Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Just a little bit done for WOYWW

I haven't really done much on my desk this week
for WOYWW.
After last weeks fun with taps and
flooding bathrooms, it has been quit sedate.

I actually took my drawing table on wheels
out into the family room and 
did a little to my ginger picture.

That way I could natter to my visitor from England
and draw at the same time.

This is where I put it when I had finished for the day.
That was yesterday, 
we went shopping, 
spent too much 
and had cake today :)

Here is a scanned in copy of the still unfinished ginger, using my new printer.

This is about my twentieth attempt to scan.
I just can't get the hang of it, there are so many choices
and half of the buttons I've never heard of, so I just
pressed everything until I got a reasonable picture.

This so called easy to operate Canon printer, 
wasn't made for blondes,
that's for sure.

It goes over two pages of my journal and that is
why there is a grey blobby bit in the middle.
Plus I had my hand on it when the paint was wet 
and I splodged it across the white bit
(That's pretty standard for me, 
a natural born grot).

I have a little more to add to the saga of the bathroom taps and flooding

I take my parents grocery shopping each week
and this week I took my English visitor (Angie)
with us. 
 When we took my parents home
we helped to carry the groceries up stairs and my mum
jokingly said that Angie shouldn't come up or her taps might break.
You wouldn't belive it but late that afternoon I got a call from my mum
and she had come home after going out for lunch and heard water running.
When she went to the bathroom the tap was running and wouldn't turn off.

They had to replace their taps too!

When the plumber came to fix my taps, I offered to rent Angie out
to other customers to try and drum up business for him.
I think he is seriously considering it! 

On a more sedate level, my last photo is of my 
fantastic water colour paper pad, it is huge.

I can't wait to have a play with it. I plan to cut it up into usable pieces
and maybe do the odd big picture.

My sweet Angie has to go home to England next tuesday
so I guess I will be back to drawing again
later next week.
I will miss her dearly and of course
I will miss the cake that we have been eating

Have a great week
and I may start blogging
more after next week.


  1. Poor Angie...maybe she should become a plumber...oooops sorry...hee hee:) I love your ginger plant.

    Mary Ann #23

  2. I think Angie should marry a plumber...he would always have work!
    Too funny about your parents taps too!

  3. I would only do it if you get at least 30% profits from the
    Hope you had fun with your friends ,sounds like you had stressful week last week too!
    Happy wednesday be creative!not just with
    judex 34

  4. Yes maybe we could set Angie up on a date with a plumber!!!!! do you think she'd mind?, (lol) have a great week, Hugs May x x x x

  5. Oh no - I bet Angie and the plumber get on famously! Your picture is superb. Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop around the crafty & creative world. Take care Zo xx 81

  6. Let's hope that Angie and the plumber become good friends! Loving the ginger plant picture. Regards, Anne Rx #100

  7. Oh my gosh, that is too funny that Angie came by and your parent's taps broke too. I never even heard of a tap breaking before last week. Crazy stuff! That is quite a large pad of sketching paper you have there, you'll be able to draw masterpieces on it for sure. Your ginger piece is very nice too, love the quote!

  8. Glad you got the water fixed so you could enjoy your company! I love the look of your ginger - and looks like you'll have lots of fun with that new paper! You asked about all the little alpha cards on my desk - stamped or drawn? All hand drawn.

  9. a drawing table on wheels sounds very nice and useful! and your ginger flower piece is wonderful! what did you use to color it! i love the vibrant colors! happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  10. Argh, this will forever be the holiday of the taps!! The ginger is amazing Vonny..I could reach out and pick it off the page. Scanning - blah, have given that up, now I post really bad photos!

  11. A little late visiting.. wow love that big pad of paper oh the ideas!!!

  12. The ginger is gorgeous, the taps tragic and the cake delicious! One should always end with cake. Thanks for visiting me. :)

    Susan #138

  13. As usually I'm running late getting around to visit this week.....
    Oh you have an intresting blog... such Beautiful Colors,,, I love it!
    And Thanks for your kind words you left on my bolg...I enjoyed my visit!!!

  14. So lovely and will be off to check out your jewelry, I love stuff that is different. If you already have a coloring medium that you are good with, don't stick your toes into the Copic water!!! If you don't have one or if you are looking for something new than start with a few of your favorite colors and give it a shot. I'm not masterful with them, but I'm getting better!!!

  15. It's good to read you got your water problem fixed. And that ginger is simply GORGEOUS. Just amazing. You must have a much better scanner than I, because I don't have any buttons on mine. It's all done through the software on my computer. But the reason you got the line was because the pages were not even when they were scanned. That often happens, no matter how much pressure you put on the center. #9

  16. OMG!! Your work is sooooo amazing!!!!
    I'm a "would be" artist in the canvas and oil area though I try my best. And, will never show thus ;)
    Thanks for visiting me otherwise I might not have found you!

  17. I am a bit late getting around this week but I forgot to post on Wednesday and have been busy all week. Just wanted to make the rounds and remind everyone my blog candy closes on Tuesday night of next week and I will announce winners on Wednesday. Drop by become a follower and leave a comment for a chance to win. Vickie #173

  18. Love your stash, that is one huge watercolour pad you have there
    Bridget #54

  19. Couldn't get in last week, I don't know why! Great view of your desk and your fab art Sorry I'm sooo late!
    Happy Last weeks woyww!


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