Friday, 2 May 2014

Dreary day for painting.

Now I know we need rain
and yes it's vital for life
but who says it can't only rain at night
or when I don't have time to paint.

It's pouring outside and 
dark and dreary inside.

Yes, I know I could buy a daylight bulb
but hubby won't go for that
and I don't think it would work in my daggy old
ceiling fan anyway.
By the way the ceiling fan gave up the ghost
this summer so I can't use it anyway.

I'm starting to think that my
icky poo, pookack coloured canvas
is causing this icky poo weather.

It all started in my painting class.
It seems that I'm tone blind, as opposed to tone deaf,
which I could be but that's another story.
I can copy a colour as a finished product but I can't 
do layers of the mid tones and darks and lights,
so my teacher made me turn a beautiful pale blue and
 turquoisy lilac canvas into the monstrosity
 you see before you.

Now I have to try and put in the birds colours using their tones
and not just the crazy bright colours that I usually do.

I was forced, kicking and screaming, 
well whinging and whining,
to mix up the yuk greeny yellow for the tail in class
but now I have it at home I've brightened
 up a bit with the wing.
Yes I know, the wing should be a browny colour but I just couldn't do it
and since my teacher isn't here, I'm doing it brightish.
Oops, couldn't help myself here,
 probably get in trouble for that.
Not supposed to put all the bits in with paint
 as I'm going to glaze in the tones. 
 So I'll bring it down for the red bits.
Eew, it looks so flat and boring, I know the glaze
 will do all sorts of things to make it better
 but my little brain can't seem to see it.
I have to do the body now. 
Since it's so dark and dreary I may 
have to use much brighter colours. 
 Of course that's just so I can see it
in this light, you understand don't you?

Just to brighten up this day, 
I've finished my other bird.
He's nice and bright!!

The photo was taken yesterday
 when the sun was out (sigh).
I'm calling it "Hanging with my buds"
get it??  I know I'm a sad cookie.

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  1. I love your the teacher and you teach the class!! You are awesome, colorful, and your art makes me happy!! Listen to your own heart...I despise that cacky green color too! Glad you listened to your creative intuition!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. love both of your paintings as Giggles said above use your own creative intuition. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Beautiful and extremely inspiring work! Wow, your birds painting are magical! Thank you for sharing

  4. I say just do what you know and what you like .You will feel much happier. Your bird is looking much better in your usual vibrant colours.

  5. just wonderful --and fab to see the process!
    happy PPF!

    visit and feel free to take part on our

  6. Vonny, I like your bright beautiful birds. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart and do what's comfy for you.

  7. haha, good on you for following your heart! Why use drab colours when you can use bright and happy colours. Way to go!

  8. Gorgeous!! I love lots of color and these birds are full of it. Looking fabulous!

  9. Stunning! I love your bright, tropical, energizing color choices and style. I have a bit of trouble with values myself, but mostly it doesn't bother me.....and maybe your tones shouldn't bother you - your paintings are gorgeous! I totally understand wanting to brighten a dull, gray day with bright colors. Living in Seattle, I do it all the time! :)

  10. I don't think that background painting was a mess-I love it!! And I really love your bright,colorful painted birds! Good that you tried working with what you're being taught, but always do what's in your heart. Happy PPF!

  11. This is looking absolutely fantastic! I think it's good that teachers force us out of our comfort zones. I do wish it weren't so HARD, though. When I have to use colors that aren't my favorites, I work at the pace of a snail, with a lot of anxiety!

  12. Fantastic color! It's hard to think dreary thought when I see your work. These are great and I look forward to seeing the parrot in flight.

  13. Wow, I wasn't sure about that background but you rock this painting. The background is perfect! You're funny! I get it, I get it!! haha

  14. I think your bright colours are just what you need a rainy day. But your teacher is awesome too - for pushing you to try something different. ;-)

  15. I have to admit that I LOVE the bright, bold colors like you usually do them. Vibrant! Full of life!! But trying something new is good for our brains, they say, if nothing else--LOL! And you have done wonders with the new techniques, lady! :) :)

  16. If you feel forced to do something that isn't natural for your art - it's not a good thing. I love your bright colors and I know that dreary days are tough but to feel like you have to use dreary colors too - Paint your birds with the color and light that is your own style! I love the red and magenta

  17. I love how this piece came together!
    The colors are so vibrant and happy...

  18. Well I'm quite sure that your Icky-Poo canvas is the start of something beautiful, despite the dreary day you are having!
    As for the bird you have finished... well it is STUNNING!!! I LOVE this!!! It's a real 'punch you in the face, LOOK AT ME' kinda painting! Amazing!!!!! :0)

  19. I know just how that rainy day can be. I live in Florence, OR. It should have been named Rain and Wind, OR. LOL No matter I love your art and even if you think your bird is dull..... It is NOT. I love the feathers and the wings,
    Wishing you sunny days


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