Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Trevor the farting turtle leads to undersea bubbles for WOYWW.

If you saw my post last week,
I introduced you to Trevor Turtle
my farting pool cleaner
I've been getting great entertainment
(yes, I know, simple mind)
watching Trevor's antics around my pool
and the other day I was watching him do a 
particularly huge fart under water
(wish I'd got a photo)
and then it came to me
"light bulb moment" .
I could do an ink canvas with bubbles coming
from the deep depths of the ocean
and so I did.
After a lot of playing and just as much swearing
I made a cute little canvas which 
I'm calling "Undersea Eruption".
As usual my camera skills suck and 
I couldn't get a good picture of it,
so you will have to use your imagination quite a lot.
I has layers of deep blue and turquoise in real life
but it's quite shiny and hard to get a good shot.

 It has a lot of depth but you can't see it 
in the photo, pity cos I actually like this.
I still have to ink the bottom edge.

To my desk this fine sunny hot spring day

 There is the same old junk to the left,
of course my Dalek pens aren't junk, 
they're real!!
Since spring has sprung magnificently
in this part of the world, I thought
I would do a springy type watercolour.
Dummy here, did it on a thin flat paper
instead of proper water colour paper
so it didn't blend and went blobby
and now I'm really busy, so I don't know 
when I'll finish it, typical me!!

I can't show you the next stage of my fish pond
painting this week as it is still at the studio drying
but I hope to show you the finished,
 yes that's FINISHED
painting next week!  
This week I have to start on a new painting
and I don't even know what it will be yet.

That's my little desk and natter for the week,
why not hop on over to Julia's
Stamping Ground and see what
everyone else has on their desks
around the world on this wonderful
Workdesk Wednesday.

Ahh, you gotta love spring :)



  1. Hiya VonnyK,
    Yes I'm so glad Spring has at last sprung here, your little spring birdie is divine.
    Elaine #28

  2. Oh Vonny, your comments always make me laugh out loud. I actually love that blue painting - I think undersea eruption a great name - so glad you are having such fun with your turtle!!! I also like your spring bird - I like the colours. Here you are in spring, the air getting warmer all the while - and here are we getting colder by the minute - we have the heating on!!
    Looking forward to seeing your fish painting - hope it will be next week, as we are off on our "summer" holidays after next Wednesday
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #70

  3. Your painting is so pretty and I am sure the wait will be so worth it in the end. Love the farting turtle made me ROFL had to check it out. Love the bird pictures it is just beautiful.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #36

  4. Hi.
    Loving having a peek at your world today. It all looks like fun from here.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week.

  5. those layers of blue looks fantastic! i look forward to visit again next week to see the finished painting. i enjoyed reading your post. from farting turtle to eruption! lol! that bird painting looks promising, too! alpha shanahan 37

  6. I love that blue's like the underside of a wave when you're under the water...if ya know what I mean! How can something so gorgeous be inspired by a farting have a weird mind, girlfriend, but I LOVE it!! I think we are kindred spirits, lol!!
    Hugs. LLJ 58 xx

  7. Lovel all your paintings and I can't wait to see the finished fish. Who would of thought a farting pool cleaner could be the source of inspiration.
    Sandra @90

  8. Oh that eruption is just fab, even though you say the photo doesn't do it justice! I'd love one just like it, please -lol! I think your little bird water colour is just lovely - such a pity you didn't reach for the water-colour paper. I'm always in such a hurry to do things and then I realize I've missed a step or used the wrong materials!!! Spring - how lovely - we entering winter here! Julie Ann x #45

  9. Just as Spring arrives there, Autumn creeps up over here! Am so envious! And I love your bubbly ocean painting. It makes me wonder if Jaws is about to appear from beneath those bubbles! Lovely paintings - both of them! :0)

  10. Your "Trevor-inspired-bubble-picture" looks magnificent! I like the story about this farting turtle pool cleaner very much :) and I love your fish pond too! I am curious to see what you will create next.

  11. GORGEOUS picture inspired by Trevor :-D Amazing. :-)
    The bird pic is coming along nicely too :-D


    IKE in Greece #49

  12. Thanks for the peak and have a great day . Roberta 7

  13. Haaaa, we just LOVE the title of your painting. We love the painting too of course but the title is hilarious,

    The bears, no idea what no. Ŵe are, really should have checked first! Tut!

  14. Hi Von,

    I absolutely love the blue canvas. I missed the post about the farting turtle so will go back and read. I imagine I'd also be fascinated by the whole thing too!

    Your watercolor is stunning - don't give up on it because of the paper. I really want to try watercolors and have dabbled a bit but it's been what seems like years ago.

    You are one talented lady. Can't wait to see the fish pond painting.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (34)

  15. I have to say that I love your canvas I think you have captured the meaning behind it very well. Your water colour is so pretty
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  16. Where to start... I think your teacher would be having a fuss at me too and I'm a get 'er done kind of girl and call it good. It sounds like the two of you are finding a good middle ground. I love your undersea eruption canvas. It is the kind of painting one can gaze into for hours.

  17. wow i love the blue backgrounds, looks very textured Lx

  18. Ah Trevor, useful AND inspirational!!

    Happy woyww, Vonny!
    #35 this week

  19. Yes I am loving Spring and loving your watercolor of the bird. So soft and pretty. Your bubbles look fabulous too! Hope you have a great week and can't wait to see your finished fish painting. Danie ##8

  20. oh, the blue bubbley painting is gorgeous! I don't do underwater swimming (mainly cos I can't swim, lol!) but I can imagine that LLJ is fairly close to the mark with her likening it to the underside of waves. Well done, it's gorgeous! Still smiling at the farting turtle pool cleaner!!

  21. Oh my goodness! That bird is gorgeous! You are so talented. Can't wait to see what you do with your bubble background. April #115

  22. I love the underwater explosion painting! I bet it is much better in person. The camera can't capture everything like the eye can.
    Sweet little bird. I see the paper was buckling a bit, too. Drives me mad to work on buckling paper. You have more patience than I do. :)
    Can hardly wait to see your finished painting!!

  23. Hi Vonnie
    Your title and your Trevor such an endearing draw card on Neesie Natte's side bar that here I am back again!!! Thanks so much for the message, I appreciate your lengths to contact me.
    Have fun with your bubbles!

  24. I love the shades of blue on that painting...


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