Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another week of poppies.

I had some fun with the poppy spree this week, mainly because I shared it with my 10 year old daughter, Audrey.  
Audrey is ahead of me on the watercolour front as she has done it in art class at school.  I never took art at school, really wish I had now but I was going to become a mad scientist and did all of those subjects instead.  I achieved half of that mad scientist dream (shame it wasn't the scientist bit). 
I have carefully studied the poppy posts on flickr and I think I am getting the gist of how watercolour should be applied.  I spent some time last week practising, with most in the what was I thinking pile.  Here are some of the better ones.

The middle picture is not my imagination, I copied a layout from Tracey, so I cannot claim this picture as my own, apart from my apologies for not doing Traceys work justice.  I used it as an exercise on how to get those darn white bits in there without accidently painting over them. A few did get lost.

On the weekend I sat outside on the patio with Audrey and we had a wonderful little painting session.  Here is Audreys gorgeous poppy field. 
I managed to get two rather decent pictures out as well, just a shame we are using cheap paper as I think they would have been really nice on the good stuff.

We also managed to have a play with the polymer clay and here is a really cute turtle with turquoise and some other gems on his back.  He still has to be cooked and have a coat of varnish on him yet.
I hope to get some time this week, to make some tropical flower brooches, so fingers crossed nothing gets in the way.


  1. Von your bottom two poppies are beautiful and you have to get that thumb better so you can get back to it!!!! Nice work by Audrey as well, seems talent abounds in your house xx

  2. Thanks Trace, looking forward to painting with Auds on the weekend. Can't wait to have a go at your lesson.

  3. Dear Vonny
    A lovely tribute for your late father-in-law,
    especially as he was serving in the last war.
    11th November (Poppy Day) will now have a extra
    special meaning for the family.
    Fondest love to you all


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