Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sold, sold, sold for WOYWW

The art show was last week
and joy of joys,
I sold all of my pieces.

Now I can buy heaps more
goodies and more art lessons.

My desk is a mess as usual
this week, I kinda left for class
in a hurry and left bits where they were.

I'm working on Mr Pelican again
and during the few minutes I had
over the last week I roughed in his beak
and his eye.
Not looking too good there,
it's more like he got into the brandy and
is blind drunk.
Today in class I fixed up the darker blue bits on
his feathers and my teacher
taught me a secret way to do foam on water
 (so I can't tell you how I did it).

 How cool does that look.
I had the best time playing with it.
Now all I have to do is finish the beak
and eye and another canvas is done!

I love the watery stuff so much that I'm going to ditch 
the cockatoos for a while and start another
water painting.

It's winter school holidays here
so I have to keep little miss out of trouble,
especially now as she has
 discovered boys!!!
Oh the pain!!!
Just hope I can pick up a
paint brush this week.

That's my messy desk for this week
now go to 
and see the other desks
around the world
this cold wintery



  1. Super painting of the Pelican . Happy woyww Jill #27

  2. Oooh! congrats on your sales. and your pelican is fantastic.

  3. Not surprised you sold everything, I would happily but one. Divine pelican x

  4. Hi Vonny happy WOYWW - oh no you sold the parrots, how can you part with them they're gorgeous. But your pelican is looking pretty cool too. I love that you share how the paintings evolve. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#28

  5. Ooooh! Well done, Vonny. Many congratulations from John and I. Fantastic - John says "You have a definite style of your own, and you are very good" How's that for before his breakfast!!! The pelican is brilliant - didn't see him as drunk, though... enjoy finishing him off!
    Take care. God bless. Trust all goes well with little miss...
    Margaret #15

  6. congrats, your work is gorgeous!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  7. Well done on the sale of your art, I hope it allows you to be able to do lots more art and have fun! Your work is super!

  8. Congrats on selling all your paintings.... they are fab so it would make sense that they all sold. Mr Pelican is looking pretty good. Have a lovely week and goodluck with the teenager.... eventually they grow into beautiful young ladies with a lot less drama.
    sandra de @55

  9. Congrats on your sales. How exciting!
    Hope you finish your Pelican to your satisfaction. It's looking good!
    Have lovely week

  10. well done on selling all your paintings, I love the bright colours of them.
    something I've always wanted to do.

    Jan S No 58

  11. Yay! Congratulations on selling all your work! The pelican is coming along nicely. That's so cool that you now have money to continue your lessons and replenish your supplies!

    I'm not participating in WOYWW this week but wanted to stop by and say hello!


  12. You clever bunny selling all your paintings....but I'm not surprised as they are amazing! I love the pelican too, especially where you have put him in shot...he sits well there, if you know what I mean. And yes, he DID look blotto, pie eyed, three sheets to the wind, pished beforehand :-)
    The discovery of boys huh? It's a slippery slope ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  13. Great art work - and well done on selling all your paintings!
    Bernice #3

  14. Hi Vonny, We have lots of pelicans here in So. California and I love seeing them. Yours is terrific. Congratulations on your sales this week.

  15. such a talent! Love the paintings!
    Glenda #50

  16. OH dear, you mean boys don't have cooties anymore?! Love the pelican painting. I think he looks more pragmatic than tipsy but you know him better than I do. I love watery things so I hardily endorse your doing more water themed painting (with more secret foam). Judy #77

  17. I'm not at all surprised you sold so many pieces of art work, they are awesome. I look forward to seeing more watery paintings, lovely.
    Happy crafting and have a nice week, Angela x #41

  18. Your art is brilliant and it is no shock that they are all sold. I love your drunk pelican and that foam is awesome. Happy WOYWW

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 51

  19. What a lovely painting love how you added the white to give him so many highlights looks wonderful
    hugs Nikki 2
    thanks for the visit

  20. How lovely is that water foam. Your pelican painting is wonderful. I am so glad you sold all your pieces, lady! They are lucky people to own a piece of your talent. :) :) Have fun doing more water!!

  21. Wow! Congrats on the sales! I am SO pleased for you - and not at all surprised... though a little jealous about the Jelly Fish because I particularly loved that one! Anyway - I am trying to think how you did that foam... It really is effective! I think I can sort of see a way it could be done... I might test my theory some time!
    As for the discovery of boys... Uh-Oh! It doesn't seem that long ago that my own daughter reached that stage. Nightmare! I wish you luck!!! ;0)

  22. Stunning work as always, Vonny! I don't think Mr. Pelican looks drunk at all! Lol! Well done indeedy selling all your work, and I'm not a bit surprised that you managed it. The dawning of a new era with your daughter discovering boys... there will be queues of spotty teenagers sniffing around and phoning at all hours of day and night - what fun for parents lol! Hope the hormones will be manageable!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #31

  23. Congratulations on selling your art (and getting more money for more supplies). Love your pelican! Happy WOYWW! #65

  24. Wow Von congratulations but I knew you'd sell them all ;D
    As for the pelican...he's so majestic...he obviously knows that he looks good. The water is incredible and even if you did divulge the secret technique I doubt I'd be able to achieve such a great effect.
    I'm thrilled everything has gone so well for you.
    Oh yer...little miss... all I'll say is Good Luck!

  25. Thanks for your visit, Vonny. Sorry things aren't more friendly for you where you are, regarding solar panels! Yes, we will get paid for the excess electricity we generate, which will feed back into the grid. The tariff is due to go down again at the end of this month, but it is fixed at the rate current on installation, and we've been told we should do pretty well with our system. We are living in one of the best places in the UK for it, and we have a large, elevated roof with nothing to cast any shadows over it, and it's facing almost due south, so it's a perfect setting. Also, strictly speaking these are "photovoltaic" rather than "solar" panels and they generate electricity even when the sun is not shining, i.e. daylight, on cloudy days, although not as powerfully as in direct sunlight. The cost includes a free meter that can be connected to the internet and will give constant info about what you are using and what you are generating.

    Have a great week!

  26. Sorry, Von - just seen your other 2 comments! Thanks for your good wishes for my mum. She seems to have made a full recovery apart from a slight deterioration in her balance. The community support team has swung into action and I am amazed and so thankful for all that our wonderful local hospital does! Thanks also for your nice comment about my album. Regarding the diet, a bit of a disappointment on "weigh-day" this week (Sun a.m.) - I've GAINED 4 lb!!! We did go out for a big meal the night before, which might explain it. I am not too disheartened because I know that progress will be variable, but generally in the right direction! I have a theory that here in the Westcountry in the UK, where it tends to be rather damp, that if you leave your clothes in the wardrobe for too long without wearing them, the damp air will shrink them! Lol lol! I've got loads of stuff that has mysteriously shrunk and I can no longer get into it!



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