Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Back on the net for WOYWW

I think I must have held my 
mouth  wrong or said
something mean to my computer,
cos my internet has been playing up
big time, but all seems well now
and I can blog again.

I've been busy while I couldn't waste time
on the computer.
Here's my desk or should I say desks..
As usual my actual desk is completely covered in stuff,
too much to go through and explain,
but wait, there's more....
My evil plan to take over the spare living room
is working (mwa ha ha).
I started a little at a time,
just a canvas here and there,
then the second easel snuck in there and
I've now captured quite a bit of the room.
If I can just sneak in a waterproof drop sheet
I can actually paint in there.
The light is fantastic as there are three full length windows
plus the light coming from where I'm standing in the foyer.
Give me a month or two and the room
will be mine (mwa ha ha ha)
Sorry, I digress.
I'm in an oceany, boaty mood at the moment.
Here are my latest experiments,
still very much in the early stages

I took these on my phone so they are
not good, the colours are much brighter.
I will be inking these next week in class.
And here is my latest jelly fish inking
I still have a lot of work to do on this
but you can see the jellies appearing.
Can you spot the little fish that just appeared?
I'm leaving him in and I'll put some coral or something 
there for him to hide in.

I just had to show off these little lovelies.
I took these photos from my bedroom
which overlooks the canal.

There were five pelicans, I just wish
I was a better photographer as there 
were endless painting opportunities.
If it wasn't so cold I would have run down to
the back fence in my PJ's but I would have frozen.
Well, that's my desk for the week
now hop on over to 
and see the other desks around the world
this lovely sunny (but cold)


  1. Hello Vonny. How lovely to see you back again with this crazy bunch... As usual your work is great! Yes, I see the little fish peeking - trust he soon gets the safety of his coral. I admit I like your technique for gaining another room - beautifully subtle! I currently have my space on the upstairs landing - totally ignored at present - and have completely taken over the dining room - full to the brim with miles of satin and acres of the most fabulous tulle! Far less subtle, but none the less, effective...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  2. I was going to start at being amazed you have a spare living room to take over for painting but the view from your room got me - how fabulous!! Love the paintings, they are fantastic. hope your internet co-operates now! Helen 7

  3. Ooh, I like your boats....actually, that sounds sooo wrong!! Lol but I do. Great colours.
    And I reckon that you should aim for total world domination because you know, one living room will never be's a slippery slope...... ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  4. Your paintings are looking great and what a view you have. You.have a wonderful place in which to do your work. Haooy WOYWW

  5. Hi Vonny...I have a little taking over the living room, makes me think of myself...shared a room with hubby when he was working from home...I had most of it - he just a desk...luck he has an office now and I have the whole 3rd bedroom and for his computer - the dining room table ;) Love seeing how your painting evolve - these boat ones are so colourful. Happy WOYWW, cheers RobynO#29

  6. I wonder how cold that really is?! LOVE the boats and that wobbly reflection is gorgeous. I can see the jellyfish and after some looking, the little fish..I love how they just clever. Have t agree about the lovely light in the room-that-is-not-yet-yours!!

  7. What an amazing place you live! All that inspiration surrounding you... sigh... I'm very envious! I don't think I'd get away with such a plan where we live. It looks like you have been very productive! Looking fabulous so far! :0)

  8. I'm a little concerned Vonny... how is your hubby going to be able to serenade you with his guitar playing, whilst your jogging on the treadmill with the wind blowing through your hair, now you've taken over the lounge?
    No seriously that looks a fantastic space full of brilliant light for you to wonder you want to take it over.
    Now come on...too cold to nip out for a fantastic photo opportunity? Just what was the temperature...a freezing 24 degrees (oh I wish) I've been out in the open fields in my pj's with the north sea breeze whistling up my troos!
    Love the latest paintings...the reflections on the water look great. I'll be interested to see how they progress. You know I love that blue ;D
    Have a great day and enjoy WOYWW xoxo

  9. I love your new boat series, with those gorgeous colors formed on the water waves. I'm also in love with the view from your bedroom window. Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

  10. Gorgeous views from your balcony. My husband shared my space for a while, he had two drawers!

  11. What lovely paintings and wow what a view you have I am very envious. Anne x #25

  12. What gorgeous view from your bedroom. With all that water I can see why you are inspired by water and ocean. The pelicans are such fun birds and would be worthy of a painting session. I love to see your works in progress. Good luck with taking over the extra room. All those windows and light! It should be yours.

  13. Love the paintings. Just move in, no one will notice until it's too late LOL!
    Hope you have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #38

  14. Lovely paintings and workspaces you have going there : ). And how lucky to have pelicans outside your window!

  15. ack, too soon with the clicking. Happy WOYWW! #37

  16. Love your latest work, Von - the boat reflections are stunning! Lol at your taking over the spare room... we await news that you've taken over the whole house. Do it one room at a time and maybe they won't notice.

    I've had quite a week, being admitted to the cardiac unit after severe chest pains on Sunday a.m. I've had a coronary artery spasm but no lasting damage showing up on the angiogram, and I was discharged yesterday evening. After a period of extreme emotional wobbliness I feel a lot better now, and have been resting all day, so hopefully I'll feel more myself tomorrow.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #47

  17. Now that is a spectacular view from your window. Now I understand why you have such a beautiful aquatic theme in your work. Just keep taking over the house you need the room and extra light for you work. Love the red lounge in your room. Sandra de @52

  18. I do envy you that water view! Couldn't help but be inspiring!
    Glad you liked the snow photos! I will put some more up when I have a chance :)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  19. stunning boat paintings I love the vibrant colours youv'e used for the water its created so much life and movement.. you are very talented indeed . I can see why you want to take over the room its so bright and sunny . As for your view its stunning ...thanks for sharing the photos of the pelicans im so for the little fishy I keep looking but keep seeing (or hoping to see fish everywhere ! ) trying to hard I think belated woyww wishes and carfty hugs Andrea x #21

  20. What a view - how I envy you that in a morning (or any time of day or night).
    Love the bold colours you use in your artwork - gorgeous paintings and I love the blues of the last one especially.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier, sorry I am so late I have been on holiday - Hugs, Neet xx


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