Monday, 5 September 2011

My very first blog of any kind.

Last week I was looking at my piles of bits and pieces in my room.  There are filing cabinets, painting easels, bookcases full of bits and bobs, a credenza full of this and that, two mobile desks overflowing with beads, colour pencils, paper and clay and in the corner is a large corner desk, full of bits and pieces, my computer, 2 printers and a second scanner, half finished canvasses fill up a space between two filing cabinets and I can't even get to the built in cupboard, which is about to burst with its contents.  There is literally no room to work in here and most of the time I take over the dining room to paint.  Whenever I want to do something I have to search for it, find a small hole to work in and when I am finished I have to pile it up somewhere, just so I can do something else.

Oh, to tidy it up, but where would I put it all anyway.  My mean old husband won't let me pull up the carpet in the lounge room and use that as a painting studio,  I don't know what his problem is, who uses a lounge anyway.   I am a natural grot and no matter how many times I try to clean up this room, the mess just migrates back around me like a magnet.  Then last week it happened, a wonderful friend of mine posted pictures of her wonderful, neat and tidy art room and I just lost all hope of ever being anything like an artist.  With just a few emails she picked me up, dusted me off and set me on the right path.  I may be a grot, but I am an arty grot.    I have made some quite good and some not so good pieces of art in this mess and I hope to create many more in the future.  After all it's not what is around you that makes you, it's what is inside (just as long as there is room to let it out).

I would like to dedicate my very first post to Tracey Fletcher King, a very dear friend, who has inspired me to give art a go and to be brave and put it on the net. 


  1. Finally I can comment... love the new background and so pleased you are doing this. Can't wait for your next post and thanks for the dedication. It means the world to me Trace xx

  2. Congratulations Vonny
    So pleased that you are now "A Blogger"......
    Hope your site does well and you gets lots of
    Fondest wishes from "Up and Over" to you
    "Down Under"

  3. Good Luck and Best Wishes

  4. Visiting from Tracey's blog and wishing you all the best in your ventures! Your art is terrific, those sea creatures are something special.

  5. Thanks for your lovely thoughts, I love my little creatures too. This blogging is turning out to be quite fun, don't know why I was so scared of it, meeting new people too.


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