Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lettuce Soap for WOYWW

It's been a while since I 
but nothing has changed really,
I'm still a grot and here's the proof.
Stuff everywhere as usual.
In the back you can see my latest fun toy.
The square grid to hold my paint brushes
it's great cos I don't have to put them in my mouth now.
Oh the times I've put the wrong end in or
the paint was up the handle and it got my mouth.
I know it's poisonous but what doesn't
kill you makes you stronger and boy am I strong!

I visited a dear friend last week and she gave me
some gorgeous gifts.
One was a teapot and since she is a fabulous artist
seeing her studio inspired me to pick up
my pencil and start drawing again.
I'm a bit rusty but I'm pleased with it.

This friend is as mad as me and she understands
my sick sense of humour, so the next gift
was me all over.
Yes, you read it correctly 
Lettuce Soap!!

You could take this a few ways,
it could be to wash lettuce
or it could be a human soap.
I prefer the latter as it would be hard to soap up
a lettuce leaf.

Using lettuce soap is in itself
fraught with danger
as I have a chook
(that's a chicken for non Australians)
and now she is looking at me
with a strange glint in her eyes.
I'm sure she can smell the lettuce 
and is just waiting for the right moment
to strike with that killer beak.
Have to wonder if Tracey thought this through
when she bought it 
or is it her evil sense of humour.
If her next painting is of someone
running around a backyard with a chook chasing her
I'll know.
So while I still have my fingers and toes
attached, here is what I'm playing with
at the moment
  It's at the poo kack stage but will be two
cockatoos eventually.
I put them together and got the sense that the one
in the tree (that you can't see yet)
is saying "And where have you been?"
I'll have to try and get that sheepish 
look in the blokes eyes.

That's my week,
why not pop over to 
and check out the other desks
around the world
this cold and windy 


  1. Loving your background. Know what you mean about the stage it is at...Hope your chook pays your soap no notice or it could be frothing at the mouth! #13

  2. Hi Von, great to see you back and the lettuce soap has me wondering...why make it into soap, when you heat it, it's all limp and gooey. But I did check out your paintings and I looooove Hanging with my Buds...the colours and details are fabulous. Cheers and have a wonderful week RobynO#30

  3. Ah but lettuce has got soothing compounds in its leaves...bit like putting dock leaves when you get stung by nettles, so it's for soothing skin, I guess.
    That, or washing lettuce as you said :-)
    Lovely to see you drawing again - such a talent. I love your drawings as much as your paintings!

    Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

    PS I share the same sense of humour but find I have to tone down some of my repsonses for fear of massively offending some folk, lol!

  4. Love your teapot - and your painting of it!!
    Happy WOYWW x
    no. 19

  5. Great space and what a beautiful piece you have done of the teapot!
    Glenda #56

  6. With Tracey's marvelous sense of humor, you might be right about her intentions behind that lettuce soap - LOL! Your teapot drawing is beautiful, and the cockatoos painting sounds like it's going to be gorgeous too. Blessings!

  7. oh no that is so funny, ( our chickens love lettuce) so hopefully you will be safe from the beaks. love the background for your newest piece too. ~Stacy #15

  8. Really love the background you're working on and the teapot. Beautiful colours. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
    Have a fun week
    Gillian #66

  9. Hmm...artist pecked to death by lettuce loving chook.....I hope not! I can categorically assure you that the soap is meant for your body...becuae if you were the type that took the time and effort to soap your lettuce leaves....well, you'd be in a special hospital I think!
    Love the teapot as much as the drawing..that Tracey, she's a walking inspiration.

  10. Hi Vonny. Fabulous teapot - good drawing of it too! Trust all your paintings have come together for that exhibition you mentioned in your email. Hope all is well with each of you.
    Margaret #20

  11. Great post, it made me smile!! Love the drawing.. enjoy the lettuce soap! Helen 5

  12. I love the octopus brooch, he's a real character.
    I think the grid thing looks really useful fot putting pens and brushes in as I often find they roll under stuff and I spend ages looking for them.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #43

  13. I can see the headline now Von... Lettuce Loving Lady Lost to Lathered Leaf eating...(hmm...hopefully the chooks name begins with 'L') lol
    Anyway lets get serious. Your teapot is exquisite and you're painting of it just divine. Tracey hits the spot on every occasion to inspire and motivate doesn't she? She's one special lady for sure ;D
    Your cockatoo background looks like we're onto another winner. I can't wait to see it evolve.
    Looking forward to a natter soon.
    In the meantime... Enjoy your soap but keep on the move when that chook gets too close!

  14. Lettuce see.... yep definitely for a body wash all very organic I imagine. Love the Cocky pic and it will be fascinating to see it develop over the coming weeks.
    Sandra de @56

  15. Hey Vonny! I have missed your whimsical postings. Go you on picking up the sketch pencils again. I love your rendition of the tea pot. Lovely. I look forward to seeing the completed Cocky canvas. Watch out for the chook ;-) Creative Blessings ! Kelly #73

  16. The image of a chook chasing you for a taste of lettuce is a hoot. The drawings and painting look good to me. I can see two vague outlines of birds in your last background. Look forward to seeing it evolve. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #77

  17. Love the teapot and the sketch of it! Lettuce soap sounds interesting. I rather fancy it myself :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 2

  18. Want another giggle when I was reading without my glasses I thought it said lettuce soup, so I went and got the glasses and put them on and read it again LOL I was completely dumbfounded, like where on heavens earth do people come up with this stuff. I hope that chicken hasn't pecked you to death trying to eat it. Oh and the studio that's just a little bit that needs more adding to it. Love the teapot too.

    Yes I do have a scan n cut you can call me if you want just email me, my link is on my blog and I will give you my number or I can call you.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  19. Lol, I recognized that teapot straight away! It is gorgeous - unlike the lettuce soap! Sounds a bit gross! Like Eliza I also read it as soup - equally weird! As for the studio, well a messy one is a productive one! Can't wait to get mine messy again at the weekend :0)

  20. Hehe, beware of the chickens! :D

  21. What a pretty teapot to paint! And anything that keeps a wet paintbrush out of your mouth is good--LOL! Can hardly wait to see the cockatoos emerge. :)


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