Friday, 31 May 2013

The eyes have it, well, maybe not.

Which of these glasses are more useful?
(Answer at the bottom of the post)

For pretty much the whole of this year
I have been struggling with my painting.
I've blamed loss of mojo,
lack of ability,
lack of inspiration,
lack of just about everything.

My work was wonky and just not right
and this weekend I had an epiphany.
I was sitting in bed trying to read the sunday paper,
with my eyes streaming tears and terrible
stabbing pains in my right eye ,
dang this rotten hayfever I was spurting.
Then it happened,
I closed one eye and couldn't see a thing,
then I closed the other eye
(yes, I opened the other one back up)
and couldn't see a thing either.

A trip to the optometrist on tuesday
confirmed my suspicions,
I need new glasses!!!!

 (These are my nasty old readers and if you noticed the nose thingy on the right, it isn't painted backwards.  It is on the wrong way and I never noticed until I just painted them).

The optometrist was amazed I could see anything at all,
she must have seen my quizzed look
and explained that I had not updated my reading glasses since 2006,
my sunnies since 2008 and my normal glasses since 2010.

Now I have never been a normal person,
just ask anyone who knows me,
and I have always had one long sighted and
 one short sighted eye.
Now I have two shortsighted eyes but they aren't the same 
short sightedness.

Hence, I have trouble with perspective
and that's why my paintings have been so off
and why the walls keep jumping out in front of me.

By the end of next week
I should have three new pairs of glasses
and a new found 
excitement with painting.

I'm sure that knowing the facts,
you will excuse the wonkiness 
 of this painting.

The answer to the question is:

The drinking glass!
At least I can enjoy some booze
 while wearing a pair of these
useless glasses.

Come to think of it
my sight would be the same
drunk or not!!

Hurry up new glasses!
I'm linking up to paint party friday
for the first time in ages.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WOYWW 4th Anniversary

With thanks to Julia and Nikki
 Happy fourth anniversary to Julia
and all participating in
 What's On Your Work desk Wednesday.

To celebrate this special occasion
the wonderful Julia is doing an ATC swap 
and try as I might, I haven't quite finished my ATC.
I've had to keep going out
and I'm trying something new, using spray inks,
so it took longer than I thought.

After many boo boos, I've managed to get three
ATCs to almost finished and if it wasn't so cold
right now, the paint would have dried and I would be finished.

So, to the person next in line after me, your poor thing, I will finish it today
or tomorrow at the latest.

 Here's the part of my desk with the boo boos on.
I kinda got carried away with the ink spray and it went 
to smodge.

Here are the ATC's, they aren't finished and
 I don't even know which I will send yet, depends which looks okay.

  Here is the other side of my desk with my cute 
little white laptop sitting with it's big brother.

Before I joined WOYWW I used only paint to make a picture
but seeing all the fun things that fellow WOYWWers
use has given me so much more to play with.
I now have quite a few stamps,  a couple of stamp pads,
some spray inks and gloopy stuff that makes things stand out
on the canvas.  

I might not be proficient in them yet but boy do I have fun learning.

I'm keeping it short and sweet,
so now hop on over to 
and see what is on everyone elses
4th anniversary desk.
I'm hoping to start posting more than once per week now
and so I will add links to what I've posted each week.
Feel free to have a look: 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Happy Days

I'm back to painting,
just in a small way,
I've started on some ATCs
for the fourth anniversary

I'm playing with ink sprays and watercolour
and have quite a few boo boo's so far
but I'm getting there.
However nothing can spoil my day now,
because a parcel just arrived.
A parcel I've waited my whole life to receive,
well it feels that way, waiting, waiting.
I nearly kissed the postman when it arrived,
poor man.
Okay, I've built up the anticipation now,
so here it is....

Oh what's that, just a mug you say,
nooo this is not just any mug,
this is a disappearing tardis mug.

Add hot coffee and
going, going


It's now floating in the galaxy.

Okay, so maybe I'm just a little bit nerdy
but when the painting isn't going my way,
this sure is a pick me up.

And the coffee tastes better
in this cup too.

Hoping to have at least one ATC
work for wednesday,
so I'd better get cracking.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm back with a new computer for WOYWW

After what seems like forever,
I am back and you thought you were
rid of me (mwa ha ha).

I have a new computer,
two in fact.  It seems that when one computer
dies, the laptop also dies, so sad
but in a way good.
Now I have this little beauty

She's an all in one 23" screen.
There's no more whacking my knee on the cpu
under the desk!!

Here's the old one, complete with knee destroyer.

Even though the screen is bigger I seem to be able to fit 
everything in a little neater than before.
I really like the sleek new keyboard too.

The only trouble I am having is working out this new fangled 
Windows 8.
I had Windows XP before and it's just a little
bit different (cough cough).

I would show you my cute little white laptop too,
but it took me so long to figure out how to get the photo of the big computer on here that I can't remember how I did it.

Bear with me and I might be able to get something by next week.

I haven't done any art since I've been away from the internet,
yes, I know, I'm just a slacker.

 This week won't be any different as I got a 
one hour facial for mothers day from my daughter
and I'm having that plus getting my hair done this week,
so no time for art.

I'll start again next week, promise.

Right now I'm just so happy to be back in the blogosphere
and hope to catch up with all the blogs that I've missed.

Speaking of blogs,
why don't you hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground
and see what the other bloggers 
have on their desks,
this very cold
 (it's autumn and cloudy here)

PS. My thoughts are with the poor people who suffered in the tornado.
I hope all bloggers are safe and well.