Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A big oops this WOYWW

Here's my desk this week

I have new goodies.
A camera bag to help stop getting paint on my camera,
A new blank drawing book,
a Doctor Who Watch inside the box,
my thumb (I get bored waiting at school pickup)
and a DVD by my teacher
(more on that later in the post).

 I had one of those weeks.
A blonde week you could say.
On monday I decided to 
ink my pelican canvas 
in my new desk area.
It started okay
But went down hill from there
I kept looking at it thinking 
something isn't right but couldn't put my finger on it.
Then, when it was too late to do anything about it,
I realised I had forgotten to put the white ink on
and it was all dark and clear and yukky
and blah.
 Never fear, my fabulous teacher
came to the rescue.
With a slop here and a dash there
 it's looking better already.
(Sorry, photo taken on my phone)
Still a long way to go and my teacher
did ninety percent of the large scale glooping.
I'm a newbie glooper and not too good 
on the big stuff. It tends to fall off of my
knife and looks more like a pelican poo
than a water ripple.
I often talk about my teacher but I've never
told you about her.
Her name is De Gillett, she's just as mad as me
(that's why we get on so well)
and is a fabulous artist that I aspire to.
If you want to learn to ink like me
go to Under the Arts Tree and you can 
buy the dvd (first in a series).
It's fab and fun and if I can ink
anyone can! 
Just remember to add the white ink!!

I did a bit more to my sunset canvas too

 Actually, looking at this photo,
the horizon looks like it's going up towards the boat.
Oh poo, guess I should go and check the canvas
(hope it's just my bad photography). 

My art progression into the lounge went a little backwards
this week.  It was raining and I had to put my washing
in there, no photos cos you don't need to see
my knickers hanging up!

That's me for this weeks
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
now why not hop over to
and check out the other desks.


  1. I think your paintings are fabulous, I do love the gloops, lol! I am sure you'll master them soon... Helen 4

  2. I couldn't see anything wrong with the canvas before you added the extra gloops! He's a very friendly looking pelican, I like him :-)
    Showing us your knickers would lead to a whole different work desk Wednesday!! Maybe the world's not ready for that yet...snigger.
    The new Doctor Who started last weekend....he's very good, quirky and slightly old fashioned but there's nothing wrong with that, sounds just like me!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  3. I think the pic is idea what you were aiming at, so to me it looks good. I use my phone to take pics of my paintings to see the picture rising sea levels...etc #23

  4. Loving all the crafty things to play with on your desk. Your painitings are fa! Have a fab woyww.

    Sue #5

  5. Hi Vonny.....the white glooping sure did pick up the canvas but you must remember you did all the rest and I think it's fabulous...a bit of practice and you'll be glooping everywhere....Beautiful weather up here, but fresh when the sun goes down. Cheers and happy WOYWW RobynO#24

  6. love the colours and textures!blog/c118q

  7. I love your pelican. I have never heard of inking before. Sounds interesting. Happy WOYWW!

  8. VonnyK - How amazing your paintings are, you might say you are beginner? Then you are prof to me. Love the colours you used. Thank you for sharing and Happy WOYWW to you too.
    Kind regards

  9. Hi Vonny, the white paint really transformed it, gorgeous.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  10. Well you see, I don't actually see the before and after affect of the white paint. I can't say that I dislike the pelican with the white swooshes, but I also really like the 'original'. Does that mean I'm an art philistine?!!

  11. I liked the pelican painting before actually, but then I do love deep, dark, gloppy color. ;) They all look great to me, Vonny. You are so much braver than I. I have a hard time even doing anything to a background I like in an art journal--LOL! Keep expanding, lady! :)

  12. Vonny, your pelican is gorgeous, beautifully done, and there is no way I could paint like that. Your skill is clearly something that is innate not learned, but honed, and you use it so well.
    Keep blessing us with it.
    Chris #18

  13. Look if we're heading into showing our knicks on Wednesdays I've got to nip out to Marks & Spencers quickly. I steer well clear of buses for that reason. (My mother always used to say make sure you have clean underwear on in case you get knocked down by a bus!!!)
    Anyway... I'm not here to talk undies! Pelicans is what it's all about.
    Wow he's stunning. I can't tell you enough how much I love this water reflective work that you're creating at the moment. That blue is just devine.
    I'm loving the journey that you're taking us on with this series. It's great to see it develop.
    Have a great time and I'll nip to check out that link to your teacher.
    Happy WOYWW Neesie #43

  14. Both paintings look amazing already! I LOVE that sunset one... Can't wait to see how they progress... I had to chuckle at the Doctor Who watch, hehe!

  15. You always make me laugh, Von, with how rude you are to yourself about your wonderful work - if I could paint 1/4 as well as you I'd be cock-a-hoop lol lol!! Your desk doesn't look messy to me. Love the thumb.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I don't think my mess is anything to be proud of! I am hoping to make inroads into it today as long as my energy doesn't run out first. As for cooking, I love it, but rarely have sufficient energy to do more than subsistence cooking to put meals on the table!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #66

  16. Your art looks great from where I see :) Gloops are the stepping stones to success! Many a gloops make a masterpiece!
    Love all those textures.

  17. I am fascinated with pelicans, their prehistoric beaks and bumpy head. They fly in a flock often in So. Cal. Your painting is lovely. Thanks also for sharing about inking.

  18. It's coming on just great, Vonny. Confess I'm with Neesie - if showing pics of undies - just off to the shops!
    Thanks for visiting. For your lovely comments. Yes, we had a great day out - drove around 400 miles, but saw all the family, plus my dad, plus some dear friends - so didn't do too badly. John slept all Thursday!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17

  19. Love the sunset, and the pelican definitely looks better with more white. Your comments about knickers & pelican poo made me giggle!
    Thanks for your visit
    Debs #37

  20. I think the pelican is starting to come together and the rain did mean a bit of in house drying... we need no more wet so you can take over that space...xx


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