Wednesday, 3 June 2015

De's Gesso Soup for WOYWW

We had my kind of cookery lessons
in art class today.
There wasn't an oven or a saucepan in sight.
My teacher has invented a new
technique and has called it
Gesso Soup.
It's probably the only cooking
I've ever enjoyed.
It involves gesso (well duh), water,
paint, bags, onions, noodles,
 and a whole lot of
slopping and glooping.
Yes, it looks a bit garish but it will lay almost flat
when it dries and this technique is guaranteed
to cure all sorts of ills, just like chicken soup.
There is already a textured layer of goop
under here and this will add to the texture
without texturing. 
Yes, it's texture without texture.
No I haven't gone stark raving mad
(well any more than usual).
It looks really textured but it is in fact
virtually flat and then it's easier to paint on
and I can add texture only where I want it.
See.... really clever huh.

 I've finished my bird and just sealed it
 It's all shiny from the sealer and hard to get a photo.
There's a ton of mica paint and it glows in the sunlight
just wish I could get the glow in a photo.
My boat is finished too.
Same shine problem.
They are both going into a show soon,
hope they sell.

I am picking up a new pair of glasses tomorrow
so I hope to get around to lots of WOYWWer's
but if I don't it's because of the glasses.
I explained the problem in my last post
here, if you're interested.

If you want to see other desks
around the world today,
go over to 
and have a visit.

I'm going to cook up some more soup,
mwa ha ha.


  1. The boat painting is my favourite vonny. Good luck with the show . Happy woyww Jill #7

  2. I am sure they will sell, the boat painting is fabulous! good luck with the new glasses.

  3. gorgeous paintings i wish i could paint like you do the boat is also my favourite
    Happy WOYWW
    Charlie #1
    or find me here

  4. What vibrant works.Love your colour sense.Love the parrot best.Guess I love birds.
    Judy #14

  5. The density of your paintings is amazing Von. You are SO talented.
    Love Lynn xx

  6. Gorgeous x 100!! Love em both, they're sure to sell.
    Good luck with the new always takes a while to bed them in, doesn't it....I know from experience...... ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xxxx

  7. OMG You're work is amazing.
    Love the bird one most but WOW great job on them all #31

  8. Both are stunning - I love your work and I'm sure they'll be snapped up. Good luck and hope you have a great week,
    Diana #28

  9. You're right, it's hard to believe that the texture I can see is flat, what an amazing result. I'm breathless at the finished paintings..they are absolutely about using paint the way I want you to!
    Had to laugh at your comment on my blog about the 18 degrees c....if it reaches that here today the weather people will talking about a glorious warm summer day!

  10. Wowsers they are dam good paintings, its hard to take a pic, sometimes it just doesnt pick up in the photo what you really want it to see

    Thanks for the snoop
    Jac x
    N0 24

  11. Hi Vonny, happy WOYWW. I'm loving this new canvas...gorgeous pinks for the bottlebrush...fabulous finished projects too. Cheers RobynO#32

  12. Hi Vonny, due to doom and gloom this am, I've lots of time to visit. Your photos are a true delight. I love the colors. You do have a special talent to create. Good luck with some great sales. Enjoy WOYWW and have a fun week. #39

  13. Both paintings are INSANELY good!!! I wish I could do what you do... It sounds so fun! And the results are superb! :0)

  14. Oh my goodness! You are soooo talented! I would buy those if I did not live on another continent!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #60

  15. Great name for a technique guaranteed to chase the blues away.
    Love both of your paintings, The bird one is fantastic and I was kind of prepared to prefer it to the next one coming up but when I scrolled down I loved the boat. Am sure they will sell.
    Hugs, Neet (and thanks for the visit) xx 11

  16. That textural goop that you learned to cook sounds like it would be fun to work with. I like both paintings you finished for your show, but my favorite one is the peaceful boat scene. Blessings, my friend!

  17. That gesso soup sounds fun. Would love to try it. Is it possible for you to do a step-by-step post for us? Absolutely love both of the paintings! I long to be able to paint like that. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Diane #28

  18. More gorgeous paintings. You would have liked it where I was today. We have been to an Arts Festival, so many people just great. Hope you are having a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 27

  19. Love the gesso soup! But I couldn't spot any onions or noodles?

    The finished painting are superb! The colours on the bird one are stunning, but I love the boat too! Have you thought of having postcards made from them? That would be nice :)
    RosA # 25

  20. The goop sounds interesting... I need to pop ov and look at these close up to understand it all... Onions... On a painting... That seems a bit out there even for you lol

  21. Gesso soup sounds great! You'll have to tell us more about that....
    Your paintings are fab! So colourful. Both of them are beautiful in their own way. They lift the spirit and of course they will sell.
    Thanks for your visit. My mum's birthday was today and she has had a lovely day.
    Have a good week,


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