Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Slops and the usual mess for WOYWW

My room is a bigger mess
than normal as I'm
trying to do a few canvasses together.
There are four in fact, the other two
are on the floor in my other lounge room
(or as I like to say my almost second studio)
My desk is buried 
under the bits and pieces that I'm working on.
I've got pictures and pots and brushes and all sorts.
It's actually organised chaos, kinda.

It's been a bit of a bummer
these last two weeks.
I had a bad batch of canvasses
and lost quite a few paintings.
Yes, I literally lost them, 
they slid right off the canvas.
 The lumpy stuff on the canvas is the gesso
all glooped together as it ran off the canvas.

All seemed fine until I hit the canvas with water
 and then it just let go.
My teacher thinks there must have been some oily film on
them and of course you can't put acrylic over oil.
I even soaped and hosed the canvas and sanded it
but to no avail.  The shop is quite happy to
replace them but I'm not sure I want more of 
this brand now.
I have since bought some linen canvasses
and I'm going crazy trying to get 
some done so I can get them into the shop.
I sold two paintings in the shop and
have the wall space until the end of August
but with the manky canvasses I may not
get any more to the shop in time.

Today was a mad day
with paint flying everywhere,
canvasses laying outside in the sun,
another one all splattered and runny in the room
and one up on the easel.
Moving around can be a bit hard as I tend to find bits of
paint in all sorts of places.
My nice white tiles are now looking
more like a 60's psychedelic painting
and I had plastic down.
I also learned that even though it's cold
don't wear socks in the art room.
I found a trail of footprints out into the kitchen,
guess they'll expect me to clean that up (sigh).
I could always do what the kids do
and say it wasn't me!!

I hope that by next week
I might actually have something
worth looking at.
If all goes to plan, there will be two boat
paintings, a pelican and some segulls
all half done, so fingers crossed these
don't decide to slide off.

That's all I have to show this week,
so why not go on over to 
and see some more productive
desks around the world.



  1. Hi Vonny, Hope the new canvas stand up to the job. Terrible that your paintings were ruined. Have a great week and don't forget to rest!.
    Sandra de

  2. How strange about the canvases.I like the sound of ORGANIZED chaos. In my room there is just chaos.Good luck with the paintings and congrats on your sales. Happy WOYWW!

  3. Happy WOYWW Vonny...I just looking to see what you are up to....but that is not so good with the oily canvases. Good luck and hope you get some finished for the shop. Cheers and have a lovely week RobynO#39

  4. Well my first question was answered - why four at once? But I get it - and I really hope that you can get a couple more into the shop...your talent needs exposing. However, do not pressure yourself too much - it can cause block. Please do not leave the shop without them booking another wall space for you in the near future!

  5. I feel like I've just watched a film clip at supersonic speed with you (with octupus arms flying with paintbrushes in all eight arms) in the centre and four canvases placed around you, all being created at once.
    Phew... I'm worn out just reading it Von,
    It's brilliant stuff though... just as long as you don't have another whoopsie or burn yourself out.
    Julia is right, surely they'll book you more space at a later time? You're the latest hot potato on the market for them and they must see a brilliant artist and seller when they see one? ;D
    Good luck and I'm holding my breath to hear the outcome.

  6. What a horrid thing to happen to your paintings. All very well to replace the canvas, but you can't replace the time lost. At least you know what to avoid in future. Perhaps the shop can come back to you about the indecent once they have spoken to the manufacturer? One can dream...
    Good luck with getting it all done in time, pity I don't live closer or I would offer to help with the grudge work.

  7. You've had quite a week, my friend! I'm sorry to hear about the defective canvases that ruined your work and set you back. However, congratulations on selling the two paintings, which is always very exciting. Have fun cleaning the footprints - LOL! Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

  8. What bad luck with the canvas after so much work, hope you manage to finish all four paints in time

  9. Oh dear! What a shame that is! But I've heard linen canvases are lovely to work with - they are SO expensive over here... Still, I recently bought one for a future glass painting... Good luck with the paintings and I hope you get some more in the shop on time :0)

  10. Well! What a thing to happen...I've NEVER heard of paint sliding off the canvas like that....poor you, the air must have been blue :-( I must admit, I wouldn't buy anymore of that brand, just wouldn't trust it not to do exactly the same thing.
    Good luck with the replacements - you may find that they come together really quickly!
    Thanks for 'getting ' the humour in my blog today...think I may have offended some folk, lol!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  11. Sorry to read about your disaster with the canvases, that sounds a complete pain, never knew that could happen. Hope you get some new ones finished and into the shop to sell. take care.Helen 3

  12. That's really weird about the canvasses! And you probably buy "good" ones too, I imagine? I usually only buy el cheapo ones for my mixed media nonsense, and I think they are always OK :)
    Send me your snail mail details, if you like, because I have a few more similar Paris cards (cos I made them in a production line fashion, for once), and you can put one away for your daughter :)
    Thanks for dropping by, but really, I can't believe it's cold enough up where you are to need a beanie :)

  13. I hope your new canvases are doing the job - I've never heard of that happening before - I don't often use canvases but I'd be gutted if I lost a load of work like that. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and good luck with getting your painting done in time, I hope you have a very productive week!
    Diana #43

  14. WOW sounds like you have had a very creative week despite all the problems with the canvas. I am wondering if it is the gesso too...I had some I was using on smooth watercolor cardstock and it slid off also. It looked very flat and chalky when I put it on and it definitely didn't stay where I had put it. Love the lovely blue back ground. Looking forward to seeing the paintings done! You are so creative and an inspiration! Vickie #75

  15. Got your note Von, and was wondering what your chaos and crisis utterly disappointing to lose your all your work!! I think I would be pretty ticked with the company that produces those canvases...hopefully you will be able to 'splash' some paints on your new linen canvases and produce some more of your amazing work in time for the shop! Neesie is right, you are a brilliant artist and I'm sure they are quite aware of that! Hope all goes well...Peter and I look forward to seeing your next creations...sending luv and hugs xxx

  16. That's just crazy that the paint slid right off! Nope. Wouldn't buy that brand again. OMG! Socks and footprints--LOL! Yup--bet they make you clean it up. ;) Good luck with your current batch of paintings. You do such beautiful work!

  17. Oh, Vonny. Your blog always is so very colourful - and I don't mean painty-colourful!!! You live such an interesting life. I have this fabulous picture in my mind of you racing from room to room with socks on, paint everywhere, and lovely bright footprints! Great story telling. I suppose you could always write a children's book if you don't get more canvasses painted....
    Thanks for visiting - I've just realised, as I am writing all these this week comments, that you are already writing the next blog ebtry - as it is now Wednesday in your neck of the woods. Oh boy!!!
    Dress can be revealed next week. Got a wedding to go to on Saturday. Yippee!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #27


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