Monday, 27 May 2013

Happy Days

I'm back to painting,
just in a small way,
I've started on some ATCs
for the fourth anniversary

I'm playing with ink sprays and watercolour
and have quite a few boo boo's so far
but I'm getting there.
However nothing can spoil my day now,
because a parcel just arrived.
A parcel I've waited my whole life to receive,
well it feels that way, waiting, waiting.
I nearly kissed the postman when it arrived,
poor man.
Okay, I've built up the anticipation now,
so here it is....

Oh what's that, just a mug you say,
nooo this is not just any mug,
this is a disappearing tardis mug.

Add hot coffee and
going, going


It's now floating in the galaxy.

Okay, so maybe I'm just a little bit nerdy
but when the painting isn't going my way,
this sure is a pick me up.

And the coffee tastes better
in this cup too.

Hoping to have at least one ATC
work for wednesday,
so I'd better get cracking.



  1. LOL! I get so excited over little things that make me smile or giggle, too. Even if nobody else understands it, they make my life happier. Can totally relate. ;)

  2. that is very cool... I have a tardis mug with a lid, though it has disappeared into someone else's room and hasn't been seen since... I want a disappearing tardis mug... love it...xx

  3. Wow this is awesome, I want one!


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