your latest painting, even if it is a tad more subdued than your usual riot of colour! Great stuff.



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