Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crazy time with butterflies.

I don't know what I was thinking,
to try and do a challenge
during school holidays.

I started a butterfly in my journal
with great intentions 
of making a butterfly with little butterflies.

Got sick of cutting up little butterflies
so abandoned that idea.

Next I grabbed Audreys glitter pens
and coloured in the butterfly,
(this came at a price, as Audrey wanted to colour too
if I borrowed her pens)
what a mess that was.

I did a photo of the butterfly at that stage and posted it for
What's on your workdesk wednesday
The next day. again with Audrey in tow, (singing loudly this time)
I tried to paint over the butterfly and add a few bits and pieces.
It was at this stage that I decided to abandon the idea altogether.
Mainly because Audreys singing was getting to me,
my eye was twitching with each screech.

One last try today,
I decided to stick to what I know best (watercolour pencils) and here
at last,
is my entry for this weeks IA, with the theme Butterflies.

 Okay, so it isn't finished but at least I got a butterfly done.

I was squished into a corner to do this
as Miss Auds wanted to be with me.
How I got this far, with all the interruptions
amazes me.

Just for a laugh
here is the terrible butterfly
that I abandoned.
School starts on monday.


  1. I love love love this post. You had me in stitches ad I know exactly what that is like. I have at times considered to work in the dark with a torch!! That second butterfly looks good enough to send to school and the first one showed here (the watercolour one) is a masterpiece!!

  2. I saw the "other" one on Wednesday, and really liked it. I thought it was a great collage. However, I know you are a SUPER artist who paints, draws, sketches, etc. And that shows so well in this week's entry. Way to go!

  3. Sometimes I also wonder why I make a decision to do anything out of my comfort zone, your butterfly looks awesome and that is so cute that Audrey wanted to be with you, soon she will want to be on her own in her own room.
    Bridget #26

  4. Your butterfly turned out gorgeous Yvonne - you are so talented!! The colors are gorgeous! But I do think you are far to hard on yourself, your butterfly waltz is so fun and delightful and I love all the little butterflies (as tedious as you say it was for you LOL) and the music notes...I think I are such a fun whimsical touch! Super super work! And I love your blogging...I think every Mother can relate LOL Maybe Audrey needs a table beside you where she can set up some of her artwork supplies and follow in Mom's footsteps :D Hugs, Fran

  5. Cute post! Just got my daughter back to college today--even at 19 there are a lot of interruptions. The blue butterfly is very royal looking! I like the collage butterfly, too.

  6. I almost had a day of quiet today as Phoebes was back, but Matt has Monday's off so I am hanging out for tomorrow... tell miss Audrey that her work is lovely and I have to say I am soooo happy to see you back doing your glossy leaves.... does that mean that there are some more ginger plants in our future... I hope so... off to finish ironing uniforms... so happy to do it though!!!


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