Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blorange for APR, anyone got an ark?

It's slightly wet around here,
actually it's bloomin pourin!!

Not too bad here

Water is starting to meet in the middle of the road now.

The water is starting to come up our driveway,
it's okay though, we are much higher up.

The problem is that nothing will dry.
My canvas painting is soggy and I couldn't finish that,
so I thought I would do a little water colour.
It wouldn't dry so I got the hairdryer
and did it too hard so the paint went sploosh and mooshy.

This is the canvas painting I started here, I have painted in the darks
but can't do the lights yet, so it is a bit dreary at the moment
and even though it looks black the background is actually blue.
It was going to be for the blorange, but no chance now.

Finally I decided to just muck around with some water colours,
a hair dryer and a bit of attitude and 'stunned mullet goldy' was born.

I was playing with the Silks too but I don't know if it is the weather or not
but my sakura pens didn't like drawing over the Silks.

He's actually a lot brighter than this but the old lights don't help much in the rain. 

The lights make the mica in the paint stand out.
No pretty sparkles when you scan in : (

It's not the best entry to put in APR this week for blorange, 
that's blue'n'orange, but on a brighter note, my little miss
decided to play along as well and here is her entry
for blorange.

Let's hope this rain will finally go away soon and I can get back to painting,
for now I'm going to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee
and watch movies, what else can you do on days like this?

Why don't you hop on over to Jenn's
Artist's Play Room and see what
the others have done for blorange.


  1. First, little miss did a great job, taking after mommy I see. I'm in love with your stunned blorange fish. he looks like me when I'm shocked!! thanks for keeping trying, can't WAIT to see the canvas finished, looking great sofar.

  2. That's a lot of rain there'll be getting webbed feet next! ;D
    We thankfully had a downpour earlier in the week...but it remembered to stop. There was just enough to give everything a good drink but that's it now we're back up to just below 30C.
    With all that water is that why 'Goldie' has that surprised expression on his face...he's so cute. Love his tail and fins.
    I also can't wait to see your canvas completed. It's looking fantastic so far. I had similar trouble with my 'blorange' not coming across the screen as vibrant as my original piece.
    Little Miss is a budding artist too...not surprising with such a talented Mum. The octopus is brilliant and I love the bubbles.

    Have a great weekend whatever you're up to. Have fun! :D

  3. Your lovely fishies are fantastic!!! According to the rain and so much water you currently have outside in front of your window, the fishies will probably feel very comfortable in your area ;)
    I love both of your pictures, the canvas and the watercolor one. They are charmingly designed!

  4. Love your fish paintings (and the blorange cockatoo's head on your test sheet). Your goldfish looks quite shocked to see all that rain. With those feathery fins and tail in that clear blue water he/she is a lovely interpretation of blorange.
    Your daughter's art is so good, and some of her fish seem surprised too. Lovely that you work together on the same subjects.

  5. love that shocked fish!! I love being able to scan artwork, but sometimes I can't quite get the scanner to cooperate with me. Such a bummer that it won't show your sparkle paint. I love that his mullet sparkles!! Your daughter's artwork is great too! I particularly like that blue duck.

  6. oh golly, you ARE under water, eh?! love your fishies and glad to see your little one in the mix, too!!

  7. I'm loving all your fishes, including your little miss's. Blessings!

  8. Lovely pieces of art, Von! All are great for the Blorange challenge. I particularly love the expression you gave the goldy. Your daughter is quite the artist the face on the octopus.

    It's been a wet week and a miserably wet weekend here too. SO over all this rain! :(

  9. Your part of the world looks really wet. Maybe your fish was stunned to see so much water. I think it is great that you found a way to participate at APR even when your original plan didn't work - or dry.
    Love your entry and look forward to seeing the other piece when you finish it.


  10. I really love your fishes, the unfinished and the goldie! I am hoping the rain has stopped and that you aren't floating down the street on the back of one of your fishes! My youngest daughter lives in Florida and when they get severe weather the water also fills up their street and almost comes up the driveway to the front of the house!

  11. both blorange pieces are very cool... let the girl know I am very impressed... and the weather has been bloody awful hasn't it... so nice to get that glimpse of sun today and a bit of wind to dry things out...xx

  12. Dark, rainy days are not fun when you are trying to do serious painting, but you and your Little Miss did a beautiful job using water and ,of course, blue and orange as your inspiration!

  13. Your little fish looks so sad! Perhaps it is too wet even for him, hope the sun shines soon. Lovely blue and orange subject.

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