Friday, 13 June 2014

It pays to trust your teacher.

I've been locked away
painting like mad and
I've finally almost
very nearly
finished my paintings for the show.
Now I know it's only three paintings
but considering I used to be so
podantic that it took over a year
to paint one,
I think I'm doing well.
My icky poo canvas was the last
one I had to finish
and it is almost there
just the sides, hanger and sealer to go.

Remember icky poo
Blah, it still makes me shudder,
well after squillions of layers
of paint and glazes
and trusting my teacher
(that was hard)
this is the finished product.

It seems there is an element of truth
in the icky poo background making the
main subject look brighter.
Of course I knew it would look like this
from the very beginning
(cough, cough).

It does look better from a distance
as the background appears
to have more depth.
 But I like the cheeky birds up close too.

I also did another painting ready to go
to a local shop, it's nearly finished too.

It started like this (yuk)
 After a lot of texture paste and ink
it went to this

 Then with a lot of paint and ink to this

and presently it looks like this

This was taken on my phone so it's not a great
shot but there is sure a lot of depth
building in this one.
It's still a bit dark for me at the moment.

I've finished my jellyfish painting as well.

 There are still some blobs left
unjellified, just so that people
can find their own jellies.
The painting is far more vibrant than the photo
I just can't seem to capture the colours
so you'll just have to believe me.

Now I just hope someone buys them
cos I've spent a fortune on more
canvasses and art goodies,
just couldn't help my self.

 I've started an equally
icky poo background
in turquoise and orange.
When it's all blended together
you get a sort of an orange
meets TNT over the water effect.
Not too pretty I can tell you.

Somehow this is going to be
two cockatoos  in a tree.
Trust your teacher, just keep saying it,
trust your teacher.....

I'm running out of ideas for paintings.
I tried the old stand by of
a still life with flowers in a vase
but of course no matter how I tried
it was sooo BORING.
May have to think of flowers
with a twist somehow.

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  1. I always adore the wonderful colours you use to paint your fabulous tropical birds.

  2. Your birds are fantastic! Valerie

  3. Absolutely stunning, good luck with the show. Let us know how it goes! And Happy PPF!

  4. These are beautiful! Love the vibrant colours and textures in your birds, and the jelly fish look so cool and refreshing, it just make me want to jump into the water (though maybe somehwere without jelly fish around). Happy PPF!

  5. Stunning work! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous process... great depth and vibrant color....I can see those easily selling...but take good photos first so you can have cards and prints made up too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Simply stunning. I adore the jellyfish! Happy PPF - Irma

  7. Truly amazing paintings. I simply love your birds. Trust your teacher - good affirmation I would say.

  8. STUNNING paintings Vonnie! Love your birds and the jelly fish. So vibrant!!

  9. I just love, love, love this parrot series you've been working on. Good luck in your show. Blessings!

  10. Wow icky poo took my breath away. Your birds are so beautifully painted.

  11. form near or far your paintings are stunning! Hope you sell it all. Happy PPF!

  12. Beautiful vibrant colours. Great work!

  13. Oh wow Vonny,
    You have been busy but the results are stunning. You must be thrilled with the outcome. I love the process and stages that you've shared with us.
    Now can you share your amazing talent pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese!
    Happy PPF to you xoxo

  14. You made a beautiful painting out of the icky poo one. Amazing how vibrant the colours are after that first brownish layer. Your birds look fantastic!

  15. Much work, but worth bellisimos and their birds are spectacular, the colors so bright and vibrant. Saludos

  16. I adore those vibrant, cheeky birds! In both paintings! And the jellyfish painting looks like it is one of those you could stand and look at every little bit. I wish you luck with the sales. I guess your teacher is leading you on a good path. The results are awesome!! :)

  17. I was only thinking about you yesterday, wondering where you had disappeared to! And you have come back with quite a bang! Wow - these are all STUNNING!!! I love them ALL - But, if I had to pick a favourite, being a keen diver I would choose the Jelly Fish... It is amazing! I reckon you should do an underwater series of corals and tropical fish... :0)

  18. Hello Vonny. Beautiful! Well done. You have achieved so much in these past few weeks. I had missed you on WOYWW and wondered if all was well with your family. Trust you are all OK and it was "just" pressure of getting everything finished in time. Hope the exhibition goes really well for you, and that you sell out. Of course, that means you will need to start all over again.... but Keep trusting the teacher....
    Love to you.

  19. Wow. Wow to all of them! If you aren't bored of birds yet, how about a budgie? Well, I would say that wouldn't I?! Or butterflies? Or tropical butterflies on tropical flowers - lots of colour there.

  20. OMG OMG Vonnie these paintings are amazing...I so want to pain more but I am so new to it and don't know where to start!! One day I hope to be good as you...well like in 20 yrs time LOL


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