Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Spring At Last

Even though the wind is quit cool at the moment, I know it is spring when I look outside at my beautiful 16 year old azaleas in bloom.  They are more magnificent each year and as if on cue they flower at the start of spring, to wake up my senses which have been hibernating through winter.

It has inspired me to make some more brooches, to replace the ones sold at The Collective Store.

I have made 3 polymer clay fishes, they still need a top sealer coat and their brooch backs but they are coming along well.

These pictures show a little of how they grow from a lump of clay to cute little brooches.  All of the beads have to be wired into the clay, as they don't adhere to the clay itself. 

 Harold the Angel fish was quite a challenge as I had to blend the stripes together and try to keep them fairly straight.  He has come up okay, but I think I need to make improvements, if I am going to make any more of him.  He will look much better once the sealer is on him.

 Gerald the gold fish was fun to make, although quite time consuming making the little dots and rolls.

 All three fish together, now I just have to get started on the octopus brooches!!  They are very time consuming as I make all the little suckers on the legs (or is that arms??).

The main thing is that they go to good homes where their owners will love them.

School holidays are coming up next week, so I guess I will have a little helper using up all my clay.  Can't think of anything more fun and at least we can do it outside on the patio, with my beautiful azaleas.


  1. Just love the little fishes...how about some
    girlie ones ?
    Angie xxxx

  2. The azaleas are just stunning and great photos. I used to have my jasmine which would herald spring but Matt was a little enthusiastic with the pruning!!! Loving the brooches and nice to see how they progress.xx

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging - it's great fun. I have had a blog for just over a year now and do enjoy writing about painting and artists.

  4. Thanks Carol, starting to get the hang of it now.


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