Friday, 29 May 2015

You lookin at me?

My post title can be used for two things
the first is the actual title
that I've given my bird painting
that I've finished at long last.
 Well, look at that face, doesn't
it just say "You lookin' at me?".
The second title is a little more scary
as I think that it'll be me saying that 
after thursday next week.
Well, I've finally done something that's 
either very dumb or rather clever,
that is to be determined
(keeping in mind that I'm blonde).
I've ordered a pair of graduated glasses
cos I'm fed up with wearing two pairs
and yes that is at once.
If I need to see something more than three feet away
 I need my long distance glasses
but to see anything close up I need my reading glasses
and many a time I have both pairs balanced precariously
upon my nose.
So it's graduated glasses for me.
Now I'm going to call them layered glasses
because I only went to grade 12 
(high school to non Aussie countries)
and I'm blowed if I'll put some stuck up glasses
onto my nose that think they are better than me
and "graduated" college.
So layered it is, just like my paintings
layer upon layer of goop

and ink

and paint
you get the picture.
When I went to order my glasses they kept on
saying, you'll adjust to them easily,
just follow your nose.
Now that is a scary thing in itself,
imagine following your nose everywhere.
If my nose is a bit bent at the end
I could find myself spinning around in endless circles
just like a dog with it's tail.
Or I could be permanently cross eyed
trying to focus on my nose and nothing else.
Argh, the mind boggles.
What have I done??

At least I was a little clever,
I've finished all of my paintings for
an upcoming show.
They just need sealing now
I should have at least three coats on the boat
before the dreaded layered eyes arrive
and I've drawn up and started another canvas.
Now I just have to hope that my nose
leads me into the studio
and not into the wall.
Mind you, that could knock some sense into me.

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  1. Fantastic work, the parrot is so beautiful! You will soon get used to those glasses! Happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Wow that parrot just hit me between the eyes. FYI it took me a MONTH to get used to my graduating glasses I went back after 3 weeks and said you have done something wrong here. They said give it another week and they were right. Still often take them off to walk down steps though. Feel safer. xx

  3. Oh my word - that parrot painting is fabulous - it's a riot of colour and texture - my favourite kind of painting!! I'd never heard of graduated glasses before - they're called bifocals in the UK and I had thought of getting them but the idea of there being a little bit of blur at the bottom that you have to get used to looking over to see far and at to see close just seemed too confusing - I'd love to know how you get on with them.

  4. Wow, your bird painting is gorgeous! And I really like the boat, so peaceful. Hope you get used to your layered glasses quickly.

  5. Your art is stunningly beautiful and your words are hilarious. You're the reason I spilt my coffee this morning. ..........following your nose, I'm still laughing.
    Good luck on the show!

  6. Ah, Vonny. I do wish I could see you with 2 pairs of glasses on at one time. But it couldn't be any funnier than when my mother broke the nose piece of her glasses and taped a plastic spoon across the top to keep both eyes lined up. She, like you, finally broke down and got new glasses. I love your beautiful work. It just makes me want to reach out and feel those layers. Gorgeous works.

  7. I have layered glasses and wouldn't be without them... so you will have no problems at all... and it will make things smoother... the only downside is that I still swap for working on the large computer screen as the layered don't work so well on that... but layering aside your paintings look bloody brilliant

  8. Sounds like what we call bifocals or trifocals over here. You will get used to them in a short while. :)
    Love the parrot pic and the boat, too. Your work is so bright, cheerful, and vivid. Love them all!

  9. I love all the colors you use in your work. What do you use to seal your paintings? Do you use a satin or glossy finish?

  10. Oh my goodness I remember the days of using both glasses well...then I got progressives...that's what we call them in Canada!! They worked several years and now again I have single vision glasses again as my reading improved!! Go figure!! Enjoy the glasses!! Gorgeous artwork!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Layered glasses… I like the sound of that. LOL! Anyway, your parrot paining is as stunningly beautiful, as everything else you've done. Blessings, my friend!

  12. Fantastic texture, love it!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous painting with the parrot! So fabulous texture!

  14. This is amazing, the color is something I can just get lost in. Lovely.

  15. Really fascinating piece of work, great effort indeed!

  16. Oh, my goodness--I'm breathless with the beauty of your artwork. It fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give.

  17. I love your paintings such detail and so colourful. Your glasses will take a little getting used too but once you do you will wonder how you coped without them.

  18. Vonny your bird is stunning! And those flowers look so 3 dimensional! And no wonder... seeing all of those close ups I can almost feel the surface! And I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THAT BOAT!!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I think it is a new favorite! :0)

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