Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Crazy times and slops of paint for WOYWW

Arghhh, stop the world I want to get off!!!

It's just too crazy around here at the moment.

Mum's house has gone unconditional,
which means the sale if definite (yay),
but now we have to clean out and pack (boo).

I'm going out really early each morning
to hit the shops before the car parks fill up
and then it's back home to try and
 get my house sorted for Christmas.

I've nearly finished buying presents and
today I got a 7kg leg of pork for just $38,
now that's a bargain.

My desk hasn't seen much action
but I did get some goodies
I got this gorgeous tea towel, bookmark
and Loch Ness Monster from
the equally gorgeous Neesie of
Neesie Natters.
 How cute is this little guy.

I also got a beautiful card from Margaret and John
of glitter glue.

Thanks so much to you all for such beautiful things.

You may recall that I won two prizes
recently, the beautiful cracker from Margaret
and the gorgeous bunting 
from Lunch Lady Jan.
Here they are displayed proudly on our 
Christmas table.
Can't show the tree as it's still only
half up, we'll get there.
We don't need the dining table for Christmas day
as it's hot here and we all go out on the back patio
and have a Christmas BBQ and a swim.
(sorry to rub that in the everyone in the northern hemisphere)

In between the madness I've been 
splashing the old paint brush around
and splashing is an understatement.
At the moment I'm writing this with green hands,
kinda like the Hulk!

My poor bird has been going from bad to worse
I keep adding a layer of glaze and
not liking it
Don't ask me what happened to that layer,
so out came another colour
and then another
 Then I dropped a bit of purple and 
thought it looked okay so I did more.
Okay so I dropped a lot and it was too late to fix it
so I had to add more.

 Then I figured I've messed it now
so why not add more splots
and some red bits.

The real colour is far stronger and brighter 
than the photo.  It's nearly 5pm wednesday here
and the sun is coming through the window
and washing out the colour.
Plus I'm lousy with a camera.

I don't think I'll have time to do
any more posts until the new year
so I'd like to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
and I'll catch up in January.

Now why not head on over to 
and see what's on the other desks 
around the world 
this Wednesday.

Have a wonderful time.



  1. Vonny, it's hot over here in South Australia too. Aren't we lucky!!
    have a lovely day at Christmas.Hope the sorting and moving go well for your mother- a huge job.I know!!

  2. oooh a Christmas BBQ and a swim no fair!!! Although this year we are going out for dinner which is a first for us. I love the bird it looks like he is flying so fast he is just a blur as it the world below. Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tracy #41

  3. Good morning
    Just popping my head around the door to say hi and wish you a very happy Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing your workplace. Well, I love the bird. I do not miss hot Christmases I must say. I had a lot of them in South Africa but I do like the warmth and cosiness of an English Christmas.

    Neil #20

  4. Oh, look at your pretty Christmas table!! I'm so please you like the bunting, it looks lovely on the end of the table. I don't want to knwo about the hot weather,'s grey and grim and miserable today. Having said that, I love closing the curtains against the world, the log burner is going, there's Christmas music going and I am happy!
    Thanks for all the friendship and support this year, wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  5. What a lot of lovely things you have on that table, make things look very festive.
    Have a lovely Christmas barbecue, we will huddle round the fire and play silly games and aenjoy Christmas in a different way.
    Chris #34

  6. Wow you have been busy! Such a feast of photo's! And that bird painting is looking spectacular - really beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas!
    I have just posted my latest bear which I would love you to read - he has a VERY special story :0)

  7. Wow, a Christmas BBQ. I would think it would feel odd to not at least have cold weather, if not snow on the day.

    Congrats on your mom's house, hope you don't have to do any packing until after the holiday!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the lovely comments.

    Happy Woyww and Happy Christmas!

    Sandy #1

  8. A lovely post, Vonny, as always! I do like how your painting is turning out with all that fussing about you are doing to it! I'm so happy that your mom's house is final! Your gifts from your friends are wonderful!

    Happy WOYWW and thank you for your visits to me over the year! I wish you and yours the happiest of BBQ holidays in the fabulous hot sun!! Hugs, Darnell #10

  9. lovely table, so festive and sooo nice to be able to use it for display! Quite like the Idea of a swim and a BBQ next week.....

  10. Hi Vonny, lovely post. Your Christmas table is so festive looking and I love your parrot painting - the colours are so vivid. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Elizabeth x #45

  11. A BBQ Brekkie, Cold Lunch and a Swim is on the Menu here for Christmas. Like Elizabeth I am loving the vivid colors of your lorikeet painting and thinks it looks great. but can totally relate to the feeling when you add something, don't like it, add some more and then feel that you should have left things alone five steps ago....Loving all the wonderful delights of Christmas you received in the mail and those adorning your dining table. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Danie #37.

  12. love the painting!
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place.
    robyn 7

  13. Hi Vonny,
    So glad the card has arrived. Your table looks great - what a thrill to be able to show things from right round the world, and make new Christmas traditions with your family. No post this week as I have been away. Have a fabulous family time - so very glad your mum's house has sold. We are now back to square one with Dad's, as the purchaser has pulled out this week!!! - just before completion. This nation has GOT to do something about the method of selling and purchasing houses.
    Happy Christmas from Margaret and John

  14. Your Christmas tablescape looks fascinating and very festive too. It's warm in SW Texas during the holidays sometimes, but much too cold for swimming. I like your semi-abstract parrot very much, but it's definitely very different from what I've seen you do in the past. Happy belated WOYWW and Merry Christmas, my friend!

  15. Sweet presents! Love the Nessie monster! :)
    The bird has gotten away from you. But being as it is acrylics you can paint over parts of it if you have to, right? I'm so used to watercolors and am new to acrylics, but I think that's true. Maybe if you leave it be for a while and come back to it--something will come to you to get it to work for you the way you want it to? I have things go wrong all the time--especially trying new techniques or mediums. I do love the bird's head peeking out of the swirl, though. ;)
    Happy New Year, my friend! :)

  16. I hope you had a great Christmas Vonny!
    I love your painting!
    All the best for a very happy and creative 2014!

  17. Seeking in here to leave a very belated comment Von,
    Hopefully you won't notice and think I've left it on the day you actually posted! :$
    See it's been madness here too, but probably not to your standard. It sounds like you're really having a stressful time.
    I think you should just set the food up for everyone to 'have a go yourself' and then jump into the pool on a lilo with a cocktail! Sorted ;D
    I'm happy to see Nessie made the trip. Hopefully quarantine wasn't too bad. He's looking extremely good considering. hehe

    I love your table too and would love a closer looks very interesting.
    And as for your painting, I think it looks great. You can feel the movement and sweep of his wings and the colours look stunning. I think you should have a play at silk painting...I'm sure you'd love it because I always remember silk painting when I look at your work. It's always so vibrant!
    Well I can't wish you a Merry Christmas - all done unfortunately.
    But I can wish you all the very best for a fabulous 2014. Let's hope it's the best one yet for you and all your family.
    Hopefully calmer at least ;D
    One more thing whilst I'm here...I'd like to thank you for your friendship over the last year or so even when I did a runner from Oz... you stuck with me!
    It always makes me smile when I see you in my inbox :D

    Take care and keep taking deep breaths my'll get better I'm sure xoxo


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