Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A bit wet for WOYWW

Yes, it has been a bit wet around here
and no, it wasn't rain outside.
The photo of my desk
will give you a clue.

The water was in the bathroom!
It all started when my visitor from England
(told you about her last week)
used the bathroom.
She was getting ready for a shower and decided to just wet her hair
at the sink first.  She turned on the hot tap
and when she had finished it wouldn't turn off, 
suddenly the whole tap flew off, up into the air
and luckily she caught it.
Next there was a huge burst of water coming right up to the ceiling 
and gushing everywhere.
Dressed only in a bra and knickers she screamed out for my husband
who came running but didn't know how to turn off the water, he
then screamed for me (I was upstairs at the time and oblivious to the commotion).
I came down, saw the water and ran out into the street to shut off the water.
There was poor Angie just standing there in bra and knickers, saturated in a huge puddle of water
 and hard as it was, I didn't laugh (too much). 
 My little miss gave her the first towel she could find, which happened to be a beach towel that you put over your head with a duck head on it, which she wrapped around her waist.. 
 You should have seen her with a ducks beak sticking out of her bottom!!
I found some of the parts for the tap across the bathroom in the shower and put the tap back together
but some bits must have gone down the drain and it wouldn't work.  Luckily that bathroom has it's own hot water system, so I turned the water off to that and we then had water back to the house.
I had a plumber in the next morning and he said the taps had seen better days and so to my desk.
I had to go and buy new taps today. 
 They are not what I wanted but that is all they had in stock and so that is what I've got. 
I must say, you English have a funny way of telling a person the bathroom needs a clean. 
Angie could have just asked me to clean it, rather than ripping the tap out. :)

Back to my desk,
there is something else to show you.
Angie bought me a present from England, to match the beautiful
calendar she gave me for Christmas and here they are.
On the left is a book with beautiful sayings about friends
and on the right is a purse for going out somewhere special.
They match my calendar beautifully.
As you may have noticed, no art has been done this week.
After the wetness, we have been going out for lunch and shopping.
Also, I have little misses 11 birthday party this weekend and have to get organised for that.
On this WOYWW,
I apologise if I don't get to too many people this week, or reply
to comments but I will try to get to as many as I can.
Have a great week.


  1. Thanks for the laugh Von... that is quite a dramatic post when you think about it and I do admire your restraint with getting taps in stock and not revisiting the tap in your kitchen process... but glad it is all drying out and is sorted... and can't believe that Audrey is 11... that can't be right... freaking out here... have a great time and look forward to you getting back to it next week...xx

  2. Oh what a pickle as they would say in England. That should have been an episode in a tv programme not in real life. Your friend must have a better figure than I have (not hard as I am too blobby these days) to stand in her bra and knickers. I'd have died!
    Love the gifts that your friend brought you - my favourite stuff from Clinton. A girl cannot have enough of it.
    Don't forget to call in and check out my blog candy - it closes late tonight and I should be drawing tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Neet 29

  3. beautiful work, sorry to hear about your disaster with the water! i hope too much damage was not done, i would have been laughing too! great workspace, Happy WOYWW 141, thank you for sharing with us, #52

  4. Good morning; just having a quick pop my head round the door moment, before I have to get on with all my chores! Lovely to see what you are up to this week. Even "dancing in the Rain"
    Neil #49 or thereabouts!

  5. still giggling at the vision of Angie with a duck beak on her bum! Love the vintage girls! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. Don't forget my blog candy is still up for grabs so drop by and leave a comment and make sure you are a follower. Vickie #64

  6. Oh dear we did have a giggle at your poor friends expense. Best of luck with the repairs.

  7. This really did make me LOL poor angie, has she recovered!!! Love the calendar its lovely, have joined you as a follower today Have a great week, Hugs May x x x x

  8. Thanks for the laugh, although I don't suppose it was funny at the time. Some gorgeous presents there as well.
    Ann B

  9. Got a big kick out of your story and I love how you call them "knickers." Happy WOYWW from #3.

    BTW, rosin paper is heavy paper that holds moisture quite well. It has to, since it is used in roofing and flooring, too.

  10. I'm sorry for your misfortune but you did give me a laugh - but the gifts your friend bought are fabulous. Enjoy your time!Helen 17

  11. That's so funny! Your poor friend having to stand in her undies while you all rushed to her aid. I hope your daughter's party is a great success. Have fun!
    Fiona xx #103

  12. LOL,poor thing! But your story had me smiling, especially about YOU knowing how to turn the water off and not your husband, and here I thought all men from down under knew everything! ;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  13. What a saga with the water tap - your poor guest! Love the presents she gave you. (Hazel, WOYW #138) x

  14. would have to be a visitor. When my BIL visited once he swamped the bathroom somehow and we had water pouring through the ceiling to the basement. Poor him.

    Mary Ann #123

  15. I can see it now! Your poor friend I bet she wondered what was happening to her. Glad it's all sorted now. Take care, thanks for sharing & enjoy this WOYWW. Zo xx 88

  16. Lol, I bet Angie is NEVER going to live that one down! And well done to you for not laughing, I would have peed my pants which would have just added to the general wetness!!!

    Brenda 6

  17. Poor ol' Angie - are you still friends?? I laughed a lot at your story, hope the new tap is more successful than the last :)
    Hugs, LLJ ~xx

  18. Yikes! Hope it is all fixed. Kim

  19. Oh my gosh! Your story had me giggling in fits. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune but I could just picture it all. Great presents from your friend and they do match your calendar beautifully. Enjoy your company and the birthday party goings on.

  20. That little story sounds like it should be an episode of a comedy show on TV.....hilarious!!!

  21. omg i could almost have been there u told the story so well. am now a follower.... how could i not!!
    lisa 8 xxx

  22. Brilliant ...I could see the scene clearly ...and I did have a laugh.

  23. Howdy,
    What a watery adventure~

    I'm under the weather this week for WOYWW - I'm just popping by for a quick peek.

    Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a moment or 2!


  24. Oh my...I know it was a serious issue but your story is so hilarious. Perhaps it is the thought of your poor friend catching the handle as it flew through the air or the thought of her standing about it in her bra and knickers...but it is just so funny.
    Her prezzies look so special.

  25. Oh my! That was a great story!!

    I love the gifts she brought you! I hope the birthday party goes well!

    Sorry to be a day late, I spent all day yesterday on the phone dealing with a Valentine's Day gift that wasn't delivered (and still hasn't been!)
    Happy What's on Your Workdesk Thursday!
    Katie #21

  26. Thanks for the laugh and the image of your friend with the duck bottom. I hope the rest of your week is better. Happy WOYWW! dani28

  27. What a hoot ... my sides are aching after picturing Angie in that towel. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth x #114


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