Wednesday, 16 September 2015

More sogginess for WOYWW

I had every intention of posting last week
but those rotten gremlins had other ideas.
I had a plumber in to replace the old taps
in the upstairs bathrooms
(you can guess where this is going already can't you)
and the gremlins thought it would be funny 
to make one of the taps leak.
Not just a little leak mind you but a leak of epic proportions!
When the plumber turned on the water it flowed full bore
under the vanity, down through the hole where the pipes go &
down into the floor cavity (as well as into the hallway upstairs
and yes it is carpet).
 Then right out of the closest hole downstairs, which just 
happens to be the chandelier in our dining room.
We had a magnificent waterfall pouring down,
 straight onto my daughter's business computer!!!
You could hear her scream for miles.
We grabbed a bucket and tipped the keyboard 
upside down to drain and would you believe it has
 all dried out and is working perfectly
as is the light, after an electrician played with it.
So thankfully, disaster averted, apart from 
the hours of mopping up.
To my desk....
 I had my secretary/foot model with me today.
He has sore feet (it's a long story) so I've got him with me
to keep an eye on him as well as use his tootsies
 for the painting.  He's also in my bad books cos I went out
 the other day and came home to a pile of black stuff 
all over the carpet.  Turns out he found my
thongs (flip flops to some) under the coffee table and
 chewed them up!
He thinks he's a dog!

I'm painting in the little room at the moment, so that I can 
have a big photo on the computer and keep it nice and clear
for painting the eye and feet.
I've started adding the eyes to my girls' portrait.
This is probably the last photo I'll post cos I don't 
like putting kids onto the web, but you can get the gist of it.
However, this is definitely the one
 and only portrait I'll ever do.
It's really doing my head in....the pressure to get it right
and the whinging from the peanut gallery that is
my girls'. 
I'm nearing the end of good photos of lorikeets now,
so if anyone has some fabulous ones and they
 don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear from you. 
I still love doing these bright crazy birds, 
just need good photos of them on Aussie native flowers
 and you all know how bad my photographic skills are!

That's me for this week, it's school pickup time (oh joy), 
 why not go to
and see all the other desks from around the world.


  1. oh my... that sounds a near disaster - bad enough of course!! glad you got all mopped up.... Can't help you with any pictures of lorikeets though!! not many around here! The paintings of your girls look as if they are going to be fantastic. Helen 5

  2. Glad you are all cleared up, the same thing happened to us a few weeks ago - I couldn't figure out why our carpets had large shadows when there was no sun - turned out they were wet! Chaotic isn't it! I love the paintings, and I love the expression on your boys face - he looks a real character! Hope you have a disaster-free and dryer week,
    Diana #22

  3. Wow, considering what damage that flood could have caused, it sounds as if you got away relatively lightly! Amazing that the keyboard still works. My hubby used to be an Outside Broadcast engineer and once brought back to life a film camera that had got deluged when the cameraman using it got a bit too close to the launching of a ship on the River Tyne. The bow wave was much bigger than he'd anticipated and they both were swept over by the water. Fortunately, both he and the camera lived to see another day!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xxx

  4. Sorry to hear about the awful week - water is such a pain when it leaks. Fabulous post and a joy to see your artwork and working space... Gill x

  5. Sounds like you have major water problems this week. so glad you survived! I love your space and what beautiful artwork going there!
    Glenda #35

  6. Oo-er... I know you often talk about 'poo-cack', but aren't you at all worried that your feathered assistant might add some actual REAL poo-cack to your paintings!! Eek!!! As for the leak, that sounds like quite the disaster! Thank goodness you weren't out for the day so it had time to do some real damage!! I'm glad all is back to normal now... Meanwhile, it always cracks me up when you Aussies talk about thongs... especially when you say that they are 'under the art desk'! Of course over here, a thong is actually a pair of highly uncomfortable knickers, which are disguised as cheese wires! ;0)

  7. Sounds like you had a terrible time with the tap installation. Good to hear things worked out. Love the bird/ painting ... always stunning but I have to say the portrait looks wonderful. You are such an amazing artist and so humble. Love seeing what you are creating and find your blog inspiring. sandra de @26

  8. Wow what amazing artwork. So glad everything is okay after your down pour! Take care Zo xx 36

  9. Oh, those cheeky lorikeets - they squawk away in our garden when I put the washing out. Yours looks particularly mischievous.

  10. They can be so cheeky! I thought at one stage I'd just buy extra human stuff as they were preferred to bird toys!
    Gorgeous paintings as always
    Happy Wednesday

  11. you must have been so relieved that all the electrical still works now that its dry and that the pipes did not run over your studio room.
    That is too funny that he thinks he is a dog, sorry about your shoes. ~Stacy #48

  12. That's really scary, water everywhere! what a relief it's not done too much damage. Parrots! I love them, they are so naughty. I used to breed love birds and foolishly the first pair I had used to free fly in the house though only for a short time as they tried to eat my curtains amongst other things!
    Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 29

  13. Hi Vonny just popped in to check your desk this week, no post from me - too busy elsewhere. Both your paintings are looking fabulous wish I had some photos to give you, we see enough of these gorgeous birds but alas I'm not a good photographer. Of course a simple plumbing job would have to work out a major cleanup luck no electrical problems. Our daughter had the pest man in for a check and spray yesterday and I got a call at 9:15 to ask if I could help to clear out all the cupboards - they'd only just got an email with this info - so my 'have a day to myself in my craftavan' ended and I too was cleaning up - good job done though as she only has 8 weeks till new baby arrives. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO

  14. Hi Vonny,
    Your paintings look fabulous, as always. The portraits look like they will be lovely, but I can understand why you don't want the finished ones plastered all over the internet (which is how I think of it).
    I actually love the flowers in the bird painting.
    Can't believe the computer survived the deluge, that's amazing!
    Our last deluge problem started with a dishwasher fault and ended with having the best part of the kitchen completely and totally removed! Long story, but I got lovely new granite bench top. The water damage didn't reach that high, of course, but, as I said, long story :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 23

  15. I simply love your work! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!

    Michelle #56 WOYWW

  16. Somehow you have managed a disaster , a flood, the loss of your thongs, and Charlie having sore feet and still were more productive than I was this week ... Very impressive lol

  17. I am so sorry to hear that there was such extensive flooding within your home. It is getting to be that time of year where untreated pipes may crack due to the lowering temperatures so I am going to get mine inspected. On a side note, your art is really beautiful and you are a very talented artist. I am glad that those pieces weren't damaged by the water.

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta

  18. That painting is absolutely phenomenal. Your command of colour is amazing. At first glance, I thought that this was an abstract painting that had a bird implemented into it, but the tree and leaves began to take shape the more I looked at it. There’s definitely a significant amount of depth in this work.

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  19. That is full of so much life. i love it. I bet if a few birds had the chance to look at it, they would like it too. I am not kidding. I have seen artists work outdoors and I notice that there are birds that stop and look at the carvings that they are doing of birds. Fun to see.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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