Wednesday, 11 March 2015

All sorts for WOYWW

This week has been a week of 
all sorts. I did heaps of
bits n pieces to try and
get some paintings close to finished.
First to my desk,
it's the usual mess
I have my Doctor Who mug, which is a necessity
for creating, my gorgeous art journal cover,
thanks to LLJ and numerous bits of junk 
that just land there.  
Well you don't think I'd leave it there now do you?
In the centre is the photoshopped print of the next painting
I've just started.  You can see I've marked out
 all the points I need to draw it up on the canvas.
Here are the steps I've done so far.
You start with poo,
add a little cack
and you get a poocackarama!!
Then you can start drawing it up.
I'm still drawing, can't rush these things..
I became an art surgeon this week and 
I performed my first artistic liposuction.
Mrs Cockatoo was complaining that she was was
far too fat,
and I had to agree, so I operated
I removed the excess fat and
re-sculpted her tummy to make a much
slimmer lady.
If anyone wants to lose a few pounds,
and doesn't mind being slapped with a soggy wet cloth
  and dug with a pallette knife,
I'm available and kinda cheap
but never easy!
The cockies were inked today and they look great
but you'll have to take my word for it
as stupid here forgot to take a picture.
I could show you all the ink colours used
cos they are still all over my fingers.
I like to try to write down the colours of ink that were used
 and it's a good way to remember,
I just look at my fingers and write it down.
Even then I still can't get the colour right on the next one.
I think I'm colour theory blind!

I inked some more of my jelly fish
Would you believe this is violet and turquoise, it just won't photograph.
slowly adding tentacles but still a way to go.

There was some other paint slopping as well
but nothing exciting.

Well, that bird isn't going to draw itself,
although I wish it would, so
that's it from me,
now how about you go and visit
and see what's on everyone elses
desk this wednesday.



  1. Lol! Well, considering your work consists of poo, cack and parrot adipose tissue, you produce some amazing art!! But I think I'll refrain from the art studio liposuction, thanks ;-)
    If I need to reference what materials I've used, I just need to look at my craft room floor, where I dropped scraps of fabric into the bin, but missed!
    Stay inky,
    Hugs, LLJ 5 xx

  2. Hi Vonny, have to agree totally with Jan, you're a very talented painter, I love your work- your cockie has done well with the surgery...I need some too LOL. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#25

  3. i love your work and your lovely posts they're so amusing they really make me smile :D
    Happy WOYWW!
    Thanks for sharing
    Mrs C.xx

  4. Hehe! Good surgery Mrs! I'm hopping on board the Vonny Love train - you are a seriously talented painter.
    Happy Wednesday x

  5. It looks like a very busy desk. I love your paintings they are so vibrant and colourful.Thanks for stopping by last week and leaving your thoughts

  6. You totally crack me up Von! Love the poo and the cack! And excellent cosmetic surgery too! :0)

  7. It is strange indeed that the real colours don't show up sometimes - as a retired photographer I can't explain. Strange, anyway I DO love your place and your paintings and it is always a pleasure to look around your blog (even I don't comment, sorry)

    Kind regards
    Mariane # 51

  8. Your work is so pretty! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  9. I´m soo looking forward to see the finished paintings later on! Looks exciting! By the way: I fed your fish!

  10. I just love seeing your paintings in progress--and yes the finished ones too-but I love seeing how they start and progress. It is just so fascinating to see them come alive. Judy #67

  11. I always love your art work but the jelly fish painting is to die for the iridescent colours are fabulous. Happy crafting, Angela x 31

  12. LOL poo, cack and lipo' my aren't you a talented one. The beginnings of some fab work. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

  13. If it was so easy to loose weight I would pay you a visit right away. Very interesting progress photos. Really enjoyed your blog.
    Gabriele 15

  14. As always your artwork is lovely. I could take a trim around the middle! lol But the palette knife made me change my mind. April #65

  15. Glad it's not just me that can't remember what colour inks or paints I use... not sure I'll take up your offer of surgery thanks!! I am sure the painting will be fabulous. Helen 3

  16. Love your paintings, and I know where you are coming from, I've performed surgery myself on a fat squirrel

  17. Vonny, I don't take any notice of Colour Theory! I just go for what I like. I think too many rules ruins things.Are you battening down the hatches for the cyclone.We in Adelaide even get a bit of the rain left after the storm.Hope we do.Dry as a chip here!
    Judy #81

  18. Gosh, a fabulous artist and now a surgeon! Love the paintings and despite the blue one not being true colours on the photo it is gorgeous. Love that iris on my right at the moment. Wow, what talent!
    Thanks for the visit to me - Hugs, Neet 28 xx

  19. Stunning art and I absolutely love seeing how you create one of your artworks. If only it was as easy as your art surgery to lose those love handles. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @29

  20. Oh Vonny. I was laughing out loud so much that John thought I must be looking at Friday smiles - when I explained that I was on your site....well, let's just say that I have had to read it all out loud for him!! He's now a happy, smiley, laughing, bunny! Just love the idea of throwing paint around - just wish I had as much courage as you!
    Thanks for visiting already - now I have our 2nd bedroom back having posted those dolls, just think... I can start all over again with the next 200.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  21. I love your art and your funny commentary! I can hear Ms. bird telling you off about the extra weight :P Sometimes my art speaks to me too..loudly. could be all in my head maybe? Shel@paperocotillostudio #74

  22. if only a palette knife and some goop could move those pounds!!! and I thought you were neither cheap nor easy... mad and zany maybe but not cheap or easy...xx

  23. Never occurred to me that you'd be doing a photo shop type layout, there's so much to real art! Am as usual, enlivened by your colours and of course, the vocab...adding poo and actually make it sound easy!

  24. I love reading your post as much as I love looking at your beautiful paintings. I really had to laugh at your poo and cack. It was interesting for me (as a non-painter) to see the process.
    Thank you for visiting earlier in the week and for your kind comment.
    Sorry I'm so late with this but the house we were staying in in Italy didn't have internet. My son does but we were not able to go to his house as the village was/probably still is completely snowed in. Wednesday morning I went to a coffee bar that had wifi and posted my little contribution.
    I'm now back home and catching up on stuff, downloading (baby) photos and keeping the washing machine going.
    Have a great week,

  25. ha ha just got some very strange looks from folks at the gym...(yes really in thf gym!) ... reading the surgery bit ..... i wish it were that easy .... id do it myself lol.
    great oictures too.... its all exciting :-)

  26. new favourite word :-)

    Kyla #8


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