Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Punk birds and splodges for WOYWW

It's been a big week again
with things happening on
four different canvasses.
Firstly to my desks
Some of you may remember that in a
moment of sheer madness a while ago
I cleaned up my studio
(I still shudder at the thought of it).
Well, you will be surprised to know that 
it is still reasonably
 (that might be stretching it a bit)
 (please note, you can see the floor).
There is just a bit of mess on the desk but it looks 
far worse than it actually is (cough, cough).
All those bits of paper up on the high notice board are
my filing system for phone numbers and
the rest are bits of paper with ideas on and general
junk that lands there.
This is my gooping station, where I put all my goop
in bags to keep it fresh and ready to play with.
Here is my storage area, where my paint, inks and 
all sorts live.  There are a few shelves with my
"pretty things" on.  Whenever I feel flat or I
can't find my mojo, I look at all those lovely things
and it helps with the inspiration.
I haven't shown you all the corners, 
hey a girl has to 
have some secrets!!

So painting wise, I sealed my bird painting,
finished the jelly fish painting and sealed it as well.
Just have to add the hangers when it is really hard.

Most of the week I've been bent over my new bird canvas
and yes my back really aches.
I've nearly finished gooping, just the bird to go now.
I've got so much goop on that sucker
that it's gonna weigh more than me
and that's saying something!!
If you visited me last week you would have
seen my cockatoos (here).
Well they have had a little change in attitude.
I give you the the new
Punk Cockatoos
Oh yeah, this is really in your face type stuff.
I'm starting to really panic now.... 
I trust my teacher but this is pushing the envelope a tad.
There is a lot of glazing to come so it will quieten down some.
If I keep saying that I might convince myself it'll happen.
I am painting in the faces and feet this week,
hmm, wonder if I should paint in some piercings,
maybe on on an eyebrow and one through a beak.
What do you think?

That's my little corner of the world for this week,
why not hop over to 
and visit more desks around the world
this wednesday.

I've got some head banging to do to
get me in the mood to paint these birds. 



  1. Ooh... I do love a good old nose around other artists studios! Especially one as productive as yours!!! Wow, you do have a lot going on... And all masterpieces too! :0)

  2. Fun seeing your studio nooks and crannies. You are getting wilder and looser! Going out of your comfort zone must be a good thing because they do look marvelous! :)

  3. WOW great paintings and can't wait to see them done so bright they all are looks amazing
    hugs Nikki 1

  4. I love looking at your goop! You make some very lovely paintings!

    (My Scrap Menagerie #72)

  5. I love your punk cockatoos - they are totally fabulous! And your new bird canvas - the flowers are stunning - I want to wander into it and smell the flowers and hear the birds! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week
    Diana #31

  6. It is absolutely amazing watching your art come to life. I am sure that goop is not such an easy medium to master .... stunning work and I can't wait to see the birds slowly revealed.
    sandra de @45

  7. Not sure if my comment went through. Love the cockatoos, so vibrant

  8. Oh my! I would love to learn to paint like you do. So Beautiful!!!

  9. You have such a great work space. Thanks for letting us have a peek. Your painting is amazing but then they always are. Happy WOYWW!

  10. I love that you trust your teacher, and that you're going with it - it's so good to read of such an accomplished artist being pushed out of her comfort my mortal self some real encouragement! Love the sight of your shelved corner..andhad to smile at the beautiful but pristine apron!

  11. I think your punk birds are looking awesome. And I love the flowers in your new bird picture.
    April #47

  12. Oh me, Oh my! They really are punk cockatoos, aren't they? I'm sure your teacher is confident and they will look great when finished. That poor bird on the right has certainly been through some trials hasn't he?? But the weight loss is incredible.
    Yes it was great John managed to come to the show as well. he really knows how to treat a girl when it comes to art and craft things....
    Take care. careful with the head banging!!
    God bless.
    Margaret #8

  13. Hi Vonny...nice to see the corners of your art space, but I do come to visit and see your beautiful birds - I'm sure they'd look great with piercings but I'd much prefer them as they are....gorgeous bright colours they really do have all those colours in their tail feathers, love the gum blossoms too. Have a great week and thanks for visiting RobynO#26


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