Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Gooping the soup for WOYWW

I'm playing in the big room today
cos it's freezing in the 
small one.
You can see all the bits n pieces 
I'm playing with
I've prepped a canvas on the long table,
in the front left is a half gooped canvas and the
finished canvas is on the easel.
I love being able to spread out. 
 I'm over at the desk by the window 
gooping a bird in poocack colours.
Yes you read that right, I'm doing
this poor bird in poocack.
You can't see much yet, it's the little bluey blobs
bottom left. Here are the mixed colours of goop
Some of you may say they are bright but
I see mud and dirty colours.
Even my mouth turns down when I put this stuff on.
It's my own fault that I have to make it poocack,
you see I got carried away with the 
gesso soup and the flowers are too big,
so I have to make the birdie move back
to stay in perspective.
I will paint the flying bird nice and bright.
I've started adding cockies tootsies.  He might be able to land soon.

A few posts ago
here if you missed it
I mentioned that I was getting
graduated (multifocal) glasses.
I picked them up and oh dear.
Follow my nose they said, 
that would have been fine if I could see my nose!
I couldn't see a thing, total blur out.
The only way I knew
 I'd missed the doorway and hit the wall
was if it hurt!!
I was really starting to think I was a true blonde but
it turns out the lady didn't fit the glasses to my eyes.
A trip back to the optometrist and a few bends
and melting of plastic and
I can see!!!
I feel drunk if I move my head too quickly
but I'm getting there.
Maybe I should have left them blurred
while I'm doing the poocack bird,
might have been easier on my nerves.

Well that's mine for this week.
Have a look at some other desks
around the world at
this Workdesk Wednesday


  1. I think the paintings are fabulous, you are too hard on yourself... good luck getting used to the glasses, I know they take a lot of adjusting to.. Helen 3

  2. Your descriptions of your art are hilarious and so inappropriate! That's not poocack at all....all I see is glorious lush colours :-)
    I have varifocals for wearing when I've not got my contact lenses in...they do take some getting used to, but you'll get there. Just avoid all door frames until then.....grin!!
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  3. Its hard for me to imagine someone with your talent being nervous about what you work on..all I see is skill and of course, colour. I see no cack! And as we discussed, I smile that you've taken over the lounge room because of cold. My word, your blood is feeble!

  4. i think they look great! we are often our own worse critic
    Happy WOYWW :)
    have a great week
    Charlie x #15 or find me here

  5. Absolutely stunning.
    Love the cockatoos.
    Fabulous light space :) #27

  6. I like the poocack colors. Your cockatoos are gorgeous as is all your other work. Good luck with the graduated glasses and happy WOYWW! #40

  7. The cockatoos are beautiful and I love the bright colours you've used, I've started wearing glasses for reading and still struggle with them.
    happy WOYWW
    Jan S no 41

  8. Stunning artwork ... I never see poocack just gorgeous colours. I struggle with multifocals and have had a few stumbles as I adjust to the graduation. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @35

  9. I have glasses all over the house but they all end up in one room.
    Cant stay long as we have sunshine and I might miss it.
    Keep warm
    Lynn xx 49

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love the one with the pinky red leaves on - fabulous! Wish I could paint and draw like that! :-) x Amanda #30

  11. When I look at your paintings Vonny, there are two words that definitely DON'T spring to mind. One is 'Poo' and the other is 'Cack'! Love that amazing space you have... particularly the tropical plants you enjoy through the window... Mmm... Would love a view like that! GORGEOUS paintings! :0)

  12. Hi Vonny, I can shoe no sympathy as I have to wear these glasses too! You will get used to them in time and then not even notice them. I nearly forgot to take mine of the other night but you really cannot sleep in them Lol! However I do wear lenses when skiing which are also multifocal. It amazes me what they can produce these days.
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx 24

  13. Beautiful work!! Love those birds. aww wearing varifocals take a bit of getting used to do nt thay. IO find reading in bed impossible with them on and usually take them off:)
    Soojay 39#

  14. Wow amazing work and what a fabulous room to work in!

  15. Keep slapping that paint around! It looks great to me. Glad to hear the glasses got tweaked and are starting to get more comfortable. Spreading out our art stuff always feels so good!! :)

  16. Love, love, love your artwork. You're right - those colors look bright to me. Glad you got the glasses situation worked out.
    April #50

  17. I love your birds, and the background! We are always our own worst critics. I remember when I got my graduated glasses, they made me seasick and I was afraid to go down the stairs because my depth vision was all off! well, of course, now everything is fine, it just takes getting used to! Glad you went back and got them adjusted though! Lindart #47

  18. I can't see any poocack? Only lovely bright colours, good enough to eat :) Why do you have little splodges of paint in plastic bags? See, we don't just look, we want to know why?

  19. Beautiful painting. Sorry to hear about your glasses woes, but I'm glad you got it sorted. I can't even handle bifocals (they make me so nauseous). Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! #44

  20. I love your painting so bright and colourful I'm always impressed when you can use that many colours on a painting and it's all tied in together.
    I know that with Canada Post lately They just suck seeing they are trying to do less and get paid more for doing it UGG I'm tempted to mail myself a letter just to see how long it will take lol
    Happy Late WOYWW hugs Nikki 6

  21. More utter gorgeousness from Vonnie! Thanks for sharing more mouth wateringly delicious colours and textures! Long time no contact - not sure if you know but I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in Jan. and have undergone major surgery and now have a permanent ileostomy, and have just started 6 months' intensive chemo. I am doing OK, though! Hop over to my blog to see the little gifts I've been making for my fellow chemo-ites on the unit. Such fun to do, and a great response when I gave them out on Friday.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #61

  22. Thanks for your lovely comment Von, and also for your email which was very cheering to receive! Not doing so well today... I have a treatment every 3 weeks so 2 1/2 weeks to go to the next one. Thanks for your kind words about my boxes and lavender bags - so glad you like them!!


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