Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Back to painting and a win for WOYWW

I've been AFK (away from keyboard)
as my kids would say, for two weeks.
Yes, it was the dread of all parents,
school holidays.
I survived with just a little bit of art but now
I'm rearing to go.
One good thing I did on the holidays was
to get a huge skip bin, toss out heaps of
stuff and complete my evil plan
to take over the lounge (mwa ha ha).

It's mine, all mine, ha ha ha ha ha.    
See that big space in the middle, 
I'm going to get a huge piece of heavy plastic
 and use my long fold up table to do lots of sloppy
prep coats on lots of canvasses at once. 
 That way I can keep on working in my studio.
It'll be like a big production line of canvasses
all at different stages.  
You may notice that I have a lot more inks on my Ikea
trolley and in the pot on the floor.  I came into some
unexpected money!!!
Remember this painting that I took to a show?
It sold and I won the Peoples' Choice Prize!!
I couldn't believe it. The prize was cash so I 
bought a heap of inks to play with.
Which brings me to the scary part.
I am going to attempt to ink this canvas
at home, all by myself with no De Gillett,
my lovely teacher, to help stop me screwing it up.
 So, if you feel the earth rumbling and shaking tomorrow,
don't panic, it's just my knees knocking together in fear
 as I squirt copious amounts of ink all over my canvas.
I have a paper bag handy just in case of hyperventilation,
hmm, might need it now just thinking of what I'm doing
tomorrow.... ARGH....
While I go suck on a paper bag,
may I suggest you go over to
and see what's on the other desks around the world.

Breath in, breath out,
yep that feels a bit better,
just hope I can keep it together tomorrow...


  1. well done on the award well deserved
    thanks for sharing
    happy woyww have a great week
    Mrs. C.x #2

  2. Well done Vonny, it was much deserved, a truly gorgeous painting. Enjoy your new booty!! Helen 5

  3. Hahahaha. That made me laugh. Good on yer for taking over another room I'm all for it, as you would see if you saw our house.
    And well done on the sale of your painting and well deserved prize.
    Go for it Von xx
    Lynn 16

  4. Unexpected cash is always a boon! I think the painting deserves all its accolades. I can't wait to see what you do all on your own with said canvas...what inks do you use? I wonder if I can get them here...? #18

  5. Well done! A sale should be the biggest boost ever - and now you get to play with the inks ... there's no wrong, just try not to expect the EXACTNESS of your anticipated outcome. Go with the flow a bit! It'll be great. I'll hold the paper bag here for you, you won't need it.

  6. Congratulations! So, so, so deserving of it. Simply LOVE the textures of your work. So wish I lived close by so I could have you teach me a thing or two. Diane #28

  7. What beautiful pieces! The new space looks wonderful and I just know you are loving it!
    Glenda #33

  8. Congratulations on the sale and award you received at the art show! Your plan to take over the lounge sounds marvelous, now all you need are some little Minions to help you with the canvases - LOL! Happy WOYWW! #35

  9. I am so happy for you and its so well deserved! Congratulations on both the competition and also for bagging what must be a very laid back husband! Not sure I could get away with taking over the lounge, lol! The paintings as always are fantastic!!! ;0)

  10. Hi Vonny and very big congrats - I would've voted for you, I love your work. Your family are so kind to let you take over the lounge, but it is a great idea. Have a wonderful week Cheers RobynO#24

  11. Congratulations - what fantastic news - and I'm totally not surprised that your beautiful painting sold! I'd love to know how you've managed to take over your living room - but I bet you're enjoying the extra space!
    Have a great week,
    Diana #31

  12. Congrats on your sale and your win. I'ts great to be able to splash out on new goodies. I love your ever expanding work space. You must have a very understanding family.
    Happy WOYWW!

  13. If you've taken over the lounge where do the rest of them go! Still they can find there own space just as long as we crafters have somewhere nice to work! that's what matters Lol!
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 30

  14. I hope you don't need that paper back... you're so talented, you can do without for sure! I LOVE all the colors and paintings I see here, I tried working on canvasses every now and then but it's very uncomfortable for me - I stick to my (paper) art journals mostly. Maybe I should give it another go sometime soon... I just WANT to be able to say I painted/created a canvas. Ohh, it is difficult to be an artist sometimes, isn't it.. all those doubts and self questionings... anyway, enjoy the creative journey dear! That's what counts most! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #38

  15. OMGosh!! Congratulations, woman!!! Whoohoo!!! That is so awesome!! People's choice...and new paints/inks and more space!! That is the just the best news!! I am so happy for you. :):):)

  16. Congrats! I know I would vote for your artwork any and every time! Good job on the take over of the lounge. :-)
    April #42

  17. Woohoo! You go girl, I'm so proud of you for winning that award and selling your work for Real Money! I bet you enjoyed spending that on the new inks,how fantastic.
    Your new canvas is looking amazing, I saw it on FB first. Just Do It, as Julia often tells me :-)
    And after you take over the living room, will it be World Domination next? You'd make a better job of it than the current lot, that's for sure.....
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  18. that is so well done! Congratulations on winning and your prize :) I am certain you will not wreck the new one either. :) ~Stacy #53

  19. Huge congrats on the award and sale... And on the new studio space... I am insanely jealous now and we need to get together soon so I can see it in person... That is very very awesome...xx

  20. here is the tester... bloody blogger!!!

  21. Thanks for letting me know that I am a no reply blogger...I think it is fixed...I see Tracey had the same thing...please test for me too!

  22. Congratulations for selling and winning the prize! That space looks amazing. Beautiful artwork!


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