Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What a week for WOYWW

Today I have been playing with my new printer
and good quality paper.
I am trying to make some decent cards
to sell in The Collective Store.
I am not as good as my fellow
WOYWW card makers.
You can see their 
great work here.

I have had quite a week.
The evening that I posted my last WOYWW
my eldest daughter came down with severe food poisoning
and no, it wasn't my cooking.
She is very slim and after hours of it coming out of both ends
(if you know what I mean),she became very ill.
I ended up taking her to the hospital where they gave her 2 litres of saline
and some intravenous medication to stop both ends from going.
I had to play nursemaid for a few days and now she if perfectly fine
and eating like a horse again.

Whilst all this was happening,
my mother-in-law fell down a flight of stairs
and gashed her leg so badly that it needed

With all this happening, I didn't end up getting around
to anyone on WOYWW
and for this I apologise and would like
to thank everyone for their lovely comments last week.

As you can imagine, I didn't get much artwork done 
in the last week, but I did finish my bugs yesterday.
The best thing is that I didn't blow up the oven.
Here are my cute little fellas

and some close ups.

I had a great time destroying my old computers insides
to get the bits for the bugs.
I found it strangely therapeutic, as if I was getting it back
for all the times it drove me crazy.

Speaking of driving you crazy, how do you put up
with those cutting and folding machines for cards.
I have been going nuts!
Even though it has a ruler
I can never cut straight and when I cut it
the back gets a big lumpy bit.

When it comes to the double sided tape
that I use to put the picture on, 
I get stuck, the desk gets stuck
the wrong bit of the card gets stuck
but I never seem to stick the bit that needs it.
You needs two sets of hands to do this.
(I tried using my mouth but that made it worse)

I tell you, doing the painting is the easy bit!!

To end today, I will share some really happy news.
My girlfriend, who lives in England 
is coming here for a holiday on friday.
She is going from the freezing snow,
that many of you have over there at the moment,
to 30 degree heat, sorry to rub that in.

I may not get much art done again next week
but I know I will have fun 
and lots of cake!


  1. Oh my, those bugs are adorable. So sorry to hear about your mother in law and her fall/surgery. BUt good news about your friend! Hope you all have a blast!

  2. Hi there, Can't believe it's Wednesday again already! Thanks for letting me in to peek and I hope the rest of the week is a blessed and creative one for you! Those bugs are super cute!
    Neil #45 (ish)

  3. I laughed at your comment about getting your own back on the computer by ripping out its innards!! How often have I felt like some demented axe wielding maniac when something has gone wrong...AGAIN!! The bugs are fun :)
    Hugs, LLJ #58
    PS What do you mean, your artwork is not as good as some others?? It's amazing!! Be told :D

  4. LOl you arent having much luck with crafty stuff, I use a guillotine, its the best. Sorry to hear of those health problems in your family, hope it has all settled down now, your critters are absolutely cute
    Bridget #53

  5. WOW those little bugs are just so adorable, I love them! I was sorry to hear that your MIL had a nasty fall, I do hope she is now recovering well along with your Daughter [[hugs]]

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Karen #92

  6. Your bugs are fab and so much fun to look at - loving the printed images you've selected too! Thanks for letting us look in and peek at your desk... Sarah at 7

  7. Glad to hear your family is doing better! When it rains it pours! ; ) Your bugs are adorable!

  8. Those computer bugs are too cute.. Thanks for sharing your space.
    Happy Wednesday
    hugz Minxy #106

  9. Oh those bugs are fabulous!!! superb, I was trying to figure them out as I was going along, would never have thought they were parts of a PC!! well done you!! Hope everything settles down for you now, no more mishaps and enjoy your company, xx

    Happy WOYWW hun, have a good one, xx

    Lou #7

  10. I just love those bugs! Thanks for sharing & enjoy this WOYWW, I'm off to be nosey, & peek at some more desks! Zo x 85

  11. I can't believe you think some of us do better work than you!! We use stamps, you paint beautiful originals! Nuff said! Love the little bugs, brilliant idea to pull the bits off the computer innards!


    PS. Oh yes, I LOVE Christmas!

  12. Your bugs are really cute and your friend is a very lucky girl (said with great jealousy :))

  13. Vonny your bugs are just adorable! So sorry to hear about the couple of days with your daughter being ill, so glad she's okay. ~Happy WOYWW (#30) Robin Panzer Art Studio 33.

  14. Your art cards are superb and those bugs are too cute! What a novel idea to use the old computer pieces!

  15. Bah, you and your daughter have had a torrid week, am so glad she's better and hope your poor miL is on the mend, what a worry! your cards look great...I can't help withthe cutting unless you show me your cutter, it may just be a technique or knack that you haven't yet acquired, so persevere! The print quality is wonderful isn't it.

  16. I do hope MIL and DD are feeling better now ...what a lot of stress.
    The bugs are so cute. As for the cutter takes a little while for it to become second nature to use one but if you put on a picture of it next week I am sure loads of people will give you tips once they know the make and type. xx

  17. Oh, your poor daughter. I'm glad she's back to normal now! I also hope your mother-in-law recouperates from her surgery. I'm trying to imagine falling down stairs that hard - must have been terrible!

    Your cards look great. I use a Fiskars cutting board (you can see it on my desk, if you visit). The paper needs to be flush at the top otherwise it will be cut crooked. I love my cutter and it does a great job. There are fancier ones out there, but for me, this works just fine.

    Your paintings are great and make lovely cards!!!


  18. The prints are looking really good. And your bugs are adorable! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon! dani13

  19. Have to agree with everyone else......those bugs are amazing!!!

  20. Hi von, your critters are really really gorgeous, and so clever to make them from your Pc guts,

    I admire you for printing your own cards I have decided using 'moo' online printing is far cheaper and they fold the cards and everything for me (i suspect that is really lazy of me)...I save the printing inks for photos now...

    thanks for stopping by at my desk today

  21. Sorry your daughter got sick but your bugs are adorable. Happy Woyww.

  22. Those bugs are wonderful! I love them!

    I'm sorry your daughter was sick, but am happy to hear she is feeling better (and that it wasn't your cooking!) I hope your mother in law recovers well from her surgery.

    Happy WOYWW (on Thursday!)
    Katie #18

  23. Hi Vonny, sorry to read of your daughter's illness and your MIL's accident ... what a week for them and good to know that your daughter is over the worst of it. Love your cards ... made me smile to read of your problems with DS tape, etc., - it get's easier with practice, I guess. Your bugs are just adorable and what a great way to recycle computer parts, especially as they the disposing of them is so difficult. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment - it's much appreciated. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #2

  24. Ohhh nooo....I know what your poor daughter went through...I had that happen many years ago...and it was awful! Hospital for me too after two days...more awful... hope she feels much better and soon. And, your poor Mom in law as well....what a crappy week for you all.

    I just love those cute little computer bugs. What a sensational idea...!

    Off to check out some other neat stuff I see on the sidebar....

  25. Those bugs are adorable! I didn’t make it, to everyone’s crafty space on Wednesday so doing a last sweep of the desks i haven't managed to visit, tonight (wide awake with pain so might as well make use of the time)
    Hope you have a great week x Lou x @#103

  26. Sorry I am so late getting around but it was such a busy week in my life!
    Just a reminder about the blog candy...I have had such a favorable response that I have decided to increase the number of possible winners of prizes! Everyone is eligible cause I will ship overseas too! Vickie #50

  27. Was so suprised when I scrolled down to see your bugs, brilliant. Hope everyone's health inproves. x


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