Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Crazy times and slops of paint for WOYWW

Arghhh, stop the world I want to get off!!!

It's just too crazy around here at the moment.

Mum's house has gone unconditional,
which means the sale if definite (yay),
but now we have to clean out and pack (boo).

I'm going out really early each morning
to hit the shops before the car parks fill up
and then it's back home to try and
 get my house sorted for Christmas.

I've nearly finished buying presents and
today I got a 7kg leg of pork for just $38,
now that's a bargain.

My desk hasn't seen much action
but I did get some goodies
I got this gorgeous tea towel, bookmark
and Loch Ness Monster from
the equally gorgeous Neesie of
Neesie Natters.
 How cute is this little guy.

I also got a beautiful card from Margaret and John
of glitter glue.

Thanks so much to you all for such beautiful things.

You may recall that I won two prizes
recently, the beautiful cracker from Margaret
and the gorgeous bunting 
from Lunch Lady Jan.
Here they are displayed proudly on our 
Christmas table.
Can't show the tree as it's still only
half up, we'll get there.
We don't need the dining table for Christmas day
as it's hot here and we all go out on the back patio
and have a Christmas BBQ and a swim.
(sorry to rub that in the everyone in the northern hemisphere)

In between the madness I've been 
splashing the old paint brush around
and splashing is an understatement.
At the moment I'm writing this with green hands,
kinda like the Hulk!

My poor bird has been going from bad to worse
I keep adding a layer of glaze and
not liking it
Don't ask me what happened to that layer,
so out came another colour
and then another
 Then I dropped a bit of purple and 
thought it looked okay so I did more.
Okay so I dropped a lot and it was too late to fix it
so I had to add more.

 Then I figured I've messed it now
so why not add more splots
and some red bits.

The real colour is far stronger and brighter 
than the photo.  It's nearly 5pm wednesday here
and the sun is coming through the window
and washing out the colour.
Plus I'm lousy with a camera.

I don't think I'll have time to do
any more posts until the new year
so I'd like to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
and I'll catch up in January.

Now why not head on over to 
and see what's on the other desks 
around the world 
this Wednesday.

Have a wonderful time.


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crazy week for WOYWW

This last week has been insanely
busy, alas not with art.

My desk is still strewn
with bits of cards.
They are getting there but very slowly.

 I have put a few together
but I'm thinking these Christmas Cards
may become Easter Cards soon :(

The reason for no art is my parents,
they are getting old and have decided
to move to a retirement village.
My friend and I have spent the last week
cleaning, de-cluttering, cleaning some more
and de-cluttering etc.

My eldest daughter is a Real Estate Agent
and the same day she advertised mum's
house on the internet,
she sold it!!!
Yes, she sold it and for $55,000
more than we needed!!
That's my girl.
They don't have to move until after
Christmas, thankfully,
so we can relax and enjoy
the holidays.

I had my last art class for the year today
and I have started to put in 
some dramatic glazing
on my bird.
 This isn't the prettiest of stages
and there is a long way to go
but it's coming along nicely.

 I'm not sure if I'm brave enough
to finish it by myself
as my teacher gives me great colour
I'll have a break and see if I feel
confident enough.
I've got plenty more canvasses
to play with!!

Little Miss is on summer holidays
from tomorrow, so not sure
how much art will get done.
I am hoping to experiment
with texture paste,
so I might have to share it with her.

That's my little mess for the week,
now hop on over to
and see the other desks 
around the world this